A new guide for the Warframe Titania Build in 2021.

The warframe titania build 2021 is a guide for the new Warframe, Titania. It includes all of the builds and information that you need to know about the update.

Titania is a fairy-type Warframe that utilizes her cunning to throw opponents off balance and influence the result of battles with her wits and trickery.

She is a highly versatile Warframe that can terrify big groups as well as inflict a lot of damage to numerous opponents with her various abilities.

What is the best way to get Titania?



Titania and her component blueprints may be acquired by completing the quest “The Silver Grove,” which can be received from any relay’s New Loka leader.

Titania may also be bought for 275 Platinum and will arrive fully assembled and ready to use from the orbiter’s market.

Her main blueprint is accessible from Cephalon Simaris for 100,000 standing, while her component blueprints are available for 50,000 standing in the event that her pieces or the Warframe itself is sold or destroyed.

Also, take a look at some of the most popular Warframe builds.



(Abilities of Titania)

Titania has the power to suspend adversaries in mid-air, force boosts from her opponents, convert an adversary into a devastating lure, and change into her alternative form, making her very elusive and dangerous.

When she bullet leaps, his passive ability enables her to generate an area buff that provides a boost to distance when bullet jumps or rolls are performed in the area.

1) Enchanting


Enemies are halted in their tracks and held in mid-air, leaving them defenseless and vulnerable.

For a limited time, surrounding allies will be immune to status ailments as well.

This ability is useful for crowd control since it makes opponents simpler to kill while also protecting friends from status effects, making it useful for both offensive and support.


(Titania binds foes with Spellbind)

2) Pay homage


Titania pushes an opponent away, causing them to drop a random buff that affects her or her friends who collect it.

Enemies that are pushed aside as a result of a buff being withdrawn suffer damage and are weakened.

The following boosts may be removed by force:

  • Thorns – Returns 50% of damage to attackers for 120 seconds, while friends within 35 meters of Titania benefit from the boost as well.
  • Enemies within 30 meters will have their accuracy lowered by 50%, causing them to miss more often for 120 seconds.
  • Companions and Titania’s Razorflies receive a 75 percent boost in damage for 90 seconds while the Full Moon aura is active, while allies within 30 meters of Titania enjoy the same advantages.
  • Enemy movement is delayed by 25% for opponents within 30 meters, and this effect lasts for 120 seconds.

This is very helpful since these boosts stack and all of them may be obtained, and despite the fact that they seem to be little buffs, they provide Titania and her squad with significant benefits.


(Titania casts Tribute, causing the opponent to get a boost)


(Titania uses the Tribute ability to get a random bonus.)

Lantern No. 3


Titania suspends an opponent in mid-air, attracting other foes to approach it and circle it hopelessly.

Enemies will do nothing except wander around the afflicted enemy, taking damage as time passes until the ability expires.

An explosion will occur after the ability’s time expires or when the ability is held down, terminating the ability and blowing apart opponents for severe damage.

Titania’s crowd control ability is one of the finest, since it not only attracts all opponents to one location but also delivers damage to them.

This ability may be used several times, which can result in many opponents levitating, suffering damage, then exploding.


(Titania uses Lantern to ward off an attacker)


(Titania reactivates the ability, resulting in a blast)


Beguiling Lantern is an augment mod that allows opponents to take extra melee damage.

Razorwing (#4)


Titania changes into her alternate form, shrinking to the size of an archwing and gaining the agility of one.

She may fly about freely in this form as long as she does not leave the map, and she is protected from melee opponents and adversaries are less likely to strike her.

She will be wielding her exalted weapons, the Dex Pixia twin machine pistols and the Diwata heavy sword, while in this form.

She may fly about assaulting opponents with these weapons, much like in archwing mode, until the ability is disabled.


(Titania begins metamorphosis by casting Razorwing)


(Titania, reduced and in her fairy form, following the original cast of Razorwing)


(Titania uses Dex Pixia to destroy opponents.)


