The Outer Worlds is a new game from Obsidian Entertainment and it’s available on Steam. In this guide, we will go over how to unlock all the achievements in the game.

The outer worlds achievements steam is a game that has been released recently. It is a sci-fi action-adventure RPG set in a post-apocalyptic setting.

There is noise achieved in the game. The majority of them are mutually exclusive. You can only finish a portion of them on the first pass, while on the second pass, you must make choices that are diametrically opposed to those made on the first pass. Make saves before specific missions and repeat the game again, choosing different choices each time. Consider the following scenario:

«Everybody Like Me» and «Destroyer of Worlds» are two songs from the same album. «Peace in Our Time» and «Monarch Abides» are two songs from the same album. «Mightier than the Sword» and «Ludwig was Right» are two titles that come to mind.

In addition, there are awards for completing side missions that may be missed. This is influenced by your reputation in the city among different groups. As a result, when you arrive in a new area, finish side missions with achievements first.


Achievements Not to Be Forgotten:

With three sides, I had the most favorable reputation.

Complete missions for one of the factions. The journal may be used to track the development of ties with each of the groups.

With three factions, I had the most bad reputation.

Assassinate the faction’s rebels.

MSI and the Iconoclasts reached an agreement.

“Monarch Abides” is a mutually exclusive accomplishment. Make a save before finishing the “Canid’s Cradle” quest. During the quest, you will get the “Cantankerouse Canid Targeting Module” from a crashed spacecraft. Sanjay should be given the discovered module.

The Battle of Stellar Bay was won.

“Peace in Our Time” is a mutually exclusive accomplishment. Make a save before finishing the “Canid’s Cradle” quest. During the quest, you will get the “Cantankerouse Canid Targeting Module” from a crashed spacecraft. Give Graham the discovered module.

Edgewater has been permanently saved.

“Ludwig was Right” is a mutually exclusive accomplishment. Choose to divert power to Edgewater in the quest “Comes Now the Power.” Persuade Thomas and Grace to return to Edgewater, but keep Reed in charge.

Edgewater has been subjected to robo-destruction.

Achievements that are mutually exclusive “Mightier than the Sword,” as the saying goes. Redirect power to Botanical Laboratory in the quest “Comes Now the Power.”

Principal quests

  • Hello and welcome to Halcyon!
  • Ticket to any location
  • Something isn’t quite right.
  • Found Paradise
  • What was lost and what was found
  • Pirate Radio is a pirate radio station that broadcasts
  • The audience erupts in laughter.
  • The Other Side of the Universe
  • It’s tough (Completed The Outer Worlds on any difficulty.)
  • SuperNova

On supernova difficulty, I completed The Outer Worlds.

Put most of your points into Charm and Temperament until they’re at least ‘good.’ Spend the remainder of your time on dialogue and stealth. Don’t forget to level up your talents so you can have 90+ Persuasion, Science, and Hacking abilities. This will make your task of fast running a lot simpler. Also, be sure to take use of the companion fighting skills to rapidly level up your Leadership. Health, conversation benefits, and companion ability cooldowns should all be prioritized when allocating perk points.

Companions who die in combat engagements on Supernova will not be revived. The easiest way to avoid this is to keep them out of hazardous battle by turning off their AI and allowing them to stand back and shoot stuff.

Supernova uses the same basic handicap settings as Hard, but with more severe consequences. Enemies have greater health and can inflict more damage, so you want to avoid them at all costs. Persuade yourself out of battle whenever feasible, and if you can’t, take advantage of the surroundings and misuse your ranged weapons. Most essential, if at all feasible, flee.

Do not overlook the game’s survival elements, such as eating, sleeping, and so on. If you ignore it for too long, you will die. Purchase water and food from all vendors, and return to your ship often – the only way to cure bad characteristics like as concussions is to sleep.

Only rapid transit to your ship is now possible. Saving: You can only save manually on your ship now, and auto-saves only happen when you switch locations. The save mechanism, on the other hand, may be abused. You may retreat and leave a building after a battle to create an auto-save and reload it. You may go to your ship and reload it for a free save while you’re out in the open.

Hope was thrown into the light.

You’ll need a low character intellect to obtain this outcome. It’s available at the following locations:

  1. Create a character with a low intellect level to begin with.
  2. Using the “Adrena-Time” method (x3).

Choose “[DUMB] Stand back, ADA.” during the quest “Kept secret but not forgotten” (storyline). “I’m a whiz with numbers.”

Quests off the beaten path

The SubLight quest lines have been completed.

