Potions are a staple in many video games, and they can be found in almost any game genre. You might think that making potions is easy, but it’s actually much more difficult than you’d expect. This article will teach you how to make potions in Valheim.

The valheim potions list is a list of all the different types of potions that can be created in Valheim.

If you’re wondering what kinds of potions are available in Valheim, there are quite a number, however depending on the kind of potion, they are referred to as Mead or Barley Wine.

Before being turned into Mead or Barley Wine (potions), all potions need their basic preparations, which require particular components for each kind.

Potions are useful in Valheim, particularly when it comes to living in certain biomes or defeating the game’s monsters.

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What is the difference between mead and barley wine in Valheim?

Mead and Barley Wine are the kind of potions you may make in-game, and they take a few stages to make.

You’ll need to locate its components in order to make their basic item, which you’ll then process in a Fermenter.

These goods give your character various benefits that aid survival, such as regeneration and resilience to certain environments.

In Valheim, How Do You Make Potions?

To produce a potion in Valheim, you must first collect the necessary resources, since each one has its own set of components that must be used to create the basic item.

Once you’ve gathered all of the components, you may quickly prepare the basic item in a Cauldron.

When the foundation item is completed, bring it to the Fermenter and put it inside, which will start the fermentation process for the Mead or Barley Wine base item.

Your potion will be completed after two in-game days and may be retrieved at the Fermenter.

In Valheim, there is a list of mead and barley wine.

The recipes for Mead and Barley Wine utilized in Valheim’s potions are listed here.

You will always get whatever potion you have created in a specified quantity of 6x per processing after fermentation is complete.

Barley Wine with Fire Resistance

  • Fire vs. Resistant (You take less damage from burning)
  • Fire Resistance (10x Barley + 10x Cloudberries): Made from Barley Wine Base

This elixir causes players to suffer more minor fire damage over time, which is beneficial for battling monsters like Yagluth, Valheim’s fifth boss.

Frost Protection

  • Cold vs. Resistant (You are protected against the cold)
  • Frost Resistance (10x Honey + 5x Thistle + 2x Bloodbag + 1 Greydwarf Eye): Mead Base

To access the Mountains biome, you’ll require Frost Resistance Mead, which will let you withstand the frigid temperatures and enable you to harvest resources there.

Minor Rejuvenation

While this does not offer a significant amount of health recovery, it is useful early on and would be a decent emergency health choice while battling bosses.

Healing on a medium scale

  • Over time, health (75Health)
  • Minor Endurance (10x Honey + 4x Bloodbag + 10x Raspberries + 1x Dandelion) (10x Honey + 4x Bloodbag + 10x Raspberries + 1x Dandelion) (10x Honey + 4x Bloodbag + 10x Raspberries + 1x Dandelion)

It’s crucial to be able to recover your health in seconds, and utilizing this while under the affects of poison resistance may help you survive if you’re up against bosses or opponents that poison you.

Resistance to Poison

  • Poison vs. Very Resistant (You take less damage from poison)
  • Poison Resistance (10x Honey + 5x Thistle + 1x Neck Tail + 10x Coal): Mead Base

This comes in useful while you’re in the Swamp biome and encounter poisonous foes like Leeches, Blobs, and Valheim’s third monster, Bonemass.

Minor Stamina

  • Increase your stamina in a hurry (80 Stamina)
  • Minor Stamina (10x Honey + 10x Raspberries + 10x Yellow Mushroom) is made from a mead base.

Your character’s stamina determines how many actions he or she can do, and a boost in stamina during an emergency gives your character a greater chance of fighting or fleeing.

Stamina: Medium

  • Increase your stamina in a hurry (160 Stamina)
  • Medium Stamina (10x Honey + 10x Cloudberries + 10x Yellow Mushroom) Mead Base

In Valheim, stamina is crucial, and if you run out during a battle or while being pursued, you’ll almost certainly be captured by the enemy, which is why you require stamina regeneration.

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum

  • Lower regeneration of health and stamina (-50 percent health and +300 percent stamina)
  • Tasty (10x Honey + 10x Raspberry + 5x) Made with Mead Base

Half of your health regeneration is sacrificed for a huge increase in stamina regeneration, enabling your character to go crazy in a battle or run about for longer.


Each of Valheim’s potions has its own set of advantages that may make life simpler in-game, but they should not be overlooked since they increase survival.

You will need specific potions to assist you survive the many elements included throughout the game.

The price of having to wait two in-game days for a batch of potions is worth it, and because most of the materials are readily farmed, it’s a smart idea to have a decent supply on hand.

Valheim is a game by the developers of Minecraft. It’s a fantasy-themed sandbox survival game with an emphasis on crafting and building. You can make potions in the game, but there are some other things you need to know about them. Reference: valheim potions wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do potions take to ferment in Valheim?

Potions take approximately 12 hours to ferment in Valheim.

How do you ferment things in Valheim?

Fermentation is a process of converting sugars into alcohol or organic acids using microorganisms, yeast, or enzymes. In Valheim, we use a variety of microbes to convert sugars into alcohol and organic acids.

Are there health potions in Valheim?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

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