This guide will offer advice on how to counter the different types of avionics in Railjack.

The Railjack Battle Avionic Countermeasures Guide is a guide that was released on the internet. It covers all of the different countermeasures and how to use them in Railjack. Read more in detail here: railjack guide reddit.

Countermeasures sends out a swarm of flares that spread outward from the Railjack and stay put until the ability expires.

The flares will attract opponent homing missiles to them, allowing the Railjack to battle or evade foes with greater safety.


Countermeasures has a minimal drain, even at full rank, and may be utilized to increase survivability and even defend teammates in Archwing mode by directing projectiles towards them.

Normal opponent guns won’t be attracted to the flares, thus it’ll only be effective against adversaries in higher levels that have weapons that can zero in on targets.

Stats Rank Countermeasures



Unranked 1 2 3 4 5 (Grid) 6 (Grid)

7 (Grid)

Flares have been set off.

10 12 14 18 20 24 26 32
Drain 2 3 4 5 6 6 6


Drop Location for Countermeasures


Elite Exo Taktis in the Veil Proxima, Elite Gyre Cutter in the Saturn Proxima, and allegedly Elite Kosma Cutter in the Earth Proxima can all provide countermeasures.

Because Elite opponents appear more often in higher level missions, it is preferable to farm the Saturn Proxima or the Veil Proxima’s higher level missions.

The enemy listed here may drop countermeasures:

  • Taktis Exo Elite (Rare)
  • Cutter of Elite Gyres (Rare)
  • Kosma Cutter Elite (Rare)

Farming Countermeasures


Gian Point is an excellent location to farm Countermeasures since it is in the Veil Proxima and has no extra goals, although it is also farmable in the upper missions in the Saturn Proxima, such as Kasio’s Rest.

The Saturn Proxima is good for solo farming since the opponents are mild, but Gian Point is better if you can manage the monsters or if you have a team with you.



  • When evading several attackers, using Countermeasures lowers the amount of projectiles that may strike the Railjack.
  • Deploying flares near friends in Archwing mode may assist defend them so they can either go to crew ships, objectives, or engage opponents while in Archwing form.
  • Flares may be used when fleeing opponents to help you recover faster since your shields and Railjack health will refill once no damage is received.
  • Countermeasures may be a fantastic addition to your arsenal since the drain is minimal, and it can be utilized for defensive reasons as well as to obtain a clean shot to deflect missiles from hitting you.

Railjack Battle Avionic Countermeasures Guide is a guide that will help you learn how to use your avionics in the game. It includes information on what mods are best for your ship, and how to get them. Reference: best railjack mods.

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