This guide will teach you how to farm core wood in Valheim, a popular game on the Steam platform.

Valheim is a game where players must farm wood to build shelters, cook food, and craft weapons. The valheim wood is the resource that players need to be able to complete these tasks.

There are many kinds of wood in Valheim, and Core Wood is one of them. If you know where to look for it, you may get it early on in the game.

Core Wood is a more durable kind of wood that is mostly utilized in the construction and fabrication of buildings in Valheim.

Core Wood may be obtained by just finding the appropriate trees and does not need any advancement.

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How Do You Grow Core Wood?VALCWF035-2

Pine trees, which can be found all throughout the Black Forest and are distinguished by their darker look than regular trees, are used to produce Core Wood.

All you have to do is go past the Meadows into the Black Forest, and you’ll start to see the Pine Trees that live there.

Use any axe (including a Stone Axe) to cut down the Pine Trees and further chop the logs until they break down into both Wood and Core Wood.

Skill in Wood Cutting

Pine Trees have a set amount of health, much like other trees, and the better your Wood Cutting skill, the simpler it will be to chop down Pine Trees.

Your Wood Cutting skill will grow every time you swing your axe and do damage, no matter what type of tree you’re cutting.

When it comes to cutting down trees and splitting logs, efficiently building up your Wood Cutting talent will make things simpler.

Pine Tree Planting

Pine Trees drop Pine Cones when they are chopped down, which other survival games refer to as Pine Seed or Pine Sapling.

A Cultivator, an agricultural equipment that enables you to sow seeds nearly anywhere, may be used to put these seeds in the earth.

The Cultivator may be used to plant the Pine Cones you have, which will ultimately develop into Pine Trees, making Core Wood farming easier in the future.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Uses of Core Wood

Core Wood currently offers a small number of recipes that are mostly useful in the early to midgame, and they include the following uses:

Weapons Made of Wood

Tools for Working with Wood

  • Cultivator
  • Pickaxe made of bronze
  • Pickaxe made of iron

Wooden Core Structures

  • Bonfire
  • 2m log beam
  • 4m log beam
  • 2m log pole
  • 4m log pole
  • The stakes are high.

In addition, Core Wood may be burned in a Charcoal Kiln to produce Coal, which is used in a Smelter to smelt ores.

Normal wood is preferable since it is simpler to come by, while Core Wood requires a trip to the Black Forest or the planting of adjacent trees to cultivate.


Core Wood spawn sites are only set when a new world is created; after that, you must plant them when you chop down trees.

Any Black Forest is a Core Wood location, but not all of the trees there are Pine Trees, so make sure you select the correct one or you’ll wind up with regular wood.

It’s best to have a large supply of Core Wood on hand for later since you’ll need it for several Core Wood recipes for tools, weapons, and buildings.

A Core Wood stack, like regular wood, can contain up to 50 pieces and may be effectively stored in large quantities for later use.

Valheim is a game that has been around for quite some time. It has a strong following, but the community has recently started to farm dark wood. Reference: valheim dark wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build with core wood in Valheim?

Yes, it is possible to build in Valheim.

What is the fastest way to gather wood in Valheim?

The fastest way to gather wood in Valheim is by chopping down trees. Q: What is the fastest way to chop down a tree? The fastest way to chop down a tree is with an axe, but this requires you to have a lot of skill.

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