Valheim is a new game that features the most difficult challenge in gaming history. Players must build their own farm, grow crops, and harvest them all without being killed by the serpent.

The valheim how to find serpents is a quest in the game Valheim. It requires players to locate and kill three serpents that are located around the world.

Serpent Scales are a difficult resource to come by, not only because killing a Sea Serpent is needed, but also because locating one may take some time.

To get Serpent Scales, you’ll have to go out into the waters and look for these animals, which won’t be simple since they can be very dangerous to some.

Collecting this material not only enables you to make the Serpent Scale Shield, but it also gives you bragging rights, since hardly everyone can take down a Sea Serpent, particularly early on.

What Is The Best Way To Farm Serpent Scale?VALSSF089-2

Serpent Scales can only be obtained by venturing into the Ocean biome and hunting Sea Serpents that hide in these dangerous seas.

It’s possible that you won’t see the Sea Serpents straight away, so zoom your camera out to obtain a good picture of the region.

You only have a few seconds to shoot a Sea Serpent once it emerges, as it will try to poke its head out of the water and yell at you.

Because they often swim back and forth, attacking you anytime they come into touch with your ship, the easiest method to kill a Sea Serpent is with a bow.

If you allow it to destroy your ship, you will become a sitting duck and will most likely perish while swimming to safety.

Check out our Valheim Sea Serpent Hunting Guide for more information on killing Sea Serpents.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Uses of Serpent Scale

Apart from creating the Serpent Scale Shield with a block power of 90, which makes it very absorbent when it comes to blocking damage, there aren’t many applications for the Serpent Scale right now.

If you like tower shields, you may use a Serpent Scale Shield instead of spending Iron on an Iron Tower Shield since a Serpent Shield has a blocking power of 90, while an Iron Tower Shield at full level only has 85.

Keep in mind that any tower shield you employ can only block damage and cannot parry, but the Serpent Scale Shield’s strong base block power makes it a good match for the Blocking Skill.

Serpent Scales may have additional use, especially as gamers are anticipating Serpent Scale Armor and other goods.


Serpent Scale sink problems were a problem back then, according to other players, but these materials now float in the water and may be securely gathered.

Serpent Scales are guaranteed to drop in quantities of 8 or 9 pieces with each Sea Serpent killed.

Some players may question if the Serpent Scale Shield is worthwhile, and if you’re a tower shield user who likes to block rather than parry, the answer is yes, since it offers excellent mid- to late-game protection.

You can harvest Serpent Scale on your own, but you’ll need the proper gear and will need to evade or pursue Sea Serpents using a Karve or a Longship.

Check out our Valheim Boat Guide for more information about the various boats available in Valheim.

The valheim serpent farming reddit is a guide for how to farm the rare and expensive Serpent Scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get serpent scales in Valheim?

You can find serpent scales in Valheim by exploring the dungeon.

What is the easiest way to find sea serpents in Valheim?

The easiest way to find sea serpents in Valheim is to head towards the water and search for an area with a lot of ripples.

How do you get serpent scale?

You can get serpent scale from the shop in-game.

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