The Tigris Prime Build 2020 guide contains a list of guidelines, tips and tricks to help you get started in the game.

The tigris prime build 2021 is a guide that will help you to understand the changes in the next version of Tigris Prime.

The Tigris Prime is a double-barreled shotgun that serves as a main weapon. It’s the Prime version of the Tigris, a Tenno-designed shotgun.


The Tigris Prime is the Tigris’ Prime version, which retains most of the Tigris’ stats while changing a few.


The Tigris Prime’s stats are as follows:


  • Has a 9.1 accuracy rating, allowing it to strike opponents from low to medium ranges with pinpoint precision.
  • Critical Chance: Each shot has a 10% chance of dealing critical hits.
  • Critical Multiplier: Critical strikes result in a 2x increase in damage.
  • Fires about 2 shots per second.
  • Each magazine has a capacity of two shots.
  • Shots make a lot of noise and will warn opponents when they are fired.
  • Reload: A fresh magazine takes 1.8 seconds to reload.
  • Status: Each shot has a 30% chance of causing status problems. (Tigris gets 28% of the vote)
  • Pulling the trigger fires the first shot, while releasing it shoots the second.
  • Impact, Puncture, and Slash Damage: 156 Impact, 156 Puncture, and 1,248 Slash Damage (105 Impact, 105 Puncture and 840 Slash Damage for Tigris)

Before players can utilize the Tigris Prime and build it using its blueprints and Prime components, they must have a Mastery Rank of 13.


  • Base damage is high.
  • Possibility of a high status
  • a good pellet distribution
  • Impact probability is guaranteed.
  • Reloading speed is good.
  • 2 Contrasts
  • Punch through with moderate force
  • Mechanic for rapid firing


  • Requires regular reloading
  • Magazine capacity is limited.
  • Between 10 and 20 meters, there is a drop-off.
  • Possibility of a catastrophic failure is low.
  • A mastery rank of 13 is required.


The Tigris Prime may be made using its blueprint and components acquired by unlocking relics or trading with other players.


These are the blueprints and components needed to build the Tigris Prime:

  • Lith T1, Neo T1, Axi T1 are the blueprints.
  • Lith K1, Lith V3, Lith V4, Neo B4, Neo H1 (barrel)
  • Meso K1, Meso N5, Meso S6, Meso T2, Neo S6, Neo V3, Axi V5 are the receivers.
  • Lith B2, Meso S1, Neo B2, Neo V4 (stock)

Although all of the relics have been vaulted, those that players already have may still be accessed.

Examples of Structures

Because of its high base damage and unique shooting mechanism, the Tigris Prime can deliver a lot of damage with only one or two shots.

It may need to be reloaded often since it only has two bullets in its barrel, but it can kill most opponents in one hit, whether it’s a single adversary or a group of them.

Here are some examples of builds:

Build Critical Damage


Primed Point Blank/Point Blank for overall damage and two elemental damage modifications for an elemental combination make up our Tigris Prime Critical Build mods.

The addition of Primed Ravage and Blunderbuss raises its critical stats, allowing it to do more damage.

Multishot is also included in this version, thanks to the addition of Hell’s Chamber and Vigilante Armaments.

Seeking Fury has also been added to the build to give the bullets more power and allow them to pierce numerous opponents.

The goal of this build is to inflict a lot of critical damage by raising the critical multiplier and increasing the critical probability.


Build status


We change several modifications with the 4 elemental damage and status mods to improve the Tigris Prime’s status chance while keeping the bulk of the prior build.

This allows for numerous status effects as well as a significant amount of damage.

Status effects may happen, and since there is a lot of punch through, several opponents can be struck at the same time and each one can cause a status effect.


Hyrid Construction


We combine the two prior versions to create a critical damage and status effect construct with a high probability of dealing both.

Critical strikes may inflict a lot of damage, and because of the high status probability, various status effects might happen, causing even more damage.

This build focuses on continuously hurting opponents while delivering as much damage as possible from various sources of damage.


These aren’t the only Tigris Prime builds available, but they’re very helpful in a lot of circumstances.

There are a plethora of methods to modify this weapon, and it all depends on the user and their mod preferences.


The Tigris Prime delivers a punch with its first basic damage.

Not only is the damage extremely high, but it also scales well with elemental damage, allowing it to do massive quantities of physical and elemental damage.

Although it has the disadvantage of only having two rounds each reload, when correctly modified, a single shot should be enough to take out an opponent or even a group of foes.

This weapon has the ability to take down nearly any opponent, particularly when properly modified for the situation.


The tigris prime nerf is a guide for the Tigris Prime build in 2020. It includes all the information that you need to know about the new changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tigris prime still good?

Tigris is still a great option for those who want to get into the game.

Is the Tigris Prime vaulted?


Is Pyrana prime good 2020?

Pyrana Prime is a good 2020.

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