Finish all three Lilya Hagen missions. On the Groundbreaker, she may be found. Lilya Hagen will assign you three tasks:

  1. Continuum of Space-Crime
  2. The Palace of Ice
  3. The Last Experiment of the Chimerist

I was able to save the universe’s best diet toothpaste recipe.

“The Distress Signal” is a side quest. Embark on Gladys’ Groundbreaker. Send the papers back to Anton.

In an Odeon Pictures film, he played the lead role.

In Byzantium, complete the “At Central” side quest given by Maverick Johnston.

I had a conversation with the cartographer.

On Byzantium, complete the quest “The Demolished Woman.” You must try to turn in Phineas to the board via Udom Bedford in order to get this side quest.


I enlisted the help of all of the comrades.

SAM is the name of a robot that lives aboard your spacecraft. However, it must be fixed before it may become a friend. You will also earn the “Best buddy” award when achieving this accomplishment.

All companion missions have been completed.

Companions aboard the spacecraft will tell you whether they have a mission for you or will initiate a conversation with you. You’ll also get the “Anything for a Friend” accomplishment as a bonus for achieving this milestone.

  • Holcomb, Parvati Now is the time to experience the power of Sapphire Wine. Don’t go too close to the sun.
  • The Illustrated Manual of Maximillian DeSoto The Man Who Wasn’t There
  • The Low Crusade’s Ellie Fenhill
  • Due of Felix Millstone’s Friendship
  • Radio Free Monarch Nyoka Passion Pills Star-crossed Troopers
  • SAM The Machine for Cleaning (A quest to repair SAM the robot.) SAM will join your friends once you complete this task).

Decorations aboard the ship

On the spacecraft, each of your friends has their own cabin. The following things will be immediately added to your companion’s cabin as cosmetic items.

Emerald Valley is a place in the United States where you may

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Laboratory of Phuneas



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Skills and equipment:

Spacer’s Choice brand clothes, helmet, and four weapons were all donned at the same time.

On the Groundbreaker, you may buy “Spacer’s Choice” gear from merchants.

I was wearing both ‘A Nice Hat’ and ‘Chimaera’ at the same time.

Wearing a suit and hat is required for this accomplishment. After completing the objective “Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel,” the outfit is given to you. Celeste Jolicoeur gives the task in “Byzantium.” The hat is worn by the Monarch.

2510202-32-1024x576 2510202-31-1024x356

Falling and sustaining injury on a regular basis is the cause.

Dexterity -1 is one of the effects.

                  Temperament -1 Perception -1

Corrosive Weakness is the name of a kind of corrosive weakness.

Too much corrosive damage is the cause.

Effects – Corrosive Damage Received is increased by 25%.

Cynophobia is a fear of cynicism.

Being attacked by canids is the reason behind this.

Effects – Perception – Perception – Temperament – Temperament – Temperament – Temperament – Temperament – Temperament

Addiction to drugs is a term used to describe a condition in which a person

Consumption of drugs on a regular basis is the cause.

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Temperament -1 are the effects.

Farsighted is a name given to a person who is able to see

Cause – Being blinded repeatedly while using melee weapons.

Melee Weapon Skills have a -10 effect.

Food Addiction is the name given to a condition in which a person is addicted to

The reason for this is that I eat a lot.

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Temperament -1 are the effects.

Herpetophobia is a term used to describe a fear of snakes.

Repeated interactions with Mantisaurs are the cause.

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Temperament -1 are the effects.

Nearsighted is a name for someone who is nearsighted.

Cause – Being blinded when using ranged weapons on a regular basis.

Effects – Ranged Weapon Skills are reduced by -10.

Paranoid is a name given to a person who is fearful of something.

Cause – Consistently being apprehended by guards in Restricted Areas.

Personality Attributes – Effects -1

Partially Blind is a name given to a person who is partially blind.

Cause – Taking harm to the eyes on a regular basis.

Effects – Increased Ranged Weapon Spread by 100%

Permanent Concussion is the name of the condition.

Getting struck or shot in the head on a regular basis is the cause.

Effects – Attributes of the Mind -1

Permanently Crippled is a name given to a person who is permanently disabled.

Cause – Experiencing too much fall harm.

Effects – Reduced movement speed by 30%

Name – I’m unable to avoid

Physical Weakness as a Cause

Effects – Suffering excessive bodily harm

                 Physical Injuries Received +25%

Pithecophobia is a fear of spiders.

Repeated interactions with Primals are the cause.

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Temperament -1 are the effects.

Plasma Weakness is the name of the condition.

The reason for this is because you’ve been burnt too many times.

Effects – Received plasma damage is increased by 25%.

Raptiphobia is a term used to describe a fear of raptors.

Raptidon interactions on many occasions are the cause.

