Valheim is a fantasy-themed MMORPG that has been around for almost 10 years. The game’s developers recently announced the launch of their new expansion, “The Garden of Eden.” This article will explore how to grow trees in this new expansion and what it means for players.

Valheim is a game that has been around for a long time. It’s about growing trees and fighting monsters to gain experience. The valheim trees regrow command allows players to grow more trees.

Trees are necessary in Valheim for the production of Wood, but many are required for the various goods and buildings you create.

Knowing how to cultivate trees in Valheim will offer you with additional advantages, such as maintaining a tree-filled environment or establishing your own tree farm.

To cultivate your own trees, you’ll need seeds and, eventually, a Cultivator to plant the different tree seeds you’ve collected.

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Where Can I Get Tree Seeds?

Tree seeds may be obtained by felling certain of Valheim’s trees, although not all of them drop seeds.

There are presently just three trees that drop seeds, making the other trees rare and forcing you to seek outland for more.

The following are some of the trees that shed seeds:

  • The The Beech Tree is a kind of tree that grows in is a kind of tree that grows in (Drops Beech Seed that is planted to make Beech Sapling)
  • The Fir Tree (Drops Fir Cone that is planted to make Fir Sapling)
  • The Pine Tree (Drops Pine Cone that is planted to make Pine Sapling)

The trees listed below do not produce seeds:

  • Tree of Antiquity
  • Tree of the Birch
  • Oak Tree

Tree Species

Beech Tree


Beech trees grow in the Meadows biome and may be felled with any kind of axe. Other melee weapons may be used to chop down lesser versions of the Beech tree.

It’s conceivable that when a Beech tree is chopped down, it will drop Beech Seeds, Resin, and Feathers by accident.

Beech Trees lose ordinary Wood as their wood type.

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Tree of the Birch


Birch trees are a strong light-colored tree with a white trunk and black markings on it.

Many Birch Trees may be found on the plains, along with Oak Trees on rare occasions, although they can also be found in the Meadows at a lower rate.

To do damage and chop down a Birch Tree, you’ll need a Bronze Axe or a stronger version of axe.

When a Birch Tree is dropped, it will produce both ordinary and fine wood.

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Pine Tree


Pine Trees and Fir Trees are two types of trees found in the Black Forest biome.

Pine trees are distinguished by their dark hue and strong trunks that grow to great heights.

These trees may be chopped down with any type of axe, and they usually appear in the form of extremely tall trees with a distinctive tall and thin shape.

When pine trees are cut down, they produce standard wood, core wood, and pine cones.

Check out our Valheim Core Wood Farming Guide for additional information on Core Wood and how to get it.

Fir Tree


Fir Trees may be found in a variety of biomes outside the Meadows, including the Black Forest, Mountains, and the Swamp biome.

These trees come in a variety of sizes and may be cut with any kind of axe, but the yield of woods is determined by the size of the tree, whether it is tiny or fully grown.

Fir Cones and ordinary Wood are dropped by the Fir Tree.

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Oak Tree


Oak trees are among the biggest trees in Valheim, and they are characterized by their high degree of texture and broad circular form.

These trees are less common in the Meadows and are more likely to be found in the Plains biome.

To inflict damage to this kind of tree, you’ll need a Bronze Axe or a stronger version of axe, and it’ll take more blows than other trees.

Oak trees provide a greater quantity of both ordinary and fine wood.

Tree of Antiquity


Ancient trees are a kind of tree that seems to be robust owing to its age, but is mainly dead due to its location in the Swamp biome.

These trees can be found in the Swamp and Mistlands biomes, and may be cut down with any axe.

When chopped down, Ancient Trees drop ordinary Wood and Ancient Bark.

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Tree Seeds for Planting

Tree planting necessitates the acquisition of tree seeds as well as the creation of a Cultivator that will enable you to plant them.

The tree’s development may take 3 to 4 days and can be sped up by sleeping on a couple of these days.

After some time has passed, trees will develop from saplings to fully grown versions.

Stumps of Trees

Much has yet to be learned about tree regenerate dynamics, however it is currently preferable to sow tree seeds rather than wait for stumps to regrow into trees.

Although trees have regrown in certain cases, it is far preferable to set up a camp in the Plains biome for Fine Wood and another in the Black Forest for Core Wood.


Aside from the Sky Tree of Life and the bigger Ancient Trees, most trees may be farmed, but only a handful can be grown.

Any seeds you gather from trees should be saved for later use in order to establish your own tree farm.

Having a large number of trees will give you with an endless supply of Wood, which you will require throughout the game.

Valheim is a fantasy world that has been created by the developers of Minecraft. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to explore and grow trees in. Reference: valheim how to plant seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to grow a tree in Valheim?

It takes about two to five years for a tree to grow in Valheim.

What trees can you plant in Valheim?

The trees in Valheim are the following:

Do I need to cultivate to plant trees Valheim?

No, you dont need to cultivate to plant trees in Valheim.

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