The Kubrow is a new breed of companion that players can adopt in Warframe. They are the first animal-like companions and have unique abilities and skills to help players on their journey. Players can find them in any mission by scanning for enemies with the “Kubrow” key.

The kubrow den is a location in the Orokin Derelict where players can find Kubrows. To get the egg, players must first kill a Kubrow and then extract it from its body.

Many people want Kubrows, and one of the most important things they need is an egg, which is needed to produce them.

To get a Kubrow egg, you must first understand where to find them and what drops them, which we will explain in this tutorial.

Although Kubrow eggs may be bought at the market, it is far more convenient to just farm for them since they are so plentiful.

A short guide on where to obtain Kubrow eggs and how to get Kubrow eggs is provided below.

Where Can I Get Kubrow Eggs?

In-Market Purchasing


Kubrow eggs may be obtained in a variety of methods. The quickest method is to buy one from the in-game market through the orbiter, but this will cost platinum, and because Warframe is a free-to-play game that lets you to get everything in a variety of ways, you can instead search for the egg.

Kubrow Eggs: Hunting/Farming


Kubrow eggs, like the bulk of the game’s resources and commodities, may be obtained by repeating missions on Earth until you get one.

The quickest method to obtain Kubrow eggs is to farm at E Prime or Mantle, and you should be able to get one after a few missions.

Start by going through the task normally; whether you’re in a group or on your own, the operation will generate a certain number of Kubrow Dens that you must watch out for.


Keep a look out for Kubrow Dens as you complete the tasks, since these are the things you must demolish in order to collect Kubrow eggs.

Because not all Kubrow Dens will drop eggs, you’ll need to keep an eye out for as many as you can and demolish them all because the eggs only have a little probability of dropping.

Continue on with your tasks until you find a Kubrow Den that will drop the egg.

Due to the low drop probability, this procedure may take some time, and you’ll be fortunate if you get an egg between 3-5 runs.

Keep in mind that Kubrow will spawn if the dens are assaulted, and will spawn every few seconds if the den is struck by a projectile or melee attack.

A few Kubrow will emerge when a Kubrow den is destroyed, and the den will have dropped some treasure as well as the potential to drop a Kubrow egg.


If a Kubrow Den drops an egg, you’ll notice it by the way the egg appears, as well as an unique yellow signal if it’s on the ground.

If it has any loot gathering mods installed, you will either walk over it or have a buddy pick it up.


Once you’ve reached the range where you may collect the egg, it’ll appear in your rewards, which you’ll need to extract in order to retain the prizes and the Kubrow egg you just picked up.


Finish the task and go to the extraction location after obtaining the egg to complete the mission and retain the egg you acquired throughout the operation.


That is essentially how to get a Kubrow egg, and you should be able to do it after a few attempts.

Check for Kubrow Dens and repeat the task until an egg is found. Kubrow Eggs are only known to drop from Kubrow Dens, thus keeping a look out for them is the best method to acquire them.

Where Can I Find Kubrow Eggs?



Wild Kubrows may be seen wandering around around their dens in specific missions, and they are almost always online.

In the missions on the planet, these wild Kubrow will assault both the Tenno and the Grineer.

Feral Kubrows and Kubrow Dens are exclusively seen on Grineer woodland maps and will not appear in any other missions.

When searching for Kubrow eggs, it is recommended to perform either exterminate or capture missions to save time.

This makes things simpler since the tasks may be done fast, enabling you to leave after you’ve fulfilled the goals and perhaps discovered the Kubrow egg.

Where Can I Get Kubrow Eggs?

E Prime


E Prime is one of Warframe’s easier missions, and most of the time there are more than two Kubrow dens.

Because there are more Kubrow dens in this assignment most of the time, your odds of obtaining an egg are significantly increased when you choose this task.

All opponents will be very simple to kill, and failure will be highly rare.



Another popular goal among gamers is Mantle, which is a simple capture assignment that asks you to just knock down and capture the VIP.

Once they’re down, all you have to do now is locate a Kubrow egg and extract it if you haven’t already.

The opponents will offer little difficulty to nearly all players, similar to E Prime, and will give a simple method to harvest Kubrow eggs.


Kubrow eggs are not difficult to get, however owing to the probability of obtaining the egg, it may take some time.

To farm for Kubrow eggs, just replay the missions on Earth with the Grineer Forest as the primary area and look for Kubrow Dens to demolish.

You could only have one Kubrow egg at the time, however a patch subsequently released enables you to gather several eggs that you can store for later use, removing the requirement to constantly locate an egg while mating Kubrows.

Kubrow eggs, as well as other rewards in the quest, may be more likely to drop using Resource Drop Chance Boosters.

The warframe kubrow egg how to hatch is a guide on how to get the Kubrow Egg in Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get a Kubrow egg?

The fastest way to get a Kubrow egg is to complete the quest Ceremonial Dance at the Lihn-Nil.

Where do I get a Kubrow egg?

Kubrow eggs are not sold in stores. You can find them by completing missions given by the Kubrow master, or by trading items to other players.

What are the chances of getting a Kubrow egg?

The chances of getting a Kubrow egg are approximately 0.5%.

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