Valheim is a fantasy world in which people hunt and eat serpents. In the game, players can cook serpent meat to make it more palatable.

In the game, Valheim, players are able to cook a variety of foods. One food that can be cooked is serpent meat. The Serpent Meat recipe requires cooking raw serpent meat in a pot with salt and water for about 10 minutes. Read more in detail here: cooked lox meat valheim.

Nothing beats a huge chunk of Sea Serpent flesh to get your character ready for a major battle or adventure, and you’ll get even more done with a piece of Cooked Serpent Meat.

This is not a cheap item since you may have to put in some effort to acquire the Serpent Meat that will be used to prepare it.

Cooked Serpent Meat comes in useful when you need more bonuses for your meal and can also be used to make Serpent Stew.

Cooked Serpent Meat weighs ten pounds each piece, making it very heavy, and it stacks up to 50 per item slot, making a complete stack weigh up to 500 pounds in your inventory.

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Effects of Cooked Serpent Meat

Cooked Serpent Meat may be cumbersome to transport, but a few pieces may make a difference and may be worth it until you can prepare Serpent Stew.

  • 70 years of life
  • Stamina 40
  • 3 Ticks = 3 Health Regeneration
  • The duration is 2000 seconds (33 Minutes)

Ingredients for Serpent Meat Cooked

To create Cooked Serpent Meat, you’ll need to collect Serpent Meat from Sea Serpents, who drop a lot of it each kill.

Check out our Valheim Serpent Meat Farming Guide for additional information on how to get Serpent Meat.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Serpent Meat?

You may cook Serpent Meat using a Cooking Station once you’ve farmed it, and each piece will take 121 seconds to cook.

If you wish to save time while cooking a large amount of Cooked Serpent Meat, it’s preferable to have several Cooking Stations.


Despite the fact that Cooked Serpent Meat is heavy, you may easily carry a couple instead of a full stack and store the rest for making Serpent Stew later.

When you don’t have the other ingredients for Serpent Stew, Cooked Serpent Meat comes in useful.

Sea Serpents drop a lot of Serpent Meat, which you may save or prepare ahead of time depending on whether you need it or not.

The best way to get serpent meat valheim is a question that has been asked many times. Serpent meat can be made in Valheim, but it takes time and patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you make with Serpent meat in Valheim?

You can make a Serpent soup, which is a dish made from boiling the meat of a snake in water.

How do you make Serpent stew in Valheim?

First, you need to get a snake. Next, you need to kill the snake and cook it. Finally, you need to eat it.

How do you get Serpent meat?

You can buy it in the game, or you can get it from a quest.

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