Tyl Regor is a boss in Warframe and one of the most difficult enemies to defeat. This guide will show you how to kill him and complete the mission.

The tyl regor steel path is a method to kill Tyl Regor in Warframe. This guide will show you how to do it.

(When met on a mission, Tyl Regor)

Tyl Regor, the last enemy on Uranus, is a Grineer who wants to unlock both Tenno and Warframes in order to complete his study on enhancing Grineer DNA.

He may be a vexing employer to deal with, so if you’re going to face him, you should be prepared for the difficulties ahead.

Those looking to harvest components for the Equinox Warframe will have to fight this insane Grineer monster many times, and understanding how to deal with him effectively will save them a lot of time and stress.



(Uranus’s Titania expedition)

Tyl Regor is the last boss of the Titania expedition on Uranus.

Special Bonuses

Equinox Components


(From the mission, equinox portions)

When you defeat Tyl Regor, you’ll get a random component or blueprints for the Equinox Warframe.

The following Equinox components have a possibility to be rewarded by Tyl Regor:

  • Blueprint for the Night Aspect: 11.28 percent
  • Blueprint for Night Chassis: 12.91 percent
  • Blueprint for Night Neuroptics: 12.91 percent
  • Blueprint for Night Systems: 12.91 percent
  • Blueprint for the Day: 11.28 percent
  • Blueprint for Day Chassis: 12.91 percent
  • Blueprint for Day Neuroptics: 12.91 percent
  • Blueprint for Day Systems: 12.91 percent

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How can you get rid of Tyl Regor?


(Valkyr engages Tyl Regor in combat)

Tyl Regor is one of the game’s most irritating bosses, not just because of his words and broadcasts, but also because of the combat you must fight to defeat him.

This is a step-by-step method to confronting and defeating Tyl Regor.

Tyl Regor’s location


When you start the Titania assassination mission on Uranus, you’ll initially arrive at the objective at the Grineer Sea Labs.


Make your way to the location shown by a sign on your HUD, where you’ll be battling Tyl Regor. You may either battle your way through opponents or just run through them on your way there.


If you come too early, there may be some waiting time, and Tyl Regor will continue speaking.

Wait for him to finish speaking, which may take anywhere from a few seconds to less than a minute as he taunts and annoys the Tenno.


Tyl Regor arrives in a short cutscene and prepared to assault you and your squad, assuming you have one.

Phase 1


Tyl Regor will assault you with three distinct kinds of strikes during the initial part of the fight, including melee combinations, shooting rocket-like fists that zero in on you, and ground slam attacks.

He’ll dash about the area frequently, attempting to attack you, and then dash away to fire his homing missiles, which are comparable to the Knux Archwing Weapon.

These may be avoided by evading with a roll or leaping away, but they must be timed at times.

When not prepared for this battle, being struck by his melee combinations may be hazardous, as he can inflict a lot of damage.

You may attack him with melee weapons, but you risk being struck by his melee attacks, or you can fire weapons at him while also using abilities to harm him.

Corrosive weapons inflict greater damage to him and may also trigger a status condition that lowers his armor, leaving him more vulnerable to harm.


He will teleport away after losing 1/3 of his maximum health, and the next phase will begin.

Phase 2


Tyl Regor will reappear at the same location where you originally met him, firing his homing missiles towards the ceiling before teleporting out of the fight zone.


This may cause a little bit of flooding in the region, but not enough to completely immerse you for the time being.


Once this occurs, you will be attacked by Drekar Manics, which may be aggravating to battle since they have the ability to cloak and sneak up on you to perform a stealth attack, which can lead to the player’s death.

To avoid suffering unnecessary damage and to continue your battle with Tyl Regor, dispatch the Drekar Manics as soon as possible.


Tyl Regor will teleport back into the battle area once you’ve dealt with the Drekar Manics and begin attacking you again, this time more fiercely but with the same attacks.

To begin the third and final phase of the fight, inflict damage once again.

Phase 3


When you’ve taken another third of Tyl Regor’s health, he’ll teleport to the top and fire his missiles once again, this time shattering enough of the ceiling to flood the lower section where you are.

Jump up to where he is and wait for the bottom area to flood since he will be invulnerable and unable to be harmed as soon as he starts doing this or even before he starts doing it.


If you don’t leap up from the lower level, you’ll be trapped in the flooded area, reverting to your submerged Archwing form.

If this occurs, you will begin to suffer damage since the water seems to be electrified and will continue to harm you until you leave.

To get out of the water and avoid any more harm, go up to where he was when he damaged the ceiling.


You’ll encounter a Drekar Manic and a Drekar Manic bombard on the top level, which you should eliminate swiftly before Tyl Regor returns, leaving you with just him to contend with.


Keep an eye out for water-spouting pipes, since they have a propensity to drive you down into the lower region, where you will be buried and forced to exit the water.


Continue battling Tyl Regor as you did in the other stages, and he will die after receiving lethal damage from you in this last phase.



After beating Tyl Regor, a door will open, allowing you to continue to the mission’s extraction location.

Tyl Regor


(According to Tyl Regor)

Tyl Regor is a Maniacal Grineer scientist whose goal is to repair the Grineer DNA in order to avoid issues like rotting flesh from affecting future production.

He is fascinated with the Tenno and Warframe and wants to dissect them to satiate his curiosity. He loves tormenting the Tenno whenever he has the opportunity.

He will employ four distinct attacks in an effort to kill you, as previously stated:

  • Melee Combos are strong melee attacks that may kill unprepared players.
  • Homing Rocket-like Projectiles — homing rocket-like projectiles that resemble the Knux Archwing weapon.
  • Slam Attack – a slam attack that may knock the player back.

Tyl Regor may seem to be a tough boss who can withstand a few strikes against most younger players, however this is readily remedied with weapons that have been modified to do corrosive damage.

Keep in mind that Tyl Regor’s shields may replenish, therefore it’s critical to inflict damage to his health before they can restore.



(Tyl Regor has been vanquished.)

Taking a weapon that has been modified for corrosive damage will significantly weaken his armor as well as cause extra damage when the status chance happens.

Tyl Regor takes his time before performing his combinations, which may be avoided by rolling out of the path or leaping out of the way.

Having a powerful weapon that can do a lot of damage fast, such as a shotgun at close range or a sniper rifle for long range, may be very useful against Tyl Regor, allowing you to swiftly advance to the final phase.

Some crowd control skills affect Tyl Regor, and you may use them to slow him down so you can shoot at him more easily.


(Results of the Titania mission)

You will be awarded with a random Equinox component after defeating Tyl Regor and successfully extracting.

Warframe tyl regor weakness is a guide for how to kill Tyl Regor in Warframe. Reference: warframe tyl regor weakness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill Tyl Regor?

The easiest way to kill Tyl Regor is by using a weapon.

What parts does Tyl Regor drop?

Tyl Regor is a character in the game, he drops his arms and legs.

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