Ambulas is a dangerous creature that can cause significant damage to Warframe. Learn how to kill this dangerous creature in the game.

The warframe ambulas steel path is a way to kill Ambulas in Warframe. It involves using your Operator’s Steel Path ability on the boss.

(Ambulas are displayed as they are encountered during the operation.)

Ambulas are Corpus-designed boss units designed for intense battle and easy destruction of their opponents.

These are highly armored and may inflict significant harm on anybody who are not prepared to battle them.

In this assignment, you must inflict harm to them in order to knock them down and hack them in order to carry out a larger plot against Frohd Bek.



On Pluto’s Hades expedition, the Ambulas may be met.

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Special Bonuses

Parts of the Trinity


(Trinity components obtained during mission)

When you finish the Hades mission on Pluto, you’ll get one of Trinity’s components for constructing the Warframe.

Players that defeat Ambulas will get one of the following rewards:

Trinity Neuroptics has a 38.72 percent success rate.

38.72 percent Trintiy Chassis

Trinity Systems has a 22.56 percent market share.


Beacons Animo Nav


The Hades expedition on Pluto necessitates the use of Animo Nav Beacons, and you’ll need 20 to begin.

Where Can I Find Animo Navigation Beacons?


Animo Nav Beacons may be acquired from Ambulas on Open Air Corpus Tilesets, which are Corpus maps with air space for Condor Dropships to drop reinforcements.

Farming Animo Nav Beacon on Pluto missions is recommended since the high level of the missions ensures a higher probability of encountering Ambulas for Animo Nav Beacon farming.

During missions, these ships have a chance to send out Ambulas, which may be battled and then hacked.

What Are Animo Nav Beacons and How Do I Get Them?


After bringing down an Ambulas, you must hack it, and if you succeed, it will drop a quantity of Animo Nav Beacon, which may be utilized to complete the Hades mission on Pluto later.

How Do You Get Rid Of Ambulas?


As with previous missions in the beginning scene, you’ll start by entering as if infiltrating the Corpus facility.


You must next go to the waypoint shown on your screen, where the battle against the Ambulas will take place.


As you make your way towards the Ambulas, fight or run through the Corpus troops, whatever is most comfortable for you.


Once you’ve arrived at the site, go to the indicated spot where the combat will begin, and brace yourself for a fierce encounter.


During the task, a cinematic will occur, and you will meet the Ambulas for the first time.

Familiarize yourself with the surroundings and be prepared to utilize them as cover if required.


Begin by focusing on the Ambulas, since they are the mission’s primary objective, but be careful as additional Corpus troops will arrive to assist in the assassination of you and your team.

Aim towards the Ambulas and assault it until its life is depleted and it becomes downed, at which point you may approach it.


The Ambulas will be weak, and you must take advantage of this chance to hack it for a later strategy.

Make careful to wipe away any opponents that may be in your vicinity, since they may still try to kill you while you hack the Ambulas.


After you’ve hacked the Ambulas, your adversaries will want to hack them again in order to restore them, which you must stop.

A timer will start counting down, indicating how long you have to protect the Ambulas against enemy hacking efforts.

If an opponent hacks an Ambulas, you must take it down, hack it, and wait for the timer to run out once again.


After the countdown runs out, the hacked Ambulas from which you successfully repulsed the Corpus will be retrieved by a dropship, where an unexpected surprise awaits you.


More Ambulas will appear, and you’ll have to continue the procedure until you’ve delivered the necessary number of Ambulas.

If you are unable to effectively protect the Ambulas, this may take some time, therefore bring Warframes with crowd control or who can quickly knock out opponents.


The more Ambulas you give, the more aggressive the enemy becomes, resulting in the spawning of additional foes as well as various kinds of Corpus troops.

In addition, the main ship will try to hit you with rocket-like beam missiles and a strong beam capable of doing massive damage.

Bringing a Warframe that can defend you and your team from such assaults may significantly improve your chances of surviving and completing the operation.

If you don’t have any defensive Warframes in your team, using operator Void Mode may assist you evade such assaults.


When you’ve gotten down to the last few Ambulas, the dropship will collect them as normal, but you and your squad will no longer be involved.

The battle is basically finished after the final Ambulas, and the remainder is simply a sequence that you may watch before the mission lets you to extract.


The dropship will return with the last Ambulas, and a discussion will ensue, eventually leading to the revelation of the plan that had been unfolding all along.


The main ship will start to suffer damage from the hacked Ambulas and eventually explode, signifying your success in the operation.

Following the conclusion of the closing sequence, go to the extraction location to complete the task.



The Ambulas is a heavily armored unit that seems to be a much more powerful variant of the MOAs seen in Corpus missions.

It will use explosive rounds, lasers, and the popular leap slam assault, among other things, to attack.

If you want to do damage to this highly armored troop, you’ll need a weapon that’s been properly modified.

Rather of keeping the basic and simple robotic built components as its lower counter parts, the Ambulas has thicker armor in all places, revealing minimal vulnerability, and a huge weapon on top.

With more health than shields, it’s better to focus on causing damage to robotic and alloy armor, which may be done quickly with radiation damage.

Radiation as a primary weapon does more damage to both robotic and alloy armor, allowing you to inflict greater damage to the Ambulas.



Radiation damage is extremely efficient against the Ambulas, especially with shotgun guns, and one of the most recommended weapons to quickly take it down is the ArcaPlasmor or other weapons that can be readily modified for radiation.

Moving quickly can help you avoid the Ambulas, since they are not very fast and their movements can be anticipated easily, giving you time to respond before they attack you.

Some Warframes may be able to utilize crowd control skills to delay or halt the Ambulas, while others may be able to resist its damage.

If no defensive Warframes are available, using the surroundings as protection from the main ship may be helpful.


After successfully completing the task, you will be awarded with a random Trinity Warframe component, which you may use to construct her later.

The warframe ambulas boss is a boss in the Warframe game. In order to kill it, players must use a variety of weapons and abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get ambulas in Warframe?

You can purchase them from the Market for Platinum, or you can craft them by using an Orokin Reactor.

Where can I find ambulas?

Ambulas are a type of medical device that help people move from one place to another. They can be found in hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices.

How do you get the Animo NAV beacon 2021?

The Animo NAV beacon 2021 is a piece of equipment that allows for the user to track their location in the world. It can be found at most sporting goods stores, or online.

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