The Ignis Wraith Build 2021 Guide is a comprehensive build that takes into account the new changes to the game. It features an easy-to-follow guide for beginners and experienced players alike, with detailed explanations of what each item does.

The ignis wraith build 2020 is a guide for the Ignis Wraith Build that was released in 2019. It includes information about what to expect, how to play, and more.

The Ignis Wraith is a main weapon that combines superior stats with a flamethrower. It’s the Wraith version of the Ignis, a Grineer-designed flamethrower.


The Ignis Wraith is a Wraith version of the Ignis that retains most of the Ignis’ stats while changing a few.


The Ignis Wraith’s basic stats are as follows:


  • Accuracy: Has a precision of 100, allowing it to strike opponents at short to medium ranges with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Critical Chance: Each shot has a 17 percent chance of dealing critical hits. (The Ignis gets 11% of the vote)
  • Critical Multiplier: Critical strikes cause shots to inflict 2.5 times more damage. (2 times for Ignis)
  • Fires about 8 rounds per second.
  • Each magazine has a capacity of 200 rounds. (For the Ignis, 150)
  • Shots make a lot of noise and will warn opponents when they are fired.
  • Reload: A fresh magazine takes 1.7 seconds to reload. Ignis gets 2 seconds.
  • Status: Each shot has a 29 percent chance of causing status problems. (The Ignis gets 27% of the vote)
  • Holding the trigger causes the weapon to fire repeatedly until the trigger is released.
  • Damage Types: Inflicts 35 points of heat damage (33 Heat Damage for the Ignis) 

Before players can utilize the Ignis Wraith and build it using its blueprint, they must have a Mastery Rank of 9.


  • Has thermal damage as a foundation
  • Critical chance is moderate.
  • Possibility of a high status
  • High precision
  • Attacks inflict damage on opponents within a certain radius.
  • Multiple opponents are targeted by attacks.
  • Rapid projectile velocity
  • Ammunition efficiency
  • Ammunition capacity is large.
  • Large capacity magazine


  • There is no bodily harm.
  • To inflict complete harm, it must be shot for a longer period of time.
  • A mastery rank of 9 is required.
  • Range is limited.


The Ignis Wraith may be built using its blueprint, which can be obtained by trading with players who have gotten it via Operation: Pacifism Defect or by buying it from the Void Trader.


Examples of Structures

With a broad radius and a respectable range, the Ignis Wraith flamethrower is capable of wiping out large groups of opponents quickly.

With a moderate critical chance and a high status chance, it has the ability to do a variety of damage to opponents, and with the right modification, it may be utilized to its full potential.

Here are some examples of builds:

Combustion over a Long Distance


The Combustion Beam mod is used in this build, which causes opponents to explode when they die.

Serration and Heavy Caliber are used in this setup to enhance damage and the spread of the Ignis Wraith.

We’ve added Split Chamber for multishot and Sinister Reach to extend the range.

Shred improves the punch through and rate of fire, however it may be replaced with Speed Trigger if the user does not need punch through.

To provide additional elemental characteristics, we’ve included two elemental damage mods that may be selected based on the user’s preferences and can be used to target a certain opponent type for its vulnerability.

This build is great for wiping out groups of opponents at various ranges, and it’s much simpler with the Combustion Beam mod since we’re delivering area of effect damage.

When an enemy is destroyed, they will explode, causing even greater area of effect damage. This can eliminate opponents in a matter of seconds and may be utilized safely from a distance.


Combustion in the Short Range


The only change from the previous version is that we’ve removed Sinister Reach, which reduces range, and replaced it with Vigilante Armaments.

This increases the odds of firing more projectiles, boosting total damage.

This may be changed with another mod if desired, but at the expense of Sinister Reach, which reduces range and forces the user to approach opponents closer to strike them.

This build is excellent for close to medium range combat, but it can also strike opponents from a distance.


Build an Elemental Critical


Most of the modifications from the previous version are retained in this build, with the exception of Point Strike for critical chance and Vital Sense for a greater critical multiplier.

With this build, we want to inflict a lot of damage by combining extra damage and critical damage against opponents who are weak against the selected combination element/s.

Users may opt to include additional elements in their builds if they don’t want to use Hellfire and instead use another element to create a combination element with Heat damage.

We have extra critical characteristics that will boost over all damage when critical strikes occurs, in addition to the damage done by the elemental bonus damage.


Build status


We keep the first line of modifications and replace the rest with the four elemental damage and status mods, which results in a greater status chance and a new element combination.

These modifications may be adjusted to get the exact combination that the user desires.

This build seeks to deliver elemental damage to opponents while also having a high probability of inflicting status effects on them, which may weaken them, deal area of effect damage, or cause damage over time.


Hybrid Construction


This build is a hybrid of our previous builds, integrating the many modifications from each to create a critical and status build.

This build attempts to inflict critical damage as well as cause a lot of damage via status effects from various sources.


These aren’t the only Ignis Wraith builds available, but they’re quite helpful in a lot of scenarios.

There are a plethora of methods to modify this weapon, and it all depends on the user and their mod preferences.


Flamethrowers are amazing, particularly in Warframe, where you can do a lot of damage to a lot of opponents in a short period of time and make them burn up in flames.

What better way to up the ante than to transform fire into a new element, resulting in distinct effects and a cooler appearance?

The Ignis Wraith is an excellent weapon for dealing a lot of damage to opponents in a large area or clearing a room fast.

In a matter of seconds, opponents will be turned into barbeque.


The ignis wraith blueprint is a guide for the new Ignis Wraith Build that was released in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ignis Wraith good 2021?

Yes, it is a good car.

How do you get the Ignis wraith in 2021?

You must have a save file from the original game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Is Ignis Wraith good for steel path?

Yes. Ignis Wraith is a good choice for steel path because it has medium weight and speed.

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