Warframe is a popular first-person shooter and cooperative online game that emphasizes player freedom. The game has been in development since 2011 and is set to release its next expansion, “Warframe: The Sacrifice,” on October 3rd.

The how to defeat mutalist alad v is a guide on how to kill the boss in Warframe.

(When Alad V is met during the task, he is displayed.)

Alad V is a game boss that battles with his Zanuka creation in order to capture or kill you.

To complete the task, you must eliminate both him and his created Zanuka.



Alad V and his Zanuka companion may be found on Jupiter’s Themisto expedition.

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Special Bonuses

Valkyr Spare Parts


(Mission-obtained Valkyr components)

Going to the extraction location after fighting Alad V and his Zanuka pet will finish the task and award you with a random Valkyr component.

Players that defeat Jackal will get one of the following rewards:

Valkyr Neuroptics has a 38.72 percent success rate.

Valkyr Chassis has a 38.72 percent chance of winning.

Valkyr Systems has a 22.56 percent market share.

What Is The Best Way To Defeat Alad V?


When you get to Jupiter’s Themisto, go to the waypoint where you will face Alad V and his Zanuka bodyguard.


Fight your way through his opponents or run past them to the specified spot where the fight will take place.


When you arrive to the location where the combat will take place, Alad V and Zanuka will confront you, and you will fight both of them at the same time.


Instead of going for the Zanuka guardian, which will be very difficult and almost impossible to defeat, go after Alad V and deplete his life.


Attacking Alad V will knock him down, but he will not be defeated just yet; the Zanuka guardian will try to assist him while he is down.


While Alad V is defeated, go after the Zanuka guardian, who is now vulnerable and may be harmed, unlike when Alad V is standing.


If Zanuka is successful in reviving Alad V, he will begin assaulting you again, and you will need to retaliate.

Repeat until you’ve taken out Zanuka to prevent it from assisting Alad V, and he won’t be able to be resurrected without it.


Once Zanuka is beaten, Alad V may be defeated, and the task will be completed.

After that, go to the extraction to complete the task, which will reward you with the mission’s loot as well as a Valkyr component blueprint.

Alad V


Alad V is a Corpus leader and a key figure in their organization.

He has a significant part in Warframe’s narrative and may be found many times throughout the game.

He’s fascinated with robotics research, and he takes advantage of Warframes by capturing and experimenting on them in order to develop additional prototypes to use against his foes.

He shares their vulnerabilities as a corpus boss, which include a vulnerability to Magnetic, Corrosive, and Toxin damage kinds.

Because he’s a big opponent, he’ll have a lot of shields, which you should target first because that’s what makes him so tough.

Toxin and Impact damage types inflict the greatest damage to his shields, followed by magnetic damage.

Corrosive damage, followed by Toxin and Puncture damage, works effectively against his armor.

Viral damage, followed by Toxin and Slash, may severely destroy his flesh armor type.

To knock down Alad V fast, it is recommended to utilize Magnetic or Toxin damage, since this deals extra damage and the status effects may significantly decrease his resistance, thus ending the battle.



The Zanuka guardian is a prototype developed by Alad V based on the experiments he conducts while torturing and using captured and dead Warframes.

It has a wide range of attacks and can restore Alad V when he is knocked out, but in return, it is weak and susceptible.

Except for the fact that it is a robotic unit, Zanuka is a Corpus unit with a high shield count, making Magnetic, Viral, and Impact deal greater damage against its shields.

Its armor is readily destroyed by Radiation, Cold, and Puncture damage kinds, although this isn’t required owing to the minimal quantity of protection it contributes.

Its robotic health must be drained in order to destroy it, thus Radiation, followed by Electricity, and Puncture damage, will be effective against it.



It’s important to avoid coming into touch with Zanuka since it may severely harm you, particularly if you’re utilizing an unmodified Warframe.

While you take out Alad V when Zanuka isn’t near by, you’ll have more time to take out Zanuka as it tries to help Alad V.

Radiation, Magnetic, and Toxin Weapons are all effective against Alad V and his Zanuka bodyguard, although any modified weapons will work as long as the damage is significant and Alad V is the initial target.

Because Zanuka may cancel utilized skills, relying on buffs or active abilities may not be the ideal strategy against this pair. However, recasting is feasible regardless of how many times your abilities are canceled.


Once all of the components have been collected and created, a random Valkyr part will be awarded. This part will be utilized to build the Valkyr Warframe.

The where is alad v warframe is a question that has been asked for years. There are many guides out there, but this one will help you find Alad V in Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill the alad V steel path?

You cant.

What drops from alad V?

A rare item called the Alad Vs Head drops from Alad V.

How do you beat Zanuka?

You must use a lightsaber to beat Zanuka.

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