Animal hide is a valuable commodity for hunters, providing them with protection from the elements and warmth in cold climates. Hunting deer can be difficult, however, as their natural instinct to avoid humans means they are hard to find. With the help of a hunter’s best friend – a wolf – hunting becomes easier by drawing out deer with bait before taking them down with a well-placed arrow.

In Valheim, you need to farm deer hide in order to craft armor. The best way to do this is by hunting deer and then skinning them. Read more in detail here: valheim best way to get hide.

Deer hunting may help you develop your archery abilities while also allowing you to harvest Hide of Deer, which you can use to create Deer Hide armor and the Deer Hide Cloak.

However, you’ll require Deer Hide for a lot more things, which means you’ll need a large supply if you want to make everything you need.

Crafting goods enables you to convert Deer Hide into leather armor, which is needed for a variety of weapons and buildings.

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What Is the Best Way to Get Deer Hide?VALDHF020-2

When it comes to farming Deer Hide, there is no deer taming in Valheim, which means you won’t be able to domesticate them for livestock, therefore you’ll have to hunt them.

Deer may be found in a variety of places, particularly in the Meadows and the Black Forest, making it simple to hunt them.

You can only acquire Deer Hide by hunting down and killing Deer and collecting their Deer Hide and Raw Meat.

Deer Hunting

Deer may be readily hunted by sneaking up on them and shooting them with a Bow or creeping up on them and grabbing them with a quick melee weapon like a knife.

A bow is the greatest option since they are less likely to notice you and you will have more time to choose two or more if they are in a group.

When it comes to hunting Deer, stealth is generally the key at first, but as you advance in the game, stronger Bows will offer you an edge when it comes to killing them.

Some players may also train their character to sprint quickly, allowing them to easily track down Deer and kill them with a melee weapon.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Uses of Deer Hide

Deer Hide may be used for the following purposes:

Weapons of the Beginning

Armor made of leather

  • Helmet made of leather
  • Pants made of leather
  • tunic made of leather
  • Cape made with deer skin

Armor made of bronze

  • Helmet in bronze
  • cuirass in bronze plate
  • Leggings with a bronze plate

Weapons made of bronze

Weapons of Iron

Armor made of iron

  • greaves made of iron
  • Helmet of iron
  • Mail made of iron scales

Weapons of Silver

Upgrades to the Crafting Station

  • Bellows for the forge
  • Rack for tanning


  • Deer rug
  • Bed of a dragon
  • Karve
  • Longship

Drops of Valheim Deer

When you kill Deer, they will drop the following items:

  • Deer Hide
  • Raw Meat
  • Trophy for Deer


Deer may be readily hunted in Valheim if you have a little patience at first since they can run very quickly when frightened.

Deer antlers, also known as Hard Antlers, can only be obtained from Eikthyr, the deer boss, thus don’t expect to acquire a pickaxe crafting item from hunting deer.

You can’t convert deer skin into leather scraps, so if you need it, you’ll have to go hunting for boars.

It’s a good idea to have a large supply of Deer Hide on hand for future usage, since you’ll need it as you advance.

The valheim deer stone is a farming item that can be obtained from the Valheim Hunting Grounds. It is used to craft the Deer Hide Armor, which is a popular armor in many games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get deer hide in Valheim?


How do you make a deer farm in Valheim?

You must first build a deer pen. Once you have built the pen, place hay in it and then place deer in it.

Where can I find deer in Valheim?

There are deer in Valheim.

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