The most popular game in the world is finally here! In this guide, we will teach you how to farm Chitin and other materials needed for your new character.

To find chitin in Valheim, players will need to use the how to farm chitin in Valheim guide. The guide is a quick and easy way for players to get their hands on some of the game’s most important resources.

Chitin, or Abyssal chitin, is a rare material that may be found among the rarest resources in the game.

This material is needed to make the Abyssal Knife weapon and the Abyssal Harpoon utility tool, both of which are useful later.

To get chitin, you must first locate enormous leviathans, which some gamers have dubbed the Kraken.

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How Do You Grow Chitin?VALCFG019-2

Chitin is harvested by mining the Abyssal Barnacles on the Leviathan’s back, although this may lead the Leviathan to sink.

It will not respond if you are on the Leviathan’s back, but after you begin harvesting the Abyssal Barnacles, each one you mine has a chance to make it react.

The Abyssal Barnacles will drop Chitin if you mine them, which you should do as soon as possible.

There’s no need to be concerned if the Leviathan doesn’t make a sound; but, once it does, you’ll have approximately 20 seconds to complete harvesting and return to your ship.

The Leviathan will not attack you if it submerges; instead, it will just disappear until it emerges.

The Abyssal Barnacles on the Leviathan’s back may be mined with a pickaxe, however other resources on its back, such as rocks and trees, are invulnerable.

What is the location of Leviathan?VALCFG019-3

Except for leviathans, there is no particular chitin location, and finding them will need a voyage across the seas.

You’ll need to explore the ocean further to locate the Kraken or Leviathan, but be aware because Sea Serpents may see you and attack.

It’s important to be ready for any assaults and keep a look out for any strangely shaped circular islands that might be Leviathans.

A lot of oddly shaped boulders and a sparse quantity of trees, or perhaps just a single tree, on the Leviathan’s back is an excellent method to identify it.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Recipes for Chitin

Chitin may be used to make the following items:

  • Blade of the Abyss (Chitin Knife)
  • Harpoon of the Abyss (Chitin Harpoon)


Chitin isn’t difficult to harvest, but you’ll want to stay with a Karve or a Longboat if you want to outrun Sea Serpents.

The Leviathans may be seen from a great distance away, and you should examine them as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss anything.

If you wipe away all of the Abyssal Barnacles on its back, Leviathans may give you with a significant quantity of Chitin, which can range from 50 to 100 or more.

The valheim chitin armor is a type of armor that can be obtained in the game Valheim. Chitin is a material that can only be harvested from certain types of insects and creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Chitin in Valheim?

There are a few ways to get Chitin. You can purchase it in the shop for 1,000 gold, you can kill an enemy with it equipped, or you can find it in treasure chests.

What drops Chitin in Valheim?

Chitin is a type of exoskeleton that many insects, arachnids, and crustaceans have.

Does the Kraken move in Valheim?


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