(Titania uses Diwata to destroy opponents.)


Razorwing is a Razorwing augment mod. After activating an ability that stacks up to four times, Blitz gives Razorwing a 25% boost in flying speed and firing rate for 8 seconds.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build a healthy balance


The Balanced Construct is the most popular and, as the name implies, balanced build since it includes extra stats in all of the ability attributes and no negative stats.

This is beneficial for both beginners and veterans, as it may assist them in adjusting to Titania’s skills and using her in a simple but successful way.

Her buffs and crowd control skills will have a longer duration, and the energy cost of her abilities will be reduced, enabling her to fire them more often.

The expanded range improves the effectiveness of her auras as well as the capacity to manage crowds, while the total ability strength increases the damage and effects of her skills.

This build works well in a variety of missions and ensures that Titania is capable of both attack and support.


(Titania is equipped with several abilities.)

Build by Razorwing


Titania’s Razorwing build primarily aids her in lasting longer in her alternative form, providing her the benefits of Razorwing at a lower cost over time.

Her weaponry will be more powerful, and the increased duration will enable her to enjoy the flying and exalted weapons for longer than normal.

Crowd control skills and buffs may still be utilized, but the range has been reduced, thus they may need to be modified.

When casting abilities, the construct will cost more due to the reduction in efficiency, but the duration will minimize Razorwing’s energy drain.

This is ideal for individuals who want to utilize Razorwing and remain in the form for longer, allowing you more flexibility to fly and wreck havoc throughout missions.


(With Razorwing activated, Titania kills several opponents.)

Build a Range


This build is similar to the last one, but instead of having negative ability stats, it concentrates on giving all of her skills a longer duration.

Titania can now perform all of her abilities with a good amount of power and a lengthy duration.

Due to modifications, the efficiency has been somewhat raised, making it cheaper to cast her abilities, and the range has been slightly extended to prevent a decrease in the stat.

Titania will be able to buff and manage the crowd while simultaneously doing damage in her Razorwing form.

This build provides a decent amount of crowd management, support, and fighting capabilities for individuals who want to be on the more supporting side with a twist of offensive.


(Multiple opponents are impacted by Titania’s various powers and other effects.)

Build with a lot of energy


The High Energy build, like the Balanced Build, provides a good number of stats as well as the added benefit of a large energy pool for Titania to utilize as she sees fit.

Due to the enhanced ability efficiency and the large quantity of energy, many skills may be cast.

The duration has also been extended, allowing her buffs and crowd control to be used more effectively.

Ability strength has been raised by a significant amount, as has range, making all of her skills useful without any negative stats.

This build is good for people who want to spam abilities and for those who can utilize Titania’s skills wisely when and where they’re required.


(Titania flies over and attacks opponents she has disabled.)



Titania may seem to be a nimble and delicate support Warframe, but most people are mistaken, since she is equally adept at offensive, support, and crowd management.

Due to her unique abilities that offer large levels of damage, supporting buffs, and extremely efficient crowd control, she is one of the few Warframes that can be utilized situationally in all missions depending on her modifications.

Her ability to switch to Razorwing form is comparable to that of an archwing, providing her one of the game’s most powerful advantages: she can fly about and maneuver as she pleases.

Titania is a highly unusual and exciting Warframe to employ for those who want to take a new approach against opponents and offer strategic assistance as well as deadly attack.

The titania prime razorwing blitz build is a guide for the Warframe Titania Build. This guide will teach players how to use the Prime Razorwing Blitz build, which has been known to be one of the best builds out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Titania good 2021?

Titania is a good card for the game Magic: The Gathering.

What is Titanias weapon?

Titanias weapon is a sword that she uses to slash enemies.

How do you use titania prime in Warframe?

This is a Warframe weapon that has an area of effect blast. It shoots out blasts in all directions, similar to the way a shotgun works.

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