Valheim is a new game that has been created by the developers of the popular game, Clash Royale. The game is so popular that it has become one of the most downloaded games on Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS devices.

Valheim Coins Farming Guide is a farming guide that offers tips on how to farm valheim coins. It also includes a list of the best places to farm and useful information about the game. Read more in detail here: valheim coins cheat.

There is typically a money and some sort of shop where you may buy items in most games, although this is not always the case with survival games.

You may discover a merchant in Valheim as you explore your map, and once you do, he will sell you certain goods for a set fee.

This is where Coins come in handy, since you’ll need them to buy some of the game’s most essential goods, including Ymir Flesh, the Meginjord, and the Dverger Circlet. 

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What Is The Best Way To Get Coins?

There are a variety of methods to harvest Coins in Valheim, some of which are simple but yield little quantities, while others are difficult yet lucrative.

Exploring Dungeons is a game about exploring dungeons.


You may explore specific dungeons in Valheim, which often contain Coins strewn around or kept in chests.

You may explore these dungeons, but be wary of the dangers that lurk inside, since they might catch you off guard while you hunt for treasure.

Exploring a single dungeon may sometimes provide a significant amount of Coins, which might come in handy later on when you’re starting out in Valheim.

Troll Caves and Burial Grounds may be found near the Black Forest and certain sections of the Meadows, and Troll Caves can also be found nearby.

Sunken Crypts are typically located in the Swamp biome, however accessing them requires a Swamp Key, which is obtained by Valheim’s second boss, The Elder.



Trolls are huge animals that may be found in the Black Forest, but they can be difficult to defeat if you are unprepared.

When a Troll is slain, a significant amount of Coins may be dropped, and you may farm them by taking advantage of their sluggish mobility.

Trolls are easy to kite and dodge strikes, making farming them pretty simple, especially when you employ various kinds of arrows to burn, poison, or slow them down.

Fulings Hunting


If you’ve gotten close to or entered the Plains biome, you’ve probably seen Fulings, who are tiny humanoid beings.

Because these animals are renowned for being greedy and hooked to treasure and other valuables, killing them will net you the majority of their belongings.

Killing a lot of Fulings can sometimes get you a lot of Coins as well as Black Metal, which is useful in the late game.

Finding Fuling villages will lead you to a good Coins farming site, and taking out all of the opponents in the region will ensure that you harvest Coins quickly.

Excavation of Graves

In certain places, you may see a peculiar pile of stones or tombstone-shaped boulders, which are typically Viking burials.

It is feasible to dig around the area and break the rocks, revealing bones, coins, and other treasures buried with the Vikings.

Digging around a grave may sometimes uncover a secret chest containing treasure, which may include Coins.

Chests to Loot

Many chests may be found in Valheim, and although most of them are in dungeons, some can also be found in ancient structures.

You’ll discover a variety of treasure in these chests, the majority of which include Coins and other useful things.

Selling High-Value Items

Selling your precious goods, which refers to particular treasure that Haldor buys from players, is another method to earn Coins in Valheim.

You’ll need to explore dungeons or pilfer things found in chests or dug up tombs to discover these periods.

When you open Haldor’s store and have treasures in your inventory, you may sell them to him since it is their sole purpose in the game.

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Uses of Coins

Coins are mostly used to buy goods from Haldor, the merchant, who may be located in a particular location, typically in the Black Forest biome.

You may need to do some exploring to locate Haldor’s location, and once you do, putting up a Portal so you can go back and forth to him is a smart idea.

Only a few things are presently available for purchase from him, but more items may be introduced in future updates.

The Meginjord, Dverger Circlet, and fishing goods like the Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait are now the most important things.

The following things may be purchased using coins:

  • 100x Coins for Yule Hat
  • 620x Coins Dverger Circlet
  • 900x Coins – Megingjord
  • 120x Coins for Ymir Flesh
  • 350x Coins – Fishing Rod
  • 10x Coins as Fishing Bait


As you explore Valheim more, you will come across many Coins as well as valuable goods that may be exchanged for them.

It’s a good idea to stock up on Coins in case you run across Haldor or need to buy anything particular from him later.

Coins may stack up to 999 times per item slot and should be stored as soon as you arrive at your base to avoid losing them.

Valheim is a new game that was released on March 20th. This guide will help you get started with the game. Reference: valheim coins reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you farm Coins in Valheim?

You can farm Coins in Valheim by playing the game and unlocking new items.

What is the fastest way to get Coins in Valheim?

The fastest way to get coins in Valheim is to use the magnet and collect them from the walls.

Can you spawn Coins in Valheim?

No, I cannot spawn coins in Valheim.

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