This article will help you understand the Nikana Prime Build 2021.

The nikana prime steel path build is a guide that will help you on your journey through the nikana Prime Build 2021.

The Nikana Prime is a melee weapon that looks like a katana and uses the Nikana stances. It’s a fast and lethal melee weapon that can cut opponents into pieces. It mostly inflicts slash damage on foes.


The Nikana Prime is the Prime version of the Nikana, an ancient Tenno katana-based blade.


The Nikana Prime’s stats are as follows:

  • Attack Animation: Has a 1.06 attack animation (0.917 for Nikana)
  • Critical Chance: A critical hit has a 20% chance of being dealt. Nikana gets 10% of the vote.
  • Critical Multiplier: Critical attacks inflict twice as much damage as normal attacks.
  • Damage Block: Enemy melee attacks are blocked 60% of the time.
  • Leap Attack: Deals 95 damage in a single leap (45 for Nikana)
  • 204 damage is dealt by the Spin Attack (96 for Nikana)
  • Status: Has a 20% chance of causing status problems (10 for Nikana)
  • Deal 204 damage to the wall (96 for Nikana)
  • Damage Type: Inflicts 4.8 Impact, 4.8 Puncture, and 85.5 Slash (2.3 Impact, 4.5 Puncture and 38.3 Slash damage for Nikana) 

The Nikana Prime does not need players to have a Mastery Rank of before they may use it. It can be constructed with the use of its blueprints and Prime components.


  • Slashing damage is high.
  • Block with high damage
  • High probability of a catastrophic event
  • Possibility of a high status
  • Attack speed is fast.
  • It has two polarities.
  • Low-impact injury


  • Puncture damage is minimal.
  • Range is limited (Basic Attacks)
  • Range is limited (Special Attacks)


After acquiring the blueprint for the Nikana Prime, it must be constructed to obtain it.


These are the blueprints and components needed to build the Nikana Prime:

  • Neo N5, Neo S8, Axi A1, Axi N6 Blueprint
  • Meso N4, Meso V2, Neo N4, Neo S10 blade
  • Neo N6, Axi N2, Axi N4, Axi N6, Axi N6

Although all of the relics have been vaulted, those that players already have may still be accessed.

Examples of Structures

The Nikana Prime boasts one of the greatest basic damage values for a one-handed weapon in the game, and with its rapid attack speed, it’s simple to land several hits.

Customizing it for various builds may have excellent effects because to its high critical and status chance, and depending on the user’s taste, it can be modified to their comfort and playstyle.

Here are some examples of builds:

Critical Build: Relentless Combo


This construct utilizes Primed Pressure Point/Pressure Point and Buzz Kill to boost damage, as well as Primed Reach or Reach to extend the attack range.

The True Steel mod increases the critical multiplier, while Organ Shatter increases the critical probability.

Berserker increases attack speed and may be substituted by Fury if Berserker isn’t available.

We add Relentless Combination and Blood Rush to boost the build’s critical potential.

The primary goal of this setup is to utilize Blood Rush and the melee combo counter to deal critical damage.

The combo multiplier in Blood Rush impacts both melee damage and critical chance, allowing for greater critical chance as the combo meter rises.

In addition, when opponents are wounded by the bleed condition effect, Relentless Combination contributes to the combo meter.


Strike Build Maiming


With the exception of switching Relentless Combination for Maiming Strike, which allows spin attacks to have a very high probability of delivering critical hits, this build is quite identical to the previous one.

This build pairs nicely with Blood Rush, allowing you to achieve higher levels of critical damage as you make more consecutive strikes.

The spin attacks do the greatest damage with this construct, and there are two methods to utilize them.

Users may begin by accumulating a combo meter with a few hits and sometimes finishing opponents with a spin attack, or they can repeatedly perform a spin attack on enemies.


Build an Elemental Critical


This build, like the previous one, swaps Maiming Strike and Buzz Kill for two elemental damage modifications.

This build focuses on dealing elemental damage to opponents rather than physical damage, and it will do more damage if the enemy are weak to its element.

Blood Rush continues to play a role in the build by increasing the odds of dealing a critical hit as the combo meter rises.

This is helpful in a variety of situations since it not only does extra damage to certain opponents, but it also has a good status chance, which may result in status effects.

Depending on whatever opponent the user is facing, the user must choose the appropriate mix of components.


Build status


Along with Berserker, this build maintains the Prime Pressure Point/Pressure Point and Primed Reach/Reach modifications.

The construct is then enhanced with Condition Overload, which allows opponents to absorb 60% more damage for every status effect they are subjected to.

For status chance and elemental damage, the build includes four elemental damage and status modifications.

This build focuses on dealing elemental damage and inflicting status ailments on opponents.

Changing the order in which the elemental damage and status modifications are applied will change the combined elements.


These aren’t the only Nikana Prime builds available, but they’re very helpful in a lot of circumstances.

There are a plethora of methods to modify this weapon, and it all depends on the user and their mod preferences.


Because of its equally high critical and status chances, the Nikana Prime has a lot of potential and can be modified to benefit from either one or both.

With quick strikes and a high base damage, this weapon is capable of doing a lot of damage, particularly when properly modified.

The Nikana Prime may be a powerful weapon in anyone’s hands if the correct modifications are chosen for the right circumstances and the build is comfortable.


The nikana prime warframe market is a guide that will help you get started with the game. It includes information on how to complete missions, build mods, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nikana Prime good 2021?

Nikana Prime is a good weapon in the future, but not in 2021.

Is Nikana Prime vaulted 2021?

Nikana Prime is not vaulted in 2021.

Is Nikana Prime worth?

Nikana Prime is a great item, but not worth the price. Its a bit too expensive for what it does.

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