Valheim is a new game that uses blockchain technology to create a fantasy world with its own economy and currency. Players can buy, sell, or use their in-game currency to purchase items from other players.

The valheim multiple worlds is a new game that has just been released. In the game, players can transfer items between their worlds.

Transporting your belongings across Valheim may be tiresome at times, and many players wished there were more options.

There are carts and boats, but the weight of the goods and the lack of room have made transporting them difficult.

When it comes to metal, this may be particularly tiresome since you can’t transfer it across Portals, forcing you to carry things.

Doing this in a small group or by yourself may take a long time, therefore you can save time by transferring things across worlds instead.

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Transfer Items Easily Between Worlds

Taking things from one planet and putting them into your character is the simplest way to move items across worlds.

All’s as easy as that: simply log out of your character and log in to the world where you wish to bring the goods, and that’s it.

The methods for transferring your goods across worlds in Valheim are outlined here.

Make a Storage Universe

The first step is to create a planet that will serve as a storage or holding area for the things you wish to move.

It is not required that you construct a foundation or add chests, although you may do so if you want, since some people utilize this planet as a store and agricultural area.

Remove Items from the Environment

After you’ve finished making your storage world, log out and go to your primary world or another world where you wish to take things.

Take the things you wish to transfer and place them in your character to carry them with you; remember that you may still fill up your inventory even if you’ve surpassed the weight restriction.

You will always log in at the same spot wherever you log out of a world, allowing you to teleport throughout the map even with metal.

In the Storage World, you can stash items.

After you’ve logged out with your goods, go to your storage world and you’ll see that you’ve transferred all of your items.

Thus works well with metals since hauling your resources with you would be a hassle, and this serves as a superior Portal for item transfers.

Transfer to the main world

Log your character out of your storage world and back into your main world after you’ve stored your resources there.

Your character will be free of load, and your belongings will be stored in your storage world, enabling you to travel about freely or use a teleporter to return.

Leave your character in your main base or anywhere you’d want to bring your goods and log out because you’ll always log in to the exact location you logged out.

Take things from Storage World.

It’s time to travel to the storage world and get those things now that your character is in the main world.

Return to your main world after you’ve collected all of the goods, and you’ll be in the same place you were when you logged out.

All of the things you brought with you, including metals and other valuables, will be included in your inventory. 

Making Use of a Farm World

You could create a farming world and leave your main world unblemished if you want a peaceful environment but still want to go out and farm a lot.

This planet may be where you conduct all of the tree cutting, heavy mining, and other activities that can occasionally wipe a map clean.

Once you’ve harvested resources in the farm world, you may simply transport them to your main world to continue progressing.


While this may seem to be a corny method of transporting your goods, it may save you a lot of time and help you avoid numerous in-game annoyances.

The majority of players do this when they all gather on a public server and bring back the resources and other prizes for personal benefit.

Others would build farm worlds and farm resources there before returning with their buddies to their base.

If you want to utilize this technique, bear in mind that you may bring whatever item you want, but domesticated animals cannot be transferred.

The valheim move metal between servers is a command that allows players to transfer items from one world to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you transfer items between worlds in Minecraft?

You can use the command /give to transfer items between worlds.

How do you share items in Valheim?

You can share items with friends by giving them the item and leaving it in their inventory.

Does inventory transfer Valheim?

Valheim is not a game, so it does not have any inventory.

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