The Oberon Build 2021 Guide is a comprehensive list of all the items in Warframe that are obtainable through crafting, trading, or mission rewards. This guide also includes information on how to farm for these items and what they’re used for in-game.

The oberon eidolon build 2021 is a guide that can be used to help people learn how to play Warframe.

Oberon is a Warframe that, like a paladin, utilizes his powers to heal and defend his friends while simultaneously damaging and disrupting his foes.

He can play both a supporting and a leading role owing to his skills, which provide him an advantage in a variety of situations while concentrating on keeping everyone alive and causing crowd control.

What is the best way to get Oberon?



Eximus troops may drop Oberon’s pieces as loot when they are slain during missions; each Eximus unit has a tiny chance of dropping a part.

His blueprint may be bought with 30,000 credits on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Oberon may also be bought completely constructed for 325 platinum on the in-game market.

Oberon Prime is a fictional character.


Oberon Prime is the most powerful version of Oberon, with more armor and energy.

Oberon Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: Meso H1, Meso N4, Neo B5, Vaulted: Lith H2, Lith M3, Meso H1, Meso N4, Neo B5 None are available.
  • Neuroptics: Lith O1, Meso O1, Meso O2 Vaulted None are available.
  • Lith B5, Meso B2, Meso P1, Axi H2, Axi N5 Vaulted Chassis None are available.
  • Systems: Axi O1, Axi O2, Axi O3, Axi O4, Axi O5, Axi O6, Axi O7, Axi O8, Axi O9, Axi O10, Ax None are available.

Check Out Other Warframes’ Abilities



(Abilities of Oberon)

Oberon can shoot forth energy to hurt numerous enemies, create righteous fire to hurt and confuse his opponents, heal himself and his friends, and lift and smash adversaries into the ground.

His passive ability increases pet companions’ health, shield, and armor, as well as giving him a quick revive once each mission.

1) Smite


Oberon fires a projectile into an opponent and activates a radiation proc, which divides into a specific number of orbs that attack other enemies depending on the original target’s health and shields.

The numerous missiles that spread after the initial hit make this a fantastic ability for inflicting damage and applying a radiation proc to an opponent, making it excellent for offensive and clearing foes fast.

The range of the ability provides you an edge, allowing you to position and timing the ability to hit several opponents at once, as well as select the appropriate target to maximize health and shields-based damage.


(Oberon hurls Smite)


Smite Infusion is an augment mod that enables you to cast Smite on teammates and give them an extra 100% radiation damage for 40 seconds.

2) The Holy Ground


Oberon sets the earth ablaze with righteous fire, inflicting damage on foes and perhaps triggering the radiation state effect.

This ability is excellent for delivering damage to numerous opponents as well as crowd control, and the radiation proc ensures that enemies will ultimately fight each other.

Allies receive a boost that improves armor when Renewal is performed, as long as they are in the area of influence of the ability (buff remains for a period of time if Renewal is deactivated).


(After being touched by Hallowed Ground, enmities battle each other.)


Augment Mod: Hallowed Eruption enables you to use Hallowed Eruption again to inflict the remaining damage as well as a 100% radiation status probability.

3) Continuation


Oberon will use his energy to restore life to himself and his friends after activation, at the expense of energy each time someone is restored.

Oberon may use this ability to improve himself and his team’s survivability, giving missions a greater chance of success and decreasing the odds of friends dying.

Casting this during Hallowed Ground will grant you and your allies a boost to their armor that will last until Renewal is deactivated, at which point the benefit will be removed.


(Oberon Renewal Casting)


Phoenix Renewal is an augment mod that heals you or your teammates after a 90-second cooldown.

4) Counting


Oberon’s energy is used to raise opponents into the air before slamming them onto the ground, inflicting radioactive damage.

When opponents are slain using this ability, the likelihood of their dropping a health orb is enhanced.

Enemies that are still alive after Reckoning is performed while standing on Hallowed Ground will have their armor lowered permanently, making them simpler to slay.

Foes afflicted by the radiation status effect will suffer more damage, and those who survive will also cause surrounding enemies to become blinded for a brief time.

