In the near future, Warframe is going to be a completely different game. The developers have been working on a new update called Octavia which will change the way Warframe works and how players experience it.

The best octavia build 2021 is a guide written by the author, who has been playing Warframe for 4 years.

Octavia is a music-based Warframe who brings her music to the battlefield through the sounds of her Mandachord.

She’s a lot of fun to play as well as a lot of fun to manage, since she uses music that you may create in Warframe to inflict damage to opponents while also buffing you and your squad.

Acquisition of Other Warframes is also worth reading.

What is the best way to get Octavia?



Octavia’s components are not as simple as people may believe, and must be gathered via a series of specialized activities.

  • Octavia Neuroptics: Only has a 22.56 percent chance of being awarded on rotation C during the Terrorem mission (Deimos survival task) (Rotation C is every 20 minutes) and may need many runs.
  • Octavia Chassis: Achieved through completing the Lua music problem, and will be awarded after completed.
  • Octavia Systems: Found as a prize for finding the first cache on the Lua Crossfire extermination mission, which means you only need to locate one cache each try.

The Octavia’s blueprint is obtained by completing the Octavia’s Anthem quest, which is a lore quest about Octavia.

Octavia Prime is a fictional character.

Warframe Octavia Prime

Octavia Prime is the most powerful version of Octavia, with more protection and energy.

Octavia Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Axi O5 is the blueprint.
  • Lith G3 neuroptics
  • Neo Z7 chassis
  • Meso D6 Meso D6 Meso D6 Meso D6 Meso D


Octavia may conjure musical instruments to harm opponents who strike in a certain area, to lure adversaries to their deaths, to grant herself and friends numerous boosts, and to substantially enhance everyone’s damage.

Inspiration is Octavia’s passive ability, which grants her and surrounding allies a boost that regenerates 1 energy every second for 30 seconds.


Octavia also possesses her Mandachord, which enables users to compose their own melodies to be played when she uses her abilities.

The Mandachord influences her powers in terms of occurrences and time, enabling users to direct music to personalize the effects of her abilities.

1) Mallet


Octavia throws her gadget, which turns into Mallet, an invulnerable creature that hovers in mid-air and attacks opponents.

Mallet absorbs enemy damage and stores it momentarily before converting it into damage that affects all opponents within a set radius.

This is a highly strong ability since it can not only manage crowds by drawing enemy fire, but it can also kill opponents by returning damage to them.

Due to the damage multiplier as well as the damage taken, which scales with enemy level, even high level opponents may be severely harmed by this ability.

Resonator can pick up Mallet, making the ability mobile and allowing it to create a ball of devastation.

OCTWB-7(Enemies are harmed by Mallet)

Partitioned Mallet is an augment mod that allows you to utilize two Mallets at once while reducing damage by 50%.

Resonator No. 2


Octavia launches Resonator, a rollerball that rolls about and attracts opponents, forcing them to follow it wherever it goes.

Enemies that are charmed will suffer damage indefinitely while following Resonator, and the radius of its impact will grow with each opponent enchanted.

This ability is useful for deflecting opposing fire away from you and your teammates, as well as causing opponents to group together, making it simpler to kill them.

Resonator will locate Mallet and take it up, transforming it into a dangerous roller ball that attracts opponents and compels them to attack it, doing damage to them in return.

OCTWB-10(The resonator attracts and harms foes.)

By targeting and activating the ability, Octavia may command Resonator to go to a certain area with a quicker movement speed.

3) Use a metronome


Octavia and her friends get benefits from Metronome when they do certain activities synchronized to the rhythm of the ability.

The rings that are coming from outside and going towards Octavia indicate a visual time for the ability, as well as a sound that may be tracked to determine when to do an action.

The following buffs may be obtained by doing activities in time with Metronome and will persist for a certain length of time:

  • Vivace – increases movement speed by leaping.
  • Crouching, or nocturne, provides invisibility.
  • Opera – adds multishot to ranged weapons while shooting them.
  • When attacking with melee weapons, melee weapons get extra damage.

With this ability, several teammates utilizing various Warframes with varied playstyles may customize the boosts to fit their needs.

Due to the many boosts that may be given, Octavia’s ability is one of the greatest support skills.

OCTWB-13(Octavia isn’t seen) Because of the Nocturne bonus, as well as additional Metronome boosts)

4) Amp


Casting Amp throws Octavia’s amplifier device into the targeted area, increasing the basic damage of allies’ weapons.

The damage boost is based on the sound level in the region, and there is a minimum and maximum damage multiplier for the ability.

This ability is fantastic for giving Octavia and her allies more strength and enabling them to inflict more damage in a given area.

Mallet is impacted by Amp, which grants it twice the damage and range while it is inside Amp’s area of influence.

OCTWB-15(Octavia kills opponents when inside Amp’s range)

Builds that Have Been Suggested



This ability raises Octavia’s ability strength to a very high level, enabling her abilities to benefit from the increased strength while keeping her other numbers but lowering her efficiency.

Damage and the effects of her buffs will significantly extend the duration of all skills, while buffs and damage she gives will considerably enhance the duration of all abilities.

This build performs effectively and does more damage than others, making it ideal for clearing opponents and playing as an offensive Octavia.

Due to the large levels of damage, Mallet and Resonator will perform well, making it simple for the two abilities to wipe off opponents.

Due to the stats, Metronome’s buffs will have stronger impacts and greater strength-based enhancements.

As the multiplier is raised, Amp will do a lot of damage to Octavia and her allies.

Build timeframe


The Duration Build is similar to the previous build in that it provides a decent level of strength while also having a longer duration, making it ideal for extending abilities.

Octavia will still do a good amount of damage, but her abilities will remain on the field for longer, making things simpler to monitor and removing the need for her to recast abilities and regenerate energy fast.

Metronome’s boosts endure a long period, enabling you to easily sustain numerous buffs, which is ideal for boosting the team.

Metronome’s Nocturne boost may stay longer, providing the squad a significant advantage by granting them invisibility.

Amp has a lengthy duration and may be utilized to bolster the team and keep Mallet fueled for a longer period of time.

Build a Range


This build, like her previous builds, makes use of all of her abilities, with the exception that there is a small decrease in strength in exchange for a significant gain in range and a fair boost in duration.

This increases the range of Octavia’s abilities, allowing her buffs to be acquired across a greater distance and her damaging skills to inflict damage over a larger area.

With this build, Octavia can effectively cover a wide area, causing opponents to be injured by mallet and captivated by Resonator in greater numbers.

Metronome increases the range of the ability, making it easier for friends to benefit from it.

Amp will cover a wide area, ensuring a significant damage boost even from great distances.


Octavia is a melodic and creative Warframe that uses music as a weapon of devastation and allows the player to create their own music to control the consequences.

Due to the combination of Mallet for returning damage with a high multiplier and Resonator for enticing opponents to their doom, she is excellent at delivering a lot of damage in a wide area.

Metronome benefits not just her, but her whole squad, and with boosts like Nocturne, which makes everyone invisible, it’s become one of the greatest support abilities.

Octavia is excellent for both support and damage, and depending on how the player uses her other powers, she may even be used for other tasks.

Octavia leads triumph on the battlefield with her beautiful instruments, using music as a weapon of devastation for her foes and a blessing to her friends.

Octavia Prime Build is a guide for the Warframe game. The build includes all of the best mods and weapons to maximize your power in the game. Reference: octavia prime build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Octavia good Warframe 2021?


Where can I find Octavia Parts 2021?

Octavia Parts 2021 can be found in the games tracklist.

What can you build on Octavia?

You can build on Octavia.

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