The Railjack Battle Avionic Munitions Vortex Guide is a comprehensive guide to the game. It includes strategies, tips, and tactics for all levels of players.

The warframe blackout pulse is a weapon in the game Railjack Battle Avionic Munitions Vortex Guide. It can be obtained by completing a quest.

Munitions Vortex shoots a shot that attracts opponent assaults, primarily fighter projectiles, and stores them within.

The vortex will burst and unleash damage depending on how much firepower it absorbed once a certain period of time has passed or until the ability is triggered again.

After being fired, the Munitions Vortex projectile will continue to travel for a short time before slowing down and stopping.


The projectiles will be stored regardless of whatever direction the opponent is shooting from as long as they are within range of the vortex or if their projectiles pass close to the vortex.

When opponents fire, ammo will be sent into the vortex rather than your direction.

This ability is both protective and offensive, stopping some but not all missiles from hitting you and inflicting damage in a specific region.

As long as an opponent is inside the radius, they may suffer a significant amount of damage due to the vortex’s overall damage.

Rank Stats for Munitions Vortex



Unranked 1 2 3 4 5 (Grid) 6 (Grid)

7 (Grid)


5 5 8 9 10 11 13 15
Range 50 75 85 100 120 130 140



2 3 4 5 6 6 6



Location of the Munitions Vortex Drop


Elite Exo Taktis spawn in the Veil Proxima, whereas Elite Gyre Taktis spawn in the Saturn Proxima, both of which are excellent Proximas to harvest Munitions Vortex from.

Elite Gyre Taktis and Elite Exo Taktis are uncommon opponents who appear on higher level missions, thus choosing tasks that you can complete fast in either Proxima is the best way to harvest them.

The following opponents will drop Munitions Vortex:

  • Taktis Exo Elite (Rare)
  • Taktis Taktis Taktis Taktis Taktis Taktis Tak (Rare)

Vortex Farming Using Munitions


Missions like Kasio’s Rest in the Saturn Proxima and Gian Point in the Veil Proxima are excellent for mining Munitions Vortex as well as other uncommon drops.

Because you’ll be primarily targeting either Elite Gyre Taktis or Elite Exo Taktis fighters, clearing missions in the Saturn or Veil Proxima quickly will make it simpler to acquire Munitions Vortex.



  • Munitions Vortex is an excellent method to deflect opponent strikes, particularly when many fighters are assaulting you.
  • While rushing into a battle, you may launch a Munitions Vortex to absorb projectiles as you approach opponents.
  • The vortex will not absorb all attacks, such as those launched by a crew ship, but it will inflict harm on anyone that approach too closely.
  • Munitions are being fired. As you flee hostile fire, Vortex may assist minimize incoming damage.

The railjack guide is a guide for the Railjack Battle Avionic Munitions Vortex. It includes information on how to unlock and use all of the avionics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm munitions vortex?

You can find munitions vortex in the following locations:

How do you use battle mods in Railjack?

Battle mods are a type of railgun that can be used as an offensive weapon. They can be found in the world and on enemies, but they cannot be bought from vendors.

How do I get more Railjack capacity?

You can purchase additional Railjack capacity for $5.

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