Reckoning is a fantastic ability that can be utilized in a variety of circumstances since it provides both crowd control and damage, which can rapidly turn a battle around when faced with numerous opponents.


(Oberon’s Reckoning spell)


Modification: Hallowed Reckoning causes opponents to leave a zone behind that increases friends’ armor by 250 and does 150 damage to foes for a certain period of time.

Builds that Have Been Suggested



Oberon’s Strength Build focuses on delivering as much damage is can with his abilities, enabling him to clear opponents faster and increase other percentages that depend on his ability strength.

Oberon’s skills will have a somewhat longer duration, but their range will stay the same.

The build’s only drawback is that his abilities cost a little extra to cast, but this is more than compensated for by the massive amount of damage he can do.

When you strike the main target with Smite, additional orbs will be released, enabling you to attack several opponents with the ability.

Hallowed Ground will inflict more damage and have a greater probability of causing status effects, as well as a somewhat longer duration.

When the buff is given, Renewal will heal friends for more health and lessen bleedout speed while also giving a greater armor boost and lowering the energy per second and per target.

Reckoning will receive a significant increase in damage, as well as a significant reduction in enemy armor and a small increase in blind time.

This build is excellent for doing massive amounts of damage while also weakening opponents and increasing their chances of getting hit by radiation proc.


(Oberon casts Smite on his foes.)

Build timeframe


The Duration construct is designed to have as much duration as possible without sacrificing range, while still maintaining a high level of ability strength and range.

This bid, like the last, has a lower ability efficiency, but this is compensated for by the other characteristics that influence the abilities.

Smite’s damage will be enhanced, and the range of both casting the ability and orbs will be extended.

By a fair increase in the angle and radius of the region covered with righteous fire, the duration of Hallowed Ground will be significantly enhanced.

Renewal will use even less energy each healed victim and will cover a wider radius around Oberon, enabling him to heal friends farther away.

Reckoning will have a little larger radius around where opponents are hoisted as well as a slightly increased range of the blinding effect they produce on contact, as well as a longer duration of the blind effect.


(While Hallowed Ground is active, Oberon is battling foes.)

Build a Range


Oberon’s range build seeks to offer him a significant boost in range, allowing him to throw his abilities from a long distance while also having a large area of impact.

Similar to the previous builds, efficiency is reduced, but this is compensated for by the build’s good range, duration, and strength.

Smite’s casting and orb ranges will be significantly expanded, but the damage and quantity of orbs will remain reasonable.

The angle of Hallowed Ground, as well as the radius of the ability, will be significantly expanded, enabling it to strike several opponents.

Renewal has a longer range than the other variants and has a lower energy loss over time. This allows you to heal friends even farther away.

Reckoning’s radius will be increased, enabling it to impact many opponents farther away from Oberon while still delivering fair damage and having a meaningful effect when the ability is performed.

This build gives Oberon greater crowd control against opponents while also allowing his abilities to inflict a lot of damage to enemies that are spread out.


(Oberon’s Reckoning spell)



Oberon is known as the paladin Warframe because of his ability to heal, defend, and harm opponents with his powers.

All of his abilities inflict radiation damage, making him effective against radiation-sensitive opponents and giving him a high chance of earning a radiation proc against them.

Oberon can survive longer in missions since his powers cause opponents to be afflicted by radioactive status effects, pushing them to battle each other, providing him and his squad an edge.

This Warframe excels as a support, damage dealer, or both, and offers a significant advantage to his teammates throughout missions.

Oberon’s crowd management, as well as his healing and protecting powers, significantly improve the team’s chances of survival.

Oberon is a Warframe that you should check out if you wish to play as a paladin in Warframe.

The oberon defection build is a guide that includes a list of weapons and armor sets. It also includes a list of Warframe abilities, mods, and builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oberon good 2021?

Yes, Oberon is a good planet.

How do you get Oberon in Warframe 2021?

Oberon is a Warframe that was released on November the 22nd, 2018.

What mods to put on Oberon?

The best mods to put on Oberon are the Uncrate mod, which adds a crate in the center of the map, and the No Weapons mod.

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