In a world where the lines between reality and fiction are blurred, Railjack is a sci-fi multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that blends traditional gameplay with a futuristic twist.

The warframe seeker volley warhead is a guide that helps players learn how to use the Railjack Battle Avionic Seeker.

Seeker Volley allows the Railjack to launch a volley of homing missiles that will automatically search out and push towards nearby opponents before exploding and inflicting damage.

Multiple missiles may strike enemies, and they may even fly unintentionally into the missiles or cross their trajectory, leading them to be struck.


When several fighters are present, using this ability may quickly wipe them out, and when crew ships are present, they can suffer a lot of damage.

After using the ability, the missiles must charge for a brief period of time before being launched in the direction the Railjack is facing.

After utilizing abilities like Void Hole or Tether, using Seeker Volley may guarantee that opponents are not only struck, but also destroyed, as well as those imprisoned by their side.

Rank Stats for Seeker Volleyball



Unranked 1 2 3 4 5 (Grid) 6 (Grid)

7 (Grid)

Missiles have been launched.

16 20 24 30 34 38 44 50
Drain 6 7 8 9 10 10 10


Location of the Seeker Volley Drop


The Earth Proxima, where Kosma Cutters spawn, and the Veil Proxima, where Kosma Cutters spawn, both have Seeker Volley.

Lower-level missions in the Earth Proxima may be accomplished in 10–15 minutes, while farming in the Veil Proxima allows you to harvest tier 3 drops as well as Seeker Volley.

The enemy listed here can drop Seeker Volley:

  • Exo Cutter Elite (Rare)
  • Cutter Kosma (Rare)

Volley Farming Seeker


Doing lower level Earth Proxima missions, which produce many Kosma Fighters, is a fast method to harvest Seeker Volley.

You can also get Seeker Volley by killing Elite Exo Cutters when doing Veil Proxima missions.



  • When you use Seeker Volley while flying backwards, you can be confident that anyone pursuing you will be struck since they will either run into the missile or be readily latched on.
  • It will be simpler to target opponents with Seeker Volley if you use skills to disable or gather them.
  • When rushing into a combat, a smart strategy is to boost ahead after unleashing Seeker Volley to begin hitting opponents, enabling the missiles to target any enemies while you fight.
  • Enemies who are close to the missiles may be targeted by them, regardless of which direction you are looking.

Railjack Battle Avionic Seeker Volley Guide is a guide that offers tips and tricks for the railjack build.

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