Valheim is a game that takes place in the world of Norse mythology. Players take on the role of Odin, who must gather runes to restore balance to the world. The game was created by developer David Gilson and published by Nordic Games Publishing.

The valheim food recipes hearth and home is a guide to the best foods in Valheim. It includes a list of recipes, as well as a brief description on how to make them.

Food is important in Valheim since it enables players to survive longer in battles and travel farther thanks to the buffs given by what they consume.

You may consume a variety of foods in Valheim, some of which can be eaten raw while others must be prepared.

Your player’s health, stamina, and health regeneration may be boosted for a limited time depending on the kind of food consumed.

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Food System of Valheim

You’ll notice a food bar adjacent to your health bar, which symbolizes the food you’ve consumed and has an impact on both your health and stamina.

It’s possible to have three active meal buffs affecting your stats, but they will ultimately wear out, as shown by the food symbols flashing.

While the food symbols are flashing, your stats will stay unchanged, but you may already consume food to earn benefits.

You will need to consume meal combos to get the most out of the food system since you cannot have the same food buff from a particular kind of food active more than once.

The Food of Valheim

This food chart will show you all of the food that can be eaten in Valheim, as well as the food dishes that can be prepared.

In Valheim, how do you cook?

Apart from picking up ready-to-eat food, there are two methods to prepare food for eating.

These techniques include the Station for Cooking, which is simple to make out of wood, and the Cauldron, which is made out of Tin.

Cooking Station



The Preparing Station is an early method of cooking or grilling food, and it is mostly used for various kinds of raw meat.

Fresh meat or fish may be placed on the Cooking Station, which will cook it over time depending on the kind of meat.

When your meal is done cooking, it makes a sizzling sound, and you may pick it up and dump it on the ground.

If you don’t remove the food once it’s cooked, it’ll burn and turn to coal, making it unfit to consume.

A Cooking Station must be put over a fire source, such as a Campfire or Hearth, in order to prepare food.



The Cauldron is a food making station that appears in the middle to late game and enables you to create a variety of foods using materials.

Food cooked in the Cauldron does not need any grill time and cooks in a matter of seconds, immediately creating the food item.

You can’t cook the same food in the Cauldron as you can in the Cooking Station, but you may utilize cooked food in Cauldron recipes.

To prepare food, you’ll need to put a Cauldron on top of a Campfire or Hearth, much like the Cooking Station.

Valheim’s Best Food Combinations

In Valheim, there are specific meal pairings that let players advance quickly through the game.

Many aspects may be focused on with different combinations, including maximum health, maximum stamina, health regeneration, healing, and more.

A particular meal mix may be required depending on a player’s playstyle or circumstance in the game.

The following are some of the finest culinary pairings in Valheim:

Combination of Foraging (Early Game)

  • Raspberries
  • Mushroom
  • Mushroom, Yellow

Early in the game, this combo gives you an easy small increase in health and stamina.

To enhance the stats obtained from this combination, one of the components may be replaced with meat.

+45 (Health)

+60 stamina

+3 Health Regen

Mushrooms with meat (Early Game)

  • Meat that has been cooked
  • Tail with Grilled Neck
  • Mushroom, Yellow

Different meats may give a significant increase in health and stamina, and players can take advantage of meal buffs by combining them with Mushroom or Yellow Mushroom.

To balance both health and stamina, a Yellow Mushroom should be used with this combo.

  • +95 Health
  • +70 stamina
  • +5 Health Regen

Stamina: Medium (Mid Game)

  • Jamming in Queens
  • Meat that has been cooked
  • Soup with Carrots

Players that value stamina above health can choose for Queens jam and Carrot Soup, which is simple to prepare because to the ease with which carrots can be grown.

This combo enables your player to utilize more stamina and remain active in battle or while moving about for extended periods of time.

  • +90 Health
  • +130 stamina
  • +6 Health Regen

Health: Moderate (Mid Game)

  • Sausages
  • Stew of Turnips
  • Meat that has been cooked

Sausages are simple to prepare, while Stew of Turnips is simple to create using readily cultivated mushrooms and turnips.

This build provides a lot of health to your character, which is ideal for surviving poison in the Swamp biome.

  • +150 for health
  • +120 stamina
  • +7 for health regen

Health in the Long Run (Mid to Late Game)

  • Sausages
  • Turnip Stew
  • Lox Meat that has been cooked

All of these components may be readily harvested and prepared to assist your character maintain a high level of health.

Lox Meat is difficult to get by, but it is abundant, making it worthwhile to grow and prepare.

  • +180 (health)
  • +130 stamina
  • +8 Health Regen

Maximum endurance (Late Game)

  • Wrapped fish
  • Pie with Lox Meat
  • Stew of Serpents

This build has a lot of health and a lot of stamina, making it one of the finest builds for players that need to keep doing things all the time.

  • +220 for health
  • +250 stamina
  • +12 for health regen

Optimal Health (Late Game)

  • Pudding with Blood
  • Pie with Lox Meat
  • Stew of Serpents

These components provide your character a significant health increase that lasts a long period, allowing them to take on any opponent or monster.

  • +250 for health
  • +210 stamina
  • +12 for health regen

Keeping Food in Check1631477910_620_Valheim-Food-Guide

To tame wild animals found in Valheim, certain meals may be given to them, and they are different for each one.

Food for the pigs

  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Raspberries
  • Turnips

Wolves’ Delight

  • Raw Fish
  • Raw Meat
  • Neck and Tail
  • Sausages

Lox-friendly food


You may grow more strong and capable of fighting any adversary in Valheim depending on the kinds of food you eat.

The majority of gamers perish because they forget to eat or because their meal combinations are inadequate.

Depending on your character’s activities, you should decide whether you need extra health or stamina based on your playstyle.

It’s important to remember that players who prefer melee or frontal assaults should adhere to health builds, while those who prefer a variety of attacks and mobility should stick to stamina builds.

You may pick whatever meal combinations best fit your playstyle, but be careful to progress to better food if you don’t want to face tougher opponents.

Valheim is a food guide for the game League of Legends. It has recipes and other useful information. The valheim food guide wiki is a helpful resource that can be found on the League of Legends website. Reference: valheim food recipes wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 best food in Valheim?

The 3 best foods in Valheim are the grilled chicken, the schnitzel, and the steak.

How do you make good food in Valheim?


How do you unlock better food in Valheim?

You need to complete the first and second boss of Valheim.

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