This guide will help you find the best way to kill the sergeant in Fallout 76.

The How to Get Mag Blueprint is a guide that will show you how to get the Sergeant’s Jacket in the game.

(As seen in the operation) Sergeant

Sergeant-at-Arms is one of Warframe’s most straightforward bosses, and he won’t pose much of a danger in combat.

This boss is the designated commander of the facility on Phobos where he is in control of Corpus activities.

He seems to despise the Tenno so much that he has numerous taunts that he uses to attack you vocally.



(Phobos’ Iliad mission)

On Phobos, the Sergeant may be encountered on the assassination mission Iliad.

Special Bonuses

Mag Parts


(Parts of the mag acquired from the mission)

If you’re searching for a way to acquire Mag, defeating The Sergeant will give you a random Mag component when you remove it.

The following Excalibur components may be rewarded by Lech Kril:

  • Mag Neuroptics has a 38.72 percent success rate.
  • 38.72 percent for the Mag Chassis
  • 22.56 percent for Mag Systems

Also check out How to Win:

What is the best way to assassinate The Sergeant?

Although killing The Sergeant is not a difficult job in Warframe, it may be a problem to individuals who hurry through missions or are unfamiliar with games like Warframe.


You’ll start by going inside the Corpus facility, where you’ll be given a waypoint to go to in order to confront The Sergeant.


Continue your journey inside the facility by battling or fleeing past adversaries on your way to the waypoint.


There will be no cutscene, unlike previous assassination missions, and instead you will see the Sergeant marked with a red marker.

Proceed to approach him and attack him like you would any opponent, but be cautious if you are not prepared, as you may suffer some damage.


One of the most irritating things about him is that he may vanish at any time, so kill him as quickly as possible to prevent having to search for him later.


The Sergeant, like any other Corpus opponent, is vulnerable to headshots and may be taken down in the same manner, although with a little more health.

With simple modifications, you should be able to take him out quickly, and the task should not take too long.

The Sergeant


(Information from the Sergeant)

The Sergeant isn’t really unique; he’s simply a tougher foe that looks like a Crewman with a Lanka.

He also has the power to vanish, which is irritating, but he isn’t that difficult to defeat and should be dead in seconds.

Magnetic damage for his shields and viral harm for his health are recommended for individuals who are having trouble.



(The Sergeant has been vanquished.)

The Sergeant isn’t very difficult to kill, and any weapon should be able to do it with ease, especially when properly modified.

Weapons that are magnetic and viral Weapons like magnetic, viral, and poison will do a lot of harm to him.

As he is nearly as weak as any other Corpus unit, aiming for his head may do a lot of damage.


(Results of the Iliad mission)

You will be awarded with a random component blueprint for the Mag Warframe after beating The Sergeant and exiting the task.

The how to get excalibur warframe is a guide that will help you kill the sergeant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill The Sergeant in Warframe?

The Sergeant is a boss in Warframe. You will need to use the Void Beam weapon to kill him.

How do you get the mag system in Warframe?

To get the mag system in Warframe, you need to complete a quest called The Best Defense.

What Warframe do you get from The Sergeant?

You get the Warframe, Excalibur.

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