In Warframe, the Phorid are a type of insectoid alien that are aggressive and can be very dangerous. They have an exoskeleton that makes them tough to kill, but there are ways to take them down.

The where to find phorid warframe is a guide that will help players get rid of the Phorid in Warframe.

(During the expedition, a phorid was encountered.)

Phorid is a one-of-a-kind infected boss that only manifests during an assassination invasion.

This monster resembles an infected charger, but it is clearly more clever and lethal, capable of withstanding significant damage and even killing players with a single blow.

Phorid is more intelligent, as shown by its taunting, and wants to assimilate with the Warframe, as do the most of the infected, but in this instance, Phorid interacts directly with the Tenno.



Phorid doesn’t have a particular planet or mission; instead, it appears on a random assassination assignment and replaces the target with itself.

You may examine the invasions part of the star chart to see if there is a Phorid manifestation and track him down.

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Special Bonuses

Nyx Parts


(Parts of the Nyx were obtained during the operation.)

Defeating Phorid on the task where he spawns and successfully extracting from it will reward you with a Nyx component.

Players who defeat the Raptors will get one of the following rewards:

Nyx Neuroptics has a 38.72 percent success rate.

Nyx Chassis has a 38.72 percent success rate.

Nyx Systems has a 22.56 percent market share.

How Do You Get Rid Of Phorid?


The quest starts with you arriving to the Grineer facility, where you’ll find a waypoint indicating where Phorid is residing.


Make your way to the specified destination, killing or fleeing past any opponents you come across.


You’ll next arrive at a large region that’s broad and excellent for keeping opponents at bay; later on, if you can’t handle melee encounters with Phorid, you’ll need to utilize this to your advantage.


When you get closer to the waypoint, a cinematic will play, and you’ll meet Phorid for the first time before the fight starts.


Once the cutscene is through, you may combat Phorid, who will continuously summon infected spawn to attack you.

He moves and fights like an infected charger, with the exception that he possesses extra attacks.

It’s advised to stay away from him since his assaults may be very strong, not to mention the number of infected strikes he can unleash.

Moving about while shooting at him is effective, but melee attacks may also be effective if you can resist other types of damage since you’ll be fighting at close range.


When battling Phorid, be cautious and attempt to move about and seek cover if he attacks you from afar, since this may indicate that he is utilizing his ability to kill you with a single strike.

The easiest approach to prevent this is to either kill Phorid as quickly as possible or avoid being struck by his ability.

Because Phorid possesses fossilized health and ferrite armor, both of which are vulnerable to corrosive, corrosive modified weapons are effective against it.


It’s best to keep a safe distance from Phorid, but if you must employ melee attacks against him, dodges and bullet leaps may assist you avoid taking damage.

Avoid using combos against him since this may give Phorid an opportunity to strike you during your attack animations; instead, use spin attacks, evading, and mixing up main and secondary weapon fire.




Phorid is an infected boss that is similar to the infested charger but is bigger and has a distinct color palette.

The enormous size of the Phorid leads one to believe that it has amalgamated with a Grineer unit, as shown by the head flowing down its body and the armor on its top torso.

Despite its enormous size, the Phorid moves in a similar manner to the infected charger, although significantly quicker.

Phorid will attack you and your team in the same way as Charger would, with the exception of a few abilities like its Sonic Scream, which may disable you and your team while inflicting damage.

Its Psychic Bolts ability is one of the most irritating abilities it has, since it is comparable to Nyx’s ability, demonstrating the likeness and explaining how her Warframe components came to be acquirable from this monster.

Corrosive may quickly decrease Phorid’s primary defenses, enabling greater damage to be done to its main health.

Its primary health is fossilized, which makes it vulnerable to corrosive harm, which not only weakens it but also causes it to take more damage.

Due to its vulnerability to corrosive elemental combinations, it is recommended to utilize the provided element to speed up the battle against him.



Sorties and Invasions are the only places where Phorid may be found, with Invasions being the most common, since sorties are an uncommon occurrence.

When you first start playing Warframe and come across Phorid, consider playing in a team because you may have a hard time fighting it.

When you utilize corrosive elemental damage with your weapons, you’ll deal more damage and have a better probability of completing the task.

Because Phorid is infested and both weak to corrosive, utilizing a melee weapon with corrosive modifications may do a lot of damage against it while also clearing away any infected that are assisting it.


You will be awarded with a random Nyx component if you defeat Phorid and successfully complete the task.

The nyx warframe is a Warframe that can be obtained through the Market. It has a high chance of dropping the Phorid weapon.

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