This guide will help you kill Lephantis in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Lephantis is the final boss of God of War. The steel path you need to take to kill him is not easy.

(Lephantis is displayed in the mission when it is encountered.)

Lephantis is a huge Infested monster that has been around since the Old War and is one of the most powerful bosses in Warframe.

When it comes to killing lephantis, there are a variety of Warframes to choose from, and you may choose whatever one you like or believe would be most comfortable for you or your squad.

You and your friends may find out the quickest method to kill Lephantis based on your equipment and modifications, and farming it for Nekros parts or any other purpose will be beneficial to you and your teammates.

Location of LephantisMagnacidium assassination mission n Deimos

On Deimos, Lephantis may be discovered in the Magnacidium mission.

Special Bonuses

(From the mission, Nekros sections)GDL-3

Players will get a random component required to construct Nekros after defeating Lephantis.

The following Nekros pieces have a possibility to be rewarded by Lephantis:

Nekros Neuroptics has a 33.33 percent market share.

Chassis Nekros: 33.33 percent

Nekros Systems has a 33.33 percent market share.

How can you get rid of Lephantis?

Phase 1

(Lephantis in the first phase)GDL-4

When you first approach the level, you and your team will be confronted by three heads that rise from the earth and assault you with various attacks.

Each skull has a particular weak point, and you must attack those specific regions, which are represented by pink hues that resemble their interior body parts.

Because Lephantis is vulnerable to Corrosive, Blast, and Slash damage types in that order, modifying your weapons appropriately will give you a better chance of killing it quickly.

Enemies in Phase 1:

These heads will erupt from the earth and assault you and your squad, then burrow back in, making it difficult to take them out if you can’t target your bullets quickly enough.

Corpus Infested

(On Lephantis, an infested Corpus head)GDL-5

The Infested Corpus is a long-range opponent that spits poison grenades that, if not avoided, may cause considerable damage over time.

It may also produce infected pods, which in turn spawn infested opponents that assault the player and their team.

The form of the head resembles a Corpus helmet, hence the name, and it exhibits comparable characteristics to a Corpus unit, but in an infected way.

Its weak point is the entrance of its front or mouth-like portion, which is quite simple to strike.

It is recommended that you eliminate this since it has the ability to generate additional infected troops, which may be a problem to you and your squad.

Infested by Ancients

(Ancient Lephantis Infested Head)GDL-6

The Ancient Infected has a lengthy face with huge flaps on the sides that open up as it attacks, similar to other infested ancients.

It will try to spit out a projectile that will stick to a surface and burst into smaller missiles.

This head has a lengthy face like the majority of infected ancients, as well as huge flaps on the sides that open up as it strikes.

Its huge flaps are simple to target and will do a lot of damage if you aim for them and fire several rounds at them.

Grineer infested

(Griineer head infested on Lephantis)GDL-7

The Infested Grineer is a close-range opponent that will use its huge scythe-like weapon to strike you.

Its assaults may be avoided with a well-placed roll, and it can sometimes slow down while swinging horizontally or get caught when swinging vertically towards you, necessitating careful timing of your movement and shots.

It has an unique visage that appears when it attacks, indicating that it is of Grineer origin, as well as the brutish manner in which it attacks, which is a quality shared by other combat Grineer foes.

It has a vulnerability in its mouth, as well as a face underneath it that appears during certain of its strikes.

Phase 2

(Lephantis in the second phase)GDL-8

The heads of Lephantis will be connected to a moving body, allowing it to move about in the stage in front of you.

The method for defeating them is the same, and you must target their weak points.

When a head’s health runs out, it explodes, leaving you to cope with the remaining heads.


(During the expedition, Lephnatis was slain.)GDL-9

  • Take a weapon that you can use correctly; most players prefer sniper rifles because of their high damage and pinpoint accuracy, but any weapon that you are familiar with will suffice as long as you can use it effectively.
  • Corrosive damage is powerful against Lephantis’ armor type, Fossilized armor, therefore try to build for it.
  • Blast and Slash damage are possible, although corrosive damage may be much simpler to achieve; nevertheless, depending on your available weapons and modifications, combining them may be beneficial.
  • Heat and gas, which are Lephantis’ vulnerability components, may be used to increase damage, but avoid utilizing electrical and magnetic harm, which cause little or no damage.
  • The Ignis or Ignis Wraith is an excellent sortie weapon for Lephantis since it provides heat damage, can be upgraded for gas damage, and has a lot of area of effect damage (works well with Lephantis Steel Path runs).
  • It is simple to battle Lephantis alone by using Warframes with strong disables that impact bosses, such as Frost with his Snow Globe or Harrow with his Condemn ability.
  • Although melee weapons may be used to combat Lephantis, it is preferable to use ranged weaponry.


Once you’ve defeated the task, exit it and you’ll be rewarded with a random Nekros component.

Although Lephantis seems to be a big and strong foe, you should be able to defeat it with the proper equipment and modifications.

The lephantis nav coordinates is a guide to help players kill Lephantis in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill Lephantis?

The easiest way to kill Lephantis is to use the power of fire.

How do you beat Lephantis steel path?

You cant beat Lephantis steel path.

Does Lephantis drop Orokin cells?

Yes, Lephantis does drop Orokin Cells.

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