Hydroid is a Warframe ability that allows the player to summon an aquatic drone. The player can control the drone with their mouse and keyboard, or use the gamepad to fly it around. This guide will teach you how to build Hydroid in Warframe.

The hydroid pilfering swarm build 2021 is a guide for the game Warframe.

Hydroid is a Warframe with the appearance of a powerful pirate or sea captain, as well as the ability to command the seas.

He is an excellent Warframe for not just harvesting but also for other duties, since he excels at disabling opponents and inflicting numerous types of damage over a wide region.

What Is the Best Way to Get Hydroid?



Hydroids may be acquired by completing the Oro mission on Earth, which requires you to confront and destroy Vay Hek.

Purchasing his blueprint will set you back 50,000 credits in the orbiter’s in-game market.

Another method to get Hydroid is if you’re looking for 300 Platinum.

Prime Hydroid


Hydroid Prime is the prime version of Hydroid, with enhanced armor, energy, and shield.

Hydroid Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: Meso B2, Meso N5, Meso Z2 Vaulted Axi K5 is a product that is currently available.
  • Neuroptics: Axi A3, Axi N4 have been vaulted. Neo G1 is now available.
  • Meso H1, Neo B4, Neo N8, Neo S8, Axi C3, Axi C4 Chassis: Vaulted Meso H1, Neo B4, Neo N8, Neo S8, Axi C3, Axi C4 Neo S11 is now available.
  • Systems: Neo H1, Neo H2, and Axi H3 have been vaulted. Axi H4 is a product that is currently available.



Hydroid can fire crushing watery missiles, disguise himself as ocean waves, drown opponents by changing into a bottomless pool, and ravage enemies with his monster from the depths.

The Hydroid’s passive ability Deep Tendril allows his slam strikes to produce a 15-second tentacle that grabs and assaults opponents (Maximum of 3).

Barrage of the Tempest


Hydroid summons the ocean to slam down on his foes, pummeling them and throwing them about in a whirlpool of water.

This is useful for inflicting damage across a wide area and will aid in the destruction of opponents by crushing them with the huge droplets of water that fall.

When you cast Tempest Barrage while in Undertow, the ability’s range is unrestricted, and any opponents in Undertow will be struck by Tempest Barrage missiles.

(You can see Tempest Barrage missiles landing on opponents in the picture below.)



Corroding Barrage is an augment mod that turns projectiles into corrosive type damage and gives them a chance to acquire status, giving them a 100% chance to trigger the corrosive status effect.

Tidal Waves


Hydroid transforms into a liquid and rushes across an area, pulling opponents along with him and damaging and displacing them.

This is useful for removing lesser opponents, traversing vast distances, and fleeing hazardous situations.

Casting Undertow during Tidal Surge will halt the dash and force Hydroid to sink and turn into a pool, while deactivating Tidal Surge will fully stop it.

During Tidal Surge, opponents in Undertow will be dragged along, and any foes dragged along with Tidal Surge will be dragged into the pool after the dash stops.

(You can see Hydroid in Tidal Surge form in the picture below.)



Tidal Impurity is an augment mod that eliminates bad status effects from you and any allies you come into touch with.



Hydroid has the power to draw opponents into his pool of water, where they suffer damage over time. Enemies that come too near to him will drown and take damage over time.

While in Undertow, Hydroid may freely travel at a sluggish speed and is immune to opponent assaults.

During Undertow, a tentacle will grasp an opponent and pull them back to the pool if you use main attack.

Casting various skills while under the undertow has a variety of consequences, the majority of which strengthen the abilities and improve the result.

(In the picture below, Hydroid is shown drowning an opponent while grasping one with a tentacle during Undertow.)



Curative Undertow is an augment mod that enables teammates to join the pool and recover 30% health at the expense of Hydroid using more energy per ally.

Swarm of Tentacles


This ability summons a monster from the depths of the ocean to rise and forcefully grasp and crush opponents with its tentacles, depending on where Hydroid is aiming.

This ability is excellent for crowd control and destroying a large number of opponents in a short period of time.

When you hold down the ability, Hydroid will charge it up, and when you release it, the tentacles’ range will be enhanced.

Casting Tentacle Swarm while in Undertow increases the damage dealt by 2x and spawns where Hydroid is currently located. Holding the ability to charge increases the radius of the ability.

(You can see a Tentacle swarm grasping and throwing opponents about in the picture below.)



Tentacle Swarm augments the game by allowing opponents that die while being gripped or slain by the tentacles to drop more treasure.

Also see Banshee’s Build.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build the Pilfering Swarm over a longer period of time.


The Pilfering Swarm Duration build is mostly centered on farming and pushing opponents to drop extra treasure utilizing Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm ability.

Tentacle Swarm deals a lot of damage with this build, so it can survive longer in missions and has a lengthy duration so you don’t have to recast it all the time.

Tempest Barrage will also have a longer duration, allowing it to be used when there are too many opponents to manage and a longer duration is required.

Because of this development, Tidal Surge will get a significant speed increase, ensuring rapid travel to destinations or escape.

The expense of channeling Undertow will be offset by the inefficiency caused by the duration, making Undertow not too expensive to utilize.

This is often regarded as the finest Hydroid farming construct, since it not only does excellent damage but also has a long lifespan that makes it simple to sustain.

(You may see the Tentacle Swarm ability destroying opponents and forcing loot from them in the picture below.)


Balanced Build for Corroding Barrage


Tempest Storm becomes more lethal with this build because to the Corroding Barrage augment, which increases the damage dealt by projectiles.

This build attempts to strike a balance between all ability-affecting stats, allowing Hydroid to cast quickly while doing a lot of damage.

The duration, efficiency, range, and strength of all skills will improve.

This build is mostly for people who like performing numerous abilities to deal various sources of damage or to use them in tactics or plans.

(You can witness Tentacle Swarm and Tempest Barrage in action in the picture below.)


Also see Frost’s Build.



Many people mistake Hydroid for a solely farming Warframe, but in reality he excels at crowd management and ability-based damage as well.

Hydroid is excellent for delivering a lot of damage in a short period of time while also assaulting and paralyzing opponents with watery abilities.

Hydroid is regarded as one of the finest farming Warframes owing to his Tentacle Swarm and Pilfering Swarm. When camping, he can ensure a decent quantity of loot.

Hydroid will be an excellent Warframe to employ for people who want to farm a lot and know good places to camp in missions, since he is a Warframe capable of battling numerous opponents in circumstances when other Warframes would be overwhelmed.

The warframe hydroid 2021 is a guide that has been released for the game Warframe. It includes information on weapons, mods, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydroid prime good 2021?


What should I build on Hydroid?

The best build on Hydroid is a shield and a sword.

How do you farm with Hydroid?

I do not know how to farm with Hydroid.

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