Valheim is a new game with a lot of potential. It has been in development for about three years and has just recently been released on Steam.

Valheim is a location in the game that has many powerful creatures. It’s also where you can summon Moder Valheim, who will help you defeat your enemies.

Moder, a huge, strong dragon with the ability to unleash ice against its victims, is the fourth monster you’ll encounter in Valheim.

When you get your hands on Dragon Eggs, which can be discovered in the Mountains biome, you’ll be able to fight this monster.

You must make the required preparations before confronting Moder and entering its biome.

This monster is typically faced after players have defeated Bonemass and have gathered all of the required items after surviving the freezing cold Mountain environment and its foes.

In this Moder tutorial, you’ll discover how simple it is to fight this monster, as well as how to beat him alone.

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Location of the Moder AltarVALMBG085-2

Unlike other Vegvisirs, the Moder location rune is primarily found in the upper portions of the Mountains biome, especially inside ancient structures.

You must explore every nook of each of the Mountains biomes in the game to locate these structures.

There may be many places, but a decent place to start would be the nearby Mountains biomes, with bigger regions taking precedence over smaller ones.

The Vegvisir, which is smaller than runestones, should not be mistaken with the Moder runestone.

What is the procedure for summoning Moder?VALMBG085-3

To summon Moder, you must first locate its Sacrificial Altar, which has three slots that resemble Dragon Eggs.

You must locate three Dragon Eggs and put one in each slot; however, you do not need to keep them in your inventory since they will be removed after you interact with each slot.

You’ll be able to interact with the Sacrificial Altar and summon Moder after you’ve planted three Dragon Eggs and filled all of the slots.

Moder’s DemiseVALMBG085-4

You must first be able to resist the cold conditions found in the Mountain biomes, which necessitates the usage of a Wolf Fur Cape, Lox Fur Cape, or Frost Resistance Mead.

Check out our Valheim Potions Guide for instructions on how to make Frost Resistance Mead.

Moder has a lot of health and will try to fly about and attack you with ice missiles every now and then.

Moder’s missiles will transform into ice-like barriers, trapping you and making you a sitting duck unless you flee fast.

When Moder lands, it will try to launch an ice blast forward, which you should be able to easily avoid, block, or absorb if you are properly equipped.

When Moder uses its ability to spew ice, it becomes susceptible, and when it tries to perform melee attacks, it becomes easy to harm for a few seconds.

It is possible to block and even parry Moder’s melee strikes, but this will not stun the monster; instead, it will enable you to escape damage and conserve stamina.

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Weaknesses that are more moderate

Fire damage is thought to be effective against Moder, however it seems that Poison and even Frost Arrows may do a lot more damage.

It’s OK to use your melee weapons, but you should concentrate on utilizing a shield to prevent receiving damage from the game’s strong melee attacks.

Using a Frost Resistance Mead and Bonemass’ Forsaken Power is an excellent method to avoid Moder damage.

Moderator SuggestionsVALMBG085-5

Moder will attack you from the ground or the air, so you’ll need a bow and a strong set of melee weapons, as well as a shield.

When Moder takes to the air, start shooting at it to inflict damage until it falls again, but be wary of its attacks.

If you’re battling a flying Moder, make sure you preserve enough stamina to avoid and move about when it lands.

When you’re on the ground, keep moving while blocking until you can reach to Moder’s flanks, since its head has a huge hitbox and may prevent you from approaching it.

When you get in between its neck and wings, or just move near to its wings and strike, you can typically inflict damage.

Because Moder is big and has a hard time moving about the region, you can easily outmaneuver it and take advantage of the surroundings.

What Is the Best Way to Get Dragon Eggs?VALMBG085-6

Dragon Eggs may be discovered in the Mountain biomes, and they weigh a lot, with each Dragon Egg weighing 200 pounds.

Each of the Dragon Eggs must be carried to Moder’s summoning site, although it is preferable to gather them and deliver them there later.

You may either pick them up and distribute them one at a time (after you know where they are) or keep them all together for later.

Drops in Moder

Moder will drop 10x Dragon Tears and the Moder Trophy when you defeat it and kill it, which you may use to activate its Forsaken Power.

The Dragon Tears will enable you to advance to the next tier, enabling you to build the Artisan Table and other buildings to handle Plains biome goods.

The Moder will always drop 10x Dragon Tears, enabling many players to gather them for their own purposes.

Moderating PowerVALMBG085-7

Moder’s ability enables you to sail with the wind in your advantage for 5 minutes and has a 20-minute cooldown.

This is helpful for moving about quickly or outrunning opponents at water, particularly the dangerous Sea Serpents that pursue you.


If you go unprepared, Moder may be very difficult, therefore it’s recommended that you start by obtaining a Wolf Armor Set for additional protection and a Wolf Fur Cape or Lox Cape to keep warm in the severe weather.

While Frost Resistance Mead is a passable remedy to the freezing effect, the timer is ineffective while exploring, and killing a few Wolves for their fur to create a cape is best and easiest.

When you use the Bonemass Forsaken Power, you’ll be able to resist more of Moder’s physical assaults, which are more harmful than his cold damage.

It will be simple for you to outwit Moder and take it down with minimal trouble if you are properly prepared and have the right meal combinations.

When you’re sailing about Valheim looking for new islands, the Moder boost may come in useful.

Valheim is a location in the game of Ragnarok Online that has been released on September 10, 2014. It is a place where players can get more experience and items. Reference: valheim moder power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we summon bosses in Valheim?

Yes, you can summon bosses in Valheim.

Where can I find Moder spawn in Valheim?

Moder spawn is a location in Valheim where players can find the most powerful items and weapons.

How do you summon bosses in Valheim?

The boss summoning system in Valheim is very similar to the one from Beat Saber. You must complete a certain story mode quest, and then you can summon bosses.

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