The Warframe community is a tight-knit group of players that have been playing the game since its release in 2013. Throughout the years, they have created their own lore and expanded on it through various means, including novels.

The warframe the raptor is a type of enemy in Warframe. They are very difficult to defeat and can be found in many places in the game.

(One of the raptors encountered throughout the expedition)

Raptors are an improved version of the Osprey with additional weapons and armor, making them very durable and lethal, particularly against novice players.

This assassination assignment is different from the others in that you must not only kill the opponent but also complete a job before killing the bosses.

These Raptors are a new enemy line being developed by the Corpus, and it is your job to impair their manufacturing capacities so that they don’t cause any more issues in the future.



The many Raptor boss models may be found in the Naamah mission, which is situated on Europa.

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Special Bonuses

Nova Components


(Mission-acquired nova components)

When you defeat the Raptors in the Namaah mission on Europa, you’ll be rewarded with a random Nova component.

Players who defeat the Raptors will get one of the following rewards:

Nova Neuroptics has a 38.72 percent market share.

Nova Chassis has a 38.72 percent success rate.

Nova Systems has a 22.56 percent market share.

How Do You Beat The Raptors?


You will begin the assignment outside of the facility, where you will be charged with assassinating the target while also crippling the plant’s output.


Make your way inside the facility, fighting or running through the adversaries you’ll come across on your way to the location indicated on your HUD.


A cutscene will begin when you approach the location indicated by the waypoint, and you will meet the Raptor for the first time throughout the quest.

Various raptors may emerge throughout this task, but they are easily defeated if you are prepared for the battle.


Following the sequence, you will be separated from the Raptor and must make your way towards it while keeping a watch out for other Corpus foes assaulting.

Your objective will tell you that you must destroy Grav Conveyors, which you may accomplish by killing a raptor, grabbing its powercell, and dumping it in one.


When firing at the Raptor, be cautious since Corpus troops may spawn in and attack you frequently, and this, along with the Raptor’s assaults, can be very unpleasant at times.


When the Raptor is killed, a powercell will fall to the ground, which you must collect in order to destroy the Grav Conveyors.


You’ll see a marking on the powercell indicating an item that can be picked up if you didn’t notice where it fell.

Approach the powercell and try to take it, but be cautious since the opponents will still be attacking, and you don’t want to be killed while taking the powercell.


To pick up the powercell, go near to it and interact with it. This will require you to utilize your secondary weapon or melee weapon since switching weapons will cause you to drop it.

Once you’ve picked up the powercell, a timer will appear, telling you how much longer you have until it explodes.


Bring the powercell to the top of the conveyor as quickly as possible, then press your “switch weapon” button or key to dump the powercell into the Grav Conveyor.


When the powercell’s timer runs out and you put it into the Grav Conveyor, it will detonate and destroy it.

If you fail to dump the powercell into the Grav Conveyor or take too long, it will ultimately explode, spawning another Raptor that you must kill in order to get another powercell.

This will accomplish 1/3 of your goal, and you will need to repeat the procedure two more times to complete all three Grav Conveyors.

A new Raptor will spawn if you destroy a Grav Conveyor or if the powercell’s timer runs out and it explodes, and you’ll have to kill it again, grab its powercell, and put it into the Grav Conveyor.

The task will be finished after you have successfully blown up all of the Grav Conveyors, and you will need to either battle your way out of the complex or just run and dodge your way out.

When you destroy a Grav Conveyer, the surviving Grav Conveyors will produce the next Raptor model.


After you’ve destroyed all of the Grav Conveyors, you’ll need to exit the task, and if you do so successfully, you’ll be awarded with a blueprint for a Nova component.


Raptors seem to be highly upgraded Ospreys with more powerful attacks and the ability to endure more damage.

The Raptors will all use similar attacks against you, such as laser beams and other lethal missiles.

Despite having similar attacks, each one has its own distinct attack that distinguishes it from the others except from color.

Because the Raptors’ exterior portions are occasionally resistant to harm, it’s best to focus on the interior components, which are susceptible when the Raptors aren’t protecting themselves.


The Raptor NS is the first raptor you’ll face, and it’s the one with the lowest health of the three.

Its special attack enables it to shoot missiles that mark an area and inflict fatal damage after a few seconds, potentially killing players immediately.


The Raptor MT is the second type of Raptor unit you’ll encounter, and it has a higher health rating than its predecessor.

Its one-of-a-kind ability enables it to produce Nemes RT, which are drones that inflict electrical damage.

At any one moment, around 5 or 6 of these drones will be operational, and the Raptor MT will continuously replenish them if it runs out.

Raptor RV


The Raptor RV is the most powerful and durable of the three Raptor types, able to endure greater damage and deliver more lethal assaults.

Its unique ability enables it to shoot a continuous laser beam at its opponents, inflicting continual damage and killing unprepared players fast.



Radiation becomes an excellent option against the Raptors since it delivers extra damage against their alloy armor and artificial health.

Radiation’s status effect, which confuses opponents and leads them to attack their friends and vice versa, may be beneficial.

Even more experienced players may take a lot of damage from the Raptors, thus having a strong Warframe or one with defensive skills that may shield or boost them to avoid damage might be beneficial.

Keeping a wide distance from the Raptors during the last battle may significantly improve your chances of survival, since they like to come up close to you before attacking.

During the boss battle, be careful to clear the area around you of opponents, since you may perish at any time from the many attackers that are shooting at you, particularly if you’re concentrating on destroying Grav Conveyers.


After defeating the Raptors by destroying the Grav Conveyers, you may leave the task by going to the extraction site and receiving a random blueprint for a Nova component.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill the raptor in Warframe?

The Raptor in Warframe is an enemy. If you are playing as a Tenno, you can use your melee weapon to kill it. If you are playing as a Grineer, you can use their gun or shoot them with your bow and arrow.

How do you kill Ropalolyst?

You can use a ranged weapon such as a gun or bow to shoot at them from afar.

How do you fight Ropalyst?

I do not know how to fight Ropalyst.

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