The Polymer Bundle Farming Guide is a comprehensive guide to farming polymer bundles. It includes information on how to farm and what you will need in order to get started.

The where to farm polymer bundle 2021 is a guide that will help you find the best places to get polymer bundles.

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Bundle of Polymers

Polymer Bundle is a common resource in Warframe, and it’s utilized in a number of designs, particularly if you need a lot of squad restoration gear.

If you don’t know where to farm them, this resource may seem to be one of the most difficult to get.

Whatever it is that needs Polymer Bundles, you will undoubtedly require them, and the quantities required may be more than you anticipate. As a result, it’s critical that we understand how to farm polymer bundles.

What is the best place to farm Polymer Bundle?

You may discover out where to locate Polymer Bundle as you advance through the game, but some players may still have difficulty deciding which location is preferable.

Polymer Bundle can be found on three distinct planets: Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, and all of them can take you to locations where you can obtain Polymer Bundle, but you’ll want to distinguish early game Polymer Bundle farming from early game Polymer Bundle farming eventually.

Missions on Uranus seem to be the greatest method to harvest Polymer Bundle since the materials appear to be more plentiful and the opponents are relatively simple to defeat, enabling you to farm effectively.

Even in a solitary Polymer Bundle farm session, you may expect to gain a lot with a good farming Warframe like Hydroid, Nekros, or Khora.

Malva is a character in the movie Malva (Venus)


Venus is one of the first planets you’ll see, and Malva is a fantastic place to start farming Polymer Bundles.

While the 10% probability increase isn’t as great as the other missions on other worlds, Malva will be the quickest method for new players to get the Polymer Bundle.

Malva may be accessible early on, but players should simply harvest what they need from the Polymer Bundle drops and move on until the late game objectives become available.

Although Venus Polymer Bundle farming is a good option, there are other Dark Sector tasks, such as those on Uranus, that provide a greater benefit.

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Ensure (Uranus)


Because Assur is a Dark Sector assignment, it is essentially one of the finest Polymer farming sites accessible, and because to the extra 25% drop rate probability, players have a better chance of obtaining the materials they need.

Because there is already a higher possibility of getting more loot from foes like Hydroid and Nekros, utilizing Warframes that can acquire more treasure from opponents like these may truly wring the resources out of the infected.

Because this is a survival assignment, you’ll be up against a lot of opponents, so having a squad with you would be ideal, particularly if you’re farming Warframes to boost the enemy count and potential loot.

Although Assur isn’t accessible right away, it does serve as a late-game Polymer Bundle farming site, and players may also go after other goods like Gallium and Plastids.

Ophelia is a character in the book Ophelia (Uranus)


Ophelia is a popular Polymer Bundle farming site, however owing to the Dark Sector benefit, it is still regarded a tie or second to Assur.

Some players will be familiar with Ophelia because of its two entrances, one of which is ideal for farming with a Hydroid owing to its lengthy hall and lack of alternatives.

Apart from its well-known camping site, Ophelia features a slew of other camping spots, and if camping isn’t your thing, there are a slew of containers and many areas where you may fight opponents in rounds.

Despite the fact that Ophelia has no resource drop chance boost, the Polymer Bundle drops are very high and will supply you with a lot if you bring a farming Warframe.


  • When farming Polymer Bundle, bringing a Nekros or Hydroid is a popular strategy since they can quickly force a lot of loot out of opponents.
  • The long hall in Ophelia is one of the finest Polymer Bundle farming locations of all time, ensuring a relaxing Polymer Bundle farming experience for you and your squad.
  • If your Hydroid isn’t powerful enough, Assur may be difficult since the infected will scale, and the level can be very high.
  • When farming for Polymer Bundle, it’s a good idea to look at the other resources available in case you require something that’s only accessible on one planet but not the other.
  • Polymer Bundle is not recommended for purchase since it is a waste of 30 Platinum when you can harvest twice as much without difficulty.


You’ll sometimes need a large amount of Polymer Bundle, particularly if you plan on utilizing a lot of squad restores.

A decent Warframe will get you through the tasks, but unless your Hydroid is well-modified, a Nekros seems to be a suitable option for the Dark Sector missions.

On Ophelia, Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm and Nekros’ Desecrate work well together since Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm may obstruct paths while Nekros’ Desecrate can impact corpses through walls.

To view the various methods to farm as well as a guidance on what may be utilized to farm effectively, go here for a more comprehensive explanation on how to farm resources.

The polymer bundle farm reddit is a guide that was created by the user of the same name. This guide is intended to help players learn how to make polymer bundles for farming purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to farm polymer bundles?

There are many different ways to farm polymer bundles. You can try and find a high-level player who is willing to trade with you, or you could find someone selling them on the market.

What mission is best for farming polymer bundles?

The best mission for farming polymer bundles is The Best Defense.

Where can I get a lot of polymer bundles?

You can buy them in the game.

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