Valheim is a medieval fantasy game that allows players to build their own worlds and explore them. The game has been in development for over two years, with the first release coming in October 2018.

The how to repair tools in valheim is a guide about how to repair items in Valheim. It is a game with the goal of repairing broken tools and returning them back to their original state.

Carrying things around may be a pain, especially if your inventory spaces restrict your capacity to carry everything with you.

When you harvest huge amounts of resources, particularly ones with a lot of weight, you may get burdened, which slows you down and prevents you from moving forward quickly.

Fortunately, you can construct a Cart in Valheim that enables you to store numerous things in its inventory and move the Cart around with you.

How can I get my cart unlocked?

The Cart is unlocked the first time you pick up or manufacture Bronze Nails, which are required to construct it, as well as other materials.

The Cart will need to be constructed similarly to how buildings are put, and it will need to be placed in a suitable spawn to be built.

How do I use the cart?VALCAG018-2

To utilize a cart, stand between the handles and interact with one of them, which will cause ropes to connect to your character and enable you to pull the cart.

If you attempt to interact with the Cart and the message “Cart not in the correct position” appears, you must get between the two handles.

Depending on how you move and where the Cart is positioned, you may push or pull it, but be cautious since it may be damaged if it travels over uneven terrain.

Unfortunately, attempting to drag your cart through a portal does not work, and it will be left behind.

Storage for cartsVALCAG018-3

The Cart’s capacity provides for 18 storage spaces and an infinite weight limit; however, the more weight the Cart carries, the more difficult it may be to pull.

You can still pull the Cart even if it’s loaded with metals or other heavy things as long as the route isn’t too steep.

How do you fix a cart?

Cart repair is identical to structure repair, and all you need to do is set up a Workbench in the area so you can use your Hammer.

The Cart must be in the Workbench’s region, and once that is done, you may repair the Cart for free using the Hammer.

It’s a good idea to have a Hammer and some Wood on hand at all times, but you can always pick up Stones and Wood to create them.

Boat with CartVALCAG018-4

A cart on a Raft has a greater risk of sliding off, but it works well on a Karve or Longship, but you may need to carry some repair supplies just in case.

You may cruise about on a boat with your Cart, but be cautious when the seas are rough since the Cart will be thrown around with the boat.

The cart will not fall off the boat, but it will be damaged or cause damage to the boat; nevertheless, the damage will be minor, and you may simply store it along the beach while your boat is being repaired.


Carts are one of Valheim’s most useful items, since they may be utilized as alternate storage as well as a freight carrier.

To prevent getting burdened, you may harvest a lot of resources and store them in the Cart before returning to base.

Despite the lack of a Cart portal method or option, it is still extremely helpful, and since it can be carried on your boat, it may be very convenient.

Because there is no maximum weight limit, the Cart may carry as many things as you like while still allowing you to move it about with ease.

The cart valheim is a game that has been around for a while. It has an in-app purchase option, which is what this tutorial will be focusing on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Valheim cart?

In order to fix your Valheim cart, you will need to take the following steps.

How do I repair items in Valheim?

To repair items in Valheim, youll need to bring them to a blacksmith.

How do I repair my ship in Valheim?

In Valheim, you need to repair your ship using a specific item. This item is found in the games main menu and is called Repair Kit.

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