Endurance – 1 Willpower – 1 Temperament – 1

Robophobia is a fear of robots.

Repeated interactions with Automechanicals are the cause.

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Temperament -1 are the effects.

Shock Weakness is the name of the condition.

Too much shock injury is the cause.

Effects – Received Shock Damage is increased by 25%.

Smoke Addiction is the name given to a condition in which a person is addicted to smoking

Use of Nicotine Consumables as a Cause

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Temperament -1 are the effects.

Extraordinary Measures

There were incentives for meat, carbs, sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol all at the same time.

All of these items are available for purchase at Edgewater’s two shops. The screenshots below depict two shops and the goods that must be bought from their merchants.


With a single disguise, I was able to pass three dialog discussion tests.

You’ll need 40 skill levels to obtain an achievement: Persuade, Lie, or Intimidate. On the Groundbreaker, it was performed. Visit any place that is restricted (for example, the medical block where you will find an Ellie companion). Wait until you lose your disguise before approaching the guard. Select the dialog with the skill application from the drop-down menu.

Through tinkering and modifications, you’ve improved your gear 30 times.

You may find the workbench at Parvati’s residence or aboard your spacecraft. To get an accomplishment, do any 30 activities on the workbench.


Different Damage Types for Killing:

With plasma damage, I reduced 100 opponents to ash.

Shock damage killed 30 automechanicals.

Spreading N-rays infected 20 opponents, killing them all.

I killed an opponent who was struck by all five kinds of damage. This accomplishment may be achieved alone or with the help of others. To begin, you must locate five weapons that deal various kinds of damage: plasma, n-ray, shock, corrosion, and normal. You may give each of your friends one weapon of various kinds while keeping three weapons for yourself. SAM has two weapons that initially cause corrosive damage. Visit the Monarchy (or any other planet with dense monsters). You must use all five weapon damage kinds to kill the monster.

  1. N-ray purple
  2. Shock – Blue
  3. Corrosion is represented by the color green.
  4. Plasma (red)
  5. Normal – White

Under the influence of four scientific weapons, I was able to kill an opponent.

You’ll need two buddies to complete this achievement. Give them scientific melee weapons and make melee/aggressive behavior a top priority. Visit the Monarchy (or any other planet with dense monsters). TTD should be activated and opponents should be killed. The adversary must perish while under the influence of four scientific weapon effects.

Killing Without Using a Variety of Damage Types:

During TTD, I killed an opponent with a scientific weapon sneak attack and a weakspot critical hit.

From behind, approach the adversary, engage TTD, and murder him with a melee weapon to the head.

With a tossball stick or tossball blocker, I killed 50 opponents.

Your spacecraft contains a tossball stick.


A gigantic monster was slain.

The monster resides just under the Edgewater landing strip.


With companion powers, I was able to kill 50 foes.

With stealth assaults, I was able to kill 50 opponents.

During tactical time dilation, hit 30 opponents in the crotch.


Gorgon’s Peril:

Peril on Gorgon may be completed on any difficulty level.

Finish the DLC campaign. You will get one accomplishment for each of the three endings in addition to the three endings.

  • Activate the reactor using the Greenlight Protocol.
  • Destroy the Synthesizer using the NDA Protocol;
  • Achieve a compromise between Olivia and Minnie during the family reunion.

The Mailman:

Lucien will get the diary if you deliver it to him.

Listening Skills:

There are 20 portable phonographs to be found.

You will also earn the intermediate accomplishment «Peril at Hand» for discovering the first Phonograph while achieving this achievement.

Stiff the Lucky:

Locate the corpse of Lucky Montoya.

Gorgon Canyon is where you’ll find yourself.


Benefits of P.E.T. :

Special Delivery, P.E.T., and Employee Benefits are all available.

You must locate three weapons. In “Marauder Stronghold,” the first one drops from “Charles from accounting.”


The second is awarded after successfully completing the side quest “A conversation amongst dead men.” The adventure begins in the terminal and concludes there. You must gather four notebooks (their locations are indicated on the map), then return to the terminal and answer all of the terminal’s questions. After you’ve answered all four questions correctly, the door behind you will open.


The last weapon is in the hands of an Olympian scientist. You have the option of killing him or just stealing it from him.


Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any additional guides connected to The Outer Worlds in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

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The the outer worlds trophy list is a list of all the achievements in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Outer Worlds easy to platinum?

The Outer Worlds is a difficult game to platinum, requiring over 100 hours of gameplay.

How do you get all the outer world achievements?

The outer world achievements are unlocked by playing through the game.

Are there difficulty achievements in The Outer Worlds?

Yes, there are difficulty achievements in The Outer Worlds.

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