Some people are skeptical about bread-making, but the process is actually quite easy. This article will help you make bread in Valheim.

The how to use stone oven valheim is a cooking tutorial that shows how to make bread in Valheim.

Bread is one of the late-game meal items that may be produced in Valheim, and although most people anticipate it to be baked, it is prepared similarly to the rest of the game’s cuisine.

This meal item offers one of Valheim’s greatest levels of stamina boosts, as well as a significant quantity of healing.

Each loaf of bread weighs 0.5 pounds and may be piled up to 20 per slot, giving each stack a total weight of ten pounds.

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Effects of Bread

When considering the late-game, bread offers a large quantity of stamina over a slightly lower level of health.

  • 40 Well-being
  • Stamina: 70
  • 2 Ticks of Health Regeneration
  • 1800 second duration (30 Minutes)

Ingredients in Bread

Barley may be discovered in the Plains biome and subsequently grown after looking for cultivated areas in Fuling villages. Once located, it can be collected.

If you want to learn more about barley flour, check out our How To Make Barley Flour tutorial.

What is the Best Way to Cook Bread?

 The Bread Recipe is cooked in the Cauldron, which is odd since bread is typically baked, although it may be added later in the game.

To make Barley Flour, you must first fight Moder, Valheim’s Fourth Boss, and then construct an Artisan Table.

The Windmill, which is used to create Barley Flour by processing Barley, is unlocked by the Artisan Table.


Bread may not be the greatest source of healing, but every drop counts, and with so much stamina, players may complete more activities before getting exhausted.

Because stamina is continually depleted, this meal item is ideal for players who are constantly moving about and fighting at high rates.

Because of its light weight, this meal can be carried in big quantities and gives players more mobility because to the increased stamina and low weight.

Bread, when combined with other stamina-boosting foods, may enable players reach very high levels of stamina.

In the game Valheim, bread is one of the most important ingredients. Bread can be made in many different ways. Here are some recipes for making bread in Valheim Reference: bread valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make bread in Valheim?

You take flour, water, and yeast. Then you knead the dough until it is smooth. Next, you let the dough rise for about an hour or so before baking it in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is flour used for in Valheim?


How do you make bread inside?


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