Swamp Key is a rare item found in the game Valheim. It can be used to open a chest containing a powerful weapon or armor set. The key itself is actually a map that leads players to the treasure, so it’s easy to find and hard to lose.

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After fighting Valheim’s second boss, The Elder, you may get the Swamp Key, which is a mid-to-late-game monster item.

This key will provide you entrance to the Sunken Crypts, where you may harvest iron scraps and other materials.

At least one person must have a Swamp Key and use it on the closed gate to gain entry to the Sunken Crypts.

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Where Can I Find Swamp Key?

The Swamp Key can only be obtained by beating The Elder, Valheim’s second boss, and it is the only method to acquire them.

The Elder is a very simple opponent to beat, and defeating it will result in the drop of two Swamp Keys, allowing you to continue playing the game.

Your sole chance of farming Iron effectively is to fight The Elder and utilize the Swamp Keys to open Sunken Crypts, where you’ll do so.

Check out our Valheim The Elder Boss Guide for additional information on how to beat The Elder.

Use of the Swamp KeyVALHCK095-2

The Sunken Crypt is located in the Swamp biome, typically beyond the Black Forest, and may be accessed using the Swamp Key.

A stone building with Green Torches on each side will emerge as the entrance to a Sunken Crypt.

Gaining access to a Sunken Crypt is the first step toward Iron-tier goods, since you’ll mainly discover Scrap Iron and other Swamp-related materials there.

It is known that you will be able to get Iron Scraps in the Swamp biome itself later on, but this will be difficult until you fight Bonemass, the third monster. 

How Do I Locate Sunken Crypt?

Sunken Crypts may be found in nearly every Swamp biome, although not all of them will have them, which is mostly determined by the size of your world and the map seed it uses.

Sunken Crypts aren’t often found in smaller Swamp biomes, so you’ll have to look for bigger ones.

The larger the Swamp biome you’re investigating, the more likely you are to stumble across Sunken Crypts.

Sunken Crypts may be found across a vast Swamp biome, enabling players to harvest enough Scrap Iron for their Iron armor and weapons, as well as upgrades.


You must acquire entrance to the Sunken Crypts because without it, your chances of acquiring Iron are low, and you will struggle to advance in the game.

You will be able to improve on your Iron-tier equipment by acquiring Scrap Iron, enabling you to confront Bonemass later on.

Because Iron is such a big improvement, you’ll almost certainly die in the Swamp and other more difficult places if you don’t have Iron-tier gear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone need a swamp key Valheim?

No, the swamp key is not required to enter Valheim.

Where can I find a swamp in Valheim?

The swamp is located in the north-east corner of Valheim.

How do you get to swamp dungeons in Valheim?

You will need to find a way into the swamp.

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