Requiem is a game that has been around for over 10 years. It is an open-world survival horror game that was originally released in 2007 by the Polish developer, The Farm 51.

Requiem is a popular game that has been around for quite some time. It was released in 2009 and many people are still playing it today. This guide will help you get the requiem mods that you want.

We were given the chance to harvest new goods when The Old Blood update came, some of which are wonderful additions to the game, while others are required for what the update has provided us.

Requiem modifications are required to fight the Kuva Lichs that were introduced in the latest update, and you will need a large number of them, making farming them a vital job.

The ability to harvest Sliver of Rivens is now accessible, which may be used to create a Riven at the Iron Wake location on Earth, where each Riven requires 10 Riven Slivers to craft.

Exilus Weapon Adaptors are used to expand the Exilus slots on your weapons, allowing you to add more Exilus mods to improve them.

Requiem Relics Farming


Kuva Siphons, Kuva Floods, and warnings that occur from time to time may all be used to get Requiem Relics.

Kuva Siphons may or may not offer you a Requiem Relic at the conclusion of the mission, while Kuva Floods will always give you one.


Simply start a Kuva Siphon or Kuva Flood as usual, and after successfully destroying and extracting the Kuva Siphon, you will be awarded with either a chance to be rewarded in Kuva Siphons or a guaranteed relic in Kuva Floods.


When your mission success report is shown, you will be able to view the Requiem Relic in the item rewards area.

Relics of the Requiem


Requiem Relics, like regular relics, may be accessed in a fissure, but not just any fissure; they need special ones called Requiem Fissures.

When examining the star chart, the Requiem Fissures are typically near the bottom of the fissure list.


Following your selection of the Requiem Fissure, you will choose a Requiem Relic to utilize during the task.

Each Requiem Relic may have a somewhat different set of rewards, which you may see by hovering your mouse over them or examining them in your orbiter’s void relics station.

To maximize the number of prizes available while completing a cycle, it’s best to play in a group.


Carry on with your task and make sure you gather 10 reactants before the rotation ends so you may choose a prize.


The quest will stop and the void fissure prizes will appear after the rotation is complete and you have 10 reactant.

You may then choose whether to retain your requiem relic prize or get the same one as one of your squad mates.


Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll be able to view all of the prizes you’ve earned from the Requiem Fissure.

Rewards that may be available


Aside from the Requiem Mods, all of the Requiem Relics have the same chance to reward you.

Typical (Bronze)

  • Riven Sliver
  • Kuva 1,200x
  • Amber Star Ayatan

Unusual (Silver)

  • Lohk, Xata (Requiem I Relic Requiem I Requiem I Requiem I Requi
  • Jahu, Vome (Requiem II Relic)
  • Ris, Fass (Requiem III Relic)
  • Netra, Khra (Requiem IV Relic)

Extremely uncommon (Gold)

  • Blueprint for an Exilus Weapon Adaptor

Opening Requiem Mods is the primary method of obtaining the Requiem Mods required to beat Kuva Liches, as well as the Riven Slivers that may be traded for Riven Mods.

The requiem mods explained is a guide that explains the process of how to farm Requiem mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm Requiem mods?

You can farm Requiem mods in the following locations:

What is the easiest way to get Requiem relics?

To get Requiem relics, you must first complete the main story. Once that is done, go to the end of the game and defeat the final boss. After defeating the final boss, a new side quest will open up in which you can collect requiem relics from around the map.

How do you get all Requiem mods?

You can find Requiem mods here.

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