Kuva Lich is a boss in Warframe. It’s the only way to get Kuva, which is an important resource for crafting and upgrading gear. You can kill Kuva Lich by using a Void Key, which you can get from the quest The Mandate.

A Kuva Lich is a new kind of monster added in The Old Blood update, and it is an opponent you will encounter if specific circumstances are fulfilled.

These foes may be battled and defeated, or converted to your liking, and the results will vary depending on your choices.

Kuva is being pursued. Once you’ve finished The War Within quest, you’ll be ready to tackle Lich’s.

Getting Started


Before going in search of a Kuva Lich, make sure you have at least all eight of the Requiem modifications required to fight them.

Requiem modifications go on your Parazon, which you’ll use to battle and destroy your Kuva Lich foe.

You may have trouble fighting your Kuva Lich if you don’t have all of the Requiem modifications, since you’ll need three particular Requiem modules in a certain sequence to kill them.

Each Kuva Lich may need a unique set of Requiem modifications as well as a unique setup, so make sure you have everything before you go looking for them.

When hunting for a Kuva Lich (Finding A Larvling), it seems that wearing three random Requiem modifications makes it simpler to get started.

Keep in mind that they have three charges and will vanish once the final one is used up.

https://progametalk.com/warframe/farming-requiem-modifications/ For further information on how to acquire Requiem mods, see https://progametalk.com/warframe/farming-requiem-mods/.

Kuva Lich: How To Hunt And Defeat It

Kuva Larvling assassination


Begin by completing a level 20 or higher Grineer task to start your search for a Kuva Larvling, which will spawn in the mission when you complete it.

A weird sign appears, and a Kuva Grineer opponent begins to talk, indicating that a Kuva Larvling has hatched in the quest.

You will be selected to hunt and kill the Larvling if you are alone in a solo assignment or outperform your squad mates in a group.


Go to the waypoint that indicates the Kuva Larvling and beat it so you may begin your quest.


There will be an animation when the Larvling respawns with unusual strength as part of its metamorphosis into the Kuva Lich, which you will face later.


After completing the task, your screen will glow red, displaying the Kuva Lich you will be battling as well as sending you a communication.


You’ll be able to see your Kuva Lich’s profile in the ESC menu, which is typically adjacent to the Nightwave button, from then on.

Taking down Requiem Murmurs


You’ll need Requiem Murmurs to find out which Requiem modifications you’ll need to use while fighting your Kuva Lich.

You’ll most likely end up guessing both the Requiem mods and the combination you need if you don’t have Requiem Murmurs, which will result in you dying and your Kuva Lich opponent growing stronger.


To get Requiem Murmurs, go to a planet with missions marked in red, indicating the influence of the Kuva Lich.

The red highlights will appear on the star chart for any mission in which the Kuva Lich holds control.

You may discover their thralls by doing tasks connected to your Kuva Lich, which you must slay in order to get the Requiem Murmurs.


As you complete these tasks, the Kuva Lich symbol will emerge on your map from time to time to indicate the presence of a thrall nearby.

The thrall will have a blueish glow to it and may be any kind of unit, but they will be a little stronger, so be prepared to face them.


Attack the thrall until its health is down to the point where it is nearly dead, then use your use key/button to execute a hidden mercy (killing it with your Parazon).


This will start a brief animation in which your Warframe uses their Parazon to kill them, rendering you unkillable in the process.


A Requiem Murmur will emerge after murdering a thrall and will grow by a little amount before repeating until the bar is full.

The Requiem Murmur bar will constantly grow after you kill a Thrall, but you’ll need to kill a lot of them to fill it completely.

While hunting for Requiem Murmurs, be aware that the Kuva Lich may sometimes emerge and attack you; you should avoid attempting to kill it with your Parazon for the time being since you don’t know which Requiem modifications to use.

Using the incorrect Requiem modifications will result in your death and will raise the Kuva Lich’s rank, making it stronger.


When a Requiem Murmur bar is full, you’ll discover one of the Requiem modifications you’ll need for battling your Kuva Lich.

To figure out all of the Requiem modifications that you need in your Parazon, you’ll need to fill up three Requiem Murmur bars.


After you’ve discovered all of the Requiem modifications, you may equip them and attempt to figure out what order they should be in.

Taking on the Kuva Lich


Equip Requiem modifications to your Parazon depending on the three that have been revealed through farming Requiem Murmurs.

The order won’t be revealed until you battle the Kuva Lich, so check their page if you’ve attempted any orders before to avoid repeating them.


Just like you would while searching for Requiem Murmurs, go into another assignment where they have impact.


The Kuva Lich will arrive throughout the quest, and you’ll know it’s there when you see its health meter appear and it starts chatting to you.

Attack it with weapons or abilities, but don’t go too near since it may grasp and toss you, allowing you to suffer additional damage while you’re down.


It will kneel to the ground, much like the thralls, after you knock off one of its shields and a health bar, and you will be able to strike it with your Parazon.


If you’re fortunate and your Requiem modifications are in the right order, the attack will be effective and the target’s health will be lowered by one bar.


You will successfully deal damage to the Kuva Lich with each proper Requiem mod in the appropriate location with the right configuration of the three.

If the arrangement is wrong, the Kuva Lich will perform a finisher on you, killing you immediately and without bleedout.

If you die as a result of a finisher, the Kuva Lich will quit the assignment and rank up, making it stronger the next time you meet.

When you fail to use your parazon on the Kuva Lich, your current Requiem mod configuration will be shown for you to verify later.

If the arrangement is wrong and the hunt fails, take the time to reorganize your Requiem modifications so you may attempt again.


After removing one bar, continue the procedure until the Kuva Lich has lost all three of its health bars, at which point you must decide what to do with it.


You will be offered the option of either converting or defeating the Kuva Lich.

When you convert a Kuva Lich, it will be added to your collection of Kuva Lichs who may emerge during missions to assist you.

When you defeat the Kuva Lich, you will get their weapon, which is already made and available in your foundry.



  • It is important to have all of the Requiem modifications so that you are prepared for any Kuva Lich; otherwise, your efforts may go to waste and you may take longer to complete the search if you are missing parts.
  • To improve your chances of success, collect all of the Requiem Murmurs so you don’t have to guess amongst a variety of Requiem Mods.
  • You may assemble a team to assist you take down a Kuva Lich if it becomes too powerful, and you can remain back until you’re ready to use your Parazon to kill it.
  • Always check their profile to discover their flaws, weaponry, and other information.
  • A single run is suggested to quickly get the KuvaLarvling since you will not be competing with other team members.

Kuva Lich is a boss in the game Warframe. The kuva lich railjack is a strategy that players use to kill this boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill a KUVA Lich?

The easiest way to kill a KUVA Lich is to use a shotgun.

What level kills KUVA Lich?

KUVA Lich is a level that kills any player.

How do you kill KUVA?

You must use the sword to kill KUVA.

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