In the game Valheim, players are tasked with creating a new civilization from scratch. Players can choose to create their own society or join one of three pre-made societies. The first step in building a civilization is making flour from barley. This process requires grinding the barley into flour and then cooking it over an open fire.

In the how to make flour in valheim article, it is shown that barley flour can be made by grinding barley grains. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make it.

Barley Flour is a processed foodstuff made from barley that is used in many Valheim cuisine dishes and is good for your health and stamina.

This ingredient will come in useful later on when you need to make superior culinary products, as well as when you need to make a huge quantity of them.

Barley, which may be grown in the Plains biome and subsequently on cultivated land, is required to produce a large amount of Barley Flour.

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What Are the Ingredients for Barley Flour?VALHMF061-2

To create Barley Flour, you must either get Barley from the Plains biome or cultivate Barley that you have previously gathered.

After you’ve fought the Moder (fourth monster) and built the Artisan Table, you’ll need to construct a Windmill.

Barley Flour is a late or endgame food component due to the necessity of conquering Moder, but it pays off later when you have a large supply.

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Barley Flour PreparationVALHMF061-3

A Windmill can hold up to 50 pounds of barley and will process it until it produces 20 pounds of barley flour.

The Barley Flour stack will be maintained within the Windmill until you empty it, and it will only be released after it reaches 20 stacks.

After you leave 50 Barley, the Windmill will empty two stacks of 20 Barley flour, and the remaining 10 Barley will be released when you’re done.

Head to the back of the Windmill and interact with the input area to place Barley to be processed into Barley Flour.

The Plains biome is an excellent place to grow Barley and process it constantly, thus it’s a good place to make Barley Flour.

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Uses of Barley Flour

Barley Flour is primarily utilized to make a variety of late-game food items that improve a character’s health and stamina.


  • Pudding with Blood (90 health and 50 stamina along with 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)
  • a loaf of bread (40 health and 70 stamina along with 2 health per tick for 1800 seconds)
  • Wrapped fish (60 health and 90 stamina along with 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)
  • Pie with Lox Meat (80 health and stamina along with 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)

Blood Pudding is ideal for players that prioritize health over stamina, and it may be paired with other foods to boost health and stamina even more.

Fish Wraps and Bread are designed to boost a character’s stamina while also giving good health benefits to those who eat them.

Lox Meat Pie is one of the best meals and stamina boosters in the game, giving players an equal and significant quantity of health and stamina.


Barley Flour is one of the more important items you’ll need as you advance through Valheim.

To take on more powerful foes, use Barley Flour to make specialized food dishes that will increase your survival.

Players often farm this resource after beating Moder, although it is possible to begin farming them while still advancing and preparing for a battle like this.

In Valheim, barley is a very important crop. It is used to make flour for bread and beer. To make barley flour, you will need to harvest the seeds from the barley plant. Reference: valheim barley seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make barley flour?

Barley is a type of grass that has been ground into flour. You can make your own barley flour by grinding the malted barley grains in a blender or food processor until they are powdery.

Can barley grow in meadows Valheim?

No, barley cannot grow in meadows.

What is barley used for in Valheim?

Barley is a type of grain that is used in brewing beer and bread.

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