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The limbo prime build 2021 is a guide that will help you in your Warframe journey. It includes a detailed walkthrough and tips for the different builds.

Limbo is the rift’s master, capable of bending it to his will by banishing foes to hold or deal with them in peace, capable of extending his power to many enemies and bending the rift to his will when he chooses.

He is an excellent crowd control Warframe, capable of rendering opponents worthless and protecting vast regions by immobilizing or knocking enemies out of control.

How do you go into Limbo?



The primary blueprint for Limbo may be bought for 35,000 credits on your orbiter’s market.


You may earn Limbo’s components by completing the “The Limbo Theorem” mission, which becomes available when you complete the Europa Junction on Jupiter.

If you lose any of the other pieces, you may buy them from Cephalon Simaris.

Limbo may also be bought in the market for 200 platinum if you want him already constructed.

Prime Limbo


Limbo Prime is the most powerful version of Limbo, with more armor, energy, and shields.

Limbo Prime-containing relics include:

  • Meso T3, Neo M2, Meso Z1 are the blueprints.
  • Lith L1, Axi L2 are neuroptics.
  • Axi L5, Neo L1, and Axi L3 chassis
  • Meso N7, Neo A2, Neo C1, Lith B3, Lith B6, Meso N7, Neo A2, Neo C1

Other Warframes’ Abilities may be found here.



(Abilities of Limbo)

Limbo can send opponents to the other plane, freeze adversaries trapped in the rift, overpower enemies with rift energy, and even rip open his own rift world for manipulation.

His passive ability enables him to instantaneously transition to the rift plane, rendering him impenetrable by opponents and even lasers, and is immune by any duration restrictions.

When Limbo enters the rift realm, he may slide to either enter or escape it, and when he does, he leaves a gateway for his friends to utilize to access the rift plane as well.

Moving to the rift realm enables Limbo to freely harm any opponents who have also been exiled to the rift plane without being attacked by other adversaries.

1) Banish


Limbo traps an opponent in the rift plane, preventing it from being damaged or doing harm to others outside the plane.

This is helpful for putting opponents away while dealing with other foes or groups.

Limbo may use this to send an opponent into the rift plane, allowing him to kill that enemy while remaining undetected by others outside of the gap.


(Limbo casts Banish on an opponent)

Limbo initially banishes an opponent, doing damage and knocking them back for a few seconds while they are stunned.


(Limbo hits but does not harm an opponent in another plane.)

The adversary will be unable to harm people in the other plane, and this rule applies to Limbo as well.


(Limbo attacks the adversary from within the rift plane)

Limbo can deal with rift plane opponents by simply rushing to the plane, and the portal left behind will also enable his friends to follow him.


Allies who have been exiled get 25% of their health restored when they enter Rift Haven.

2) Stasis


Limbo puts any opponents that are rift-bound or in the opposite rift in a state of stasis, preventing them from moving.

This is helpful for disabling opponents that have been exiled by Limbo or enemies who have been caught in Limbo’s Cataclysm ability.

Enemies will be unable to move but may be harmed by Limbo and his friends, making this one of the most effective methods to incapacitate them.

Enemy projectiles will likewise come to a halt when launched, and will only resume their original course after the ability has ended.


(Stasis affects enemies caught in the Cataclysm)

3) Awakening of the Rift


Surges opponents with rift energy, causing a radial banish in their present position, knocking down adjacent enemies and affecting them with banish.

This ability may target opponents trapped within the rift plane, and if they are slain, they will pass it on to foes outside the rift.

This is helpful for spreading the effects of banish to opponents outside of Cataclysm, allowing them to be impacted by abilities like Stasis, and for Limbo to target if he enters the rift plane.


(Limbo’s Rift Surge casting)

When Rift Surge is cast, enemies will be impacted for a short amount of time, allowing enough time for the radial banish to be activated when an opponent leaves the rift plane or if Limbo pushes them out by deactivating Cataclysm.


(Enemies impacted by the radial banish of Rift Surge)

When Rift Surge’s radial banish happens as they leave the rift plane, many opponents may be knocked down.


Rift Torrent is an augment mod that provides Limbo 30% more damage for each opponent impacted by Rift Surge while within the rift.

4) Apocalypse


Limbo rips a region apart, creating a rift plane that he can control with skills like Stasis and Rift Surge.

Outsiders will be unable to engage with people within the ability and will have to enter to do so.

This, along with Limbo’s other powers to put his opponents under various forms of crowd control, is fantastic.

All opponents inside the afflicted area, as well as those attempting to enter it, will be unable to move due to stasis.

Rift Surge may be used on opponents inside the impacted region and is triggered by the ability’s completion.


(Cataclysm is a Limbo casting)

When you first cast Cataclysm, it will transport everyone within to the rift plane and harm foes in the impacted region.


(Stasis affects Cataclysm’s enemies)

Limbo may use his Stasis ability to stop their movement or Rift Surge to prepare for many occurrences of a radial banish to control the foes inside the Cataclysm.


Cataclysmic Continuum is an augment mod that increases the length of Cataclysm with each opponent slain.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build a Farming Bruiser


Limbo’s health and shields are increased in the Balanced Build, which also increases the duration and range of his abilities.

This increases Limbo’s chances of surviving lengthier fights and confrontations with more powerful foes.

He’ll be able to rapidly perform his abilities thanks to his Natural Talent and Speed Drift, allowing for speedy crowd control.

This build attempts to keep Limbo alive for longer while also increasing the duration and range of his skills in a balanced way.


(While capturing a target, Limbo uses his skills on opponents.)

Build timeframe


This build focuses on extending the duration of Limbo’s abilities so that they may have a longer impact on opponents and allow Limbo and his squad more time to exploit them.

His ability duration will be significantly enhanced, allowing him plenty of opportunity to use his Rift Surge or Stasis skills to control abilities like Cataclysm.

This means that opponents may be incapacitated for extended periods of time, effectively pausing them, enabling the squad to do as they want for seemingly endless periods of time.


(With his Cataclysm and Stasis skills, Limbo keeps foes at bay.)

Build a Range


The goal of this build is for Limbo to be able to utilize his crowd control skills to impact a wide area, namely Cataclysm.

Using Cataclysm, Limbo will be able to cover a wide area and control it with Stasis, as well as cast Rift Surge on opponents to impose the effects on those outside of the rift plane.

This allows Limbo to easily defend a wide region with only Cataclysm and Stasis, enabling him to roam around and take care of anything else he needs to.


(Cataclysm covers a large region, and opponents in the far rear are impacted)



Limbo is a master of crowd management, and he can significantly assist his team by rendering opponents in a certain region susceptible to attack while also preventing friends from assisting them.

Many people consider him an excellent option for espionage operations since he can sprint past lasers and traps unnoticed while in the rift plane.

Limbo can not only visit the rift world at pleasure, but he can also enable his friends to do so by using Banish or just sprinting to create a gateway.

Cataclysm is a well-known ability that stops opponents from moving entirely, and changing the size to suit whatever goal you’re working on will give you full control over the game.

Limbo’s power to transfer opponents to the rift plane, where they may be dealt with individually or put aside, is very helpful in a variety of circumstances, and his capacity to control large regions can make tasks relatively simple for anybody.

The limbo loot build is a guide for Warframe. It includes all the necessary information to get started with the game, including weapon builds and recommended mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is limbo a strong Warframe?


Can you nuke in limbo?

No, I cannot nuke in limbo.

How do I properly play limbo?

To play limbo, you must be standing on a blue platform. If your feet are not on the platform, then you will fall into the abyss and die.

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