In this guide, we will go over the best places to find Valheim smelting guides in the game.

Valheim is a game where players mine for ore. The valheim mining techniques are the best ways to get through the game.

As you travel through Valheim, you will come across several types of metals that you may mine.

These metals will need to be melted before they can be utilized to make some of the more advanced items you’ll be utilizing.

To smelt metals, you’ll need to build a Smelter that runs on coal to melt the metal into bars.

What is the best way to get Smelter?

The Smelter recipe may be unlocked by first acquiring a Surtling Core, which will enable you to construct it once you have the necessary ingredients.

To construct a Smelter, you’ll need 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Cores for each one you want to construct.

Smelters may be put nearly anywhere, even on solid ground or on stone buildings, but they must have enough room to function properly, or else an incorrect placement warning will display.

If you attempt to melt metal and the Smelter doesn’t function, make sure you put Charcoal inside to get it to operate.

With our Valheim Surtling Core Farming Guide, you can learn how to farm Surtling Cores in a variety of methods.

What Is the Best Way to Use Smelter?

The smelter has three holes, each of which is linked to its purpose, and you must put metal and coal in certain sections of it before it can release the final item from its core.


To add metal to a Smelter, go to the left side and look for a hole where you may drop metal.

By interacting with the entire, the metal will begin to build up to 10 ores, which will be burned down over time.

The metal will not melt without coal, and nothing else will happen until you supply it with a way to burn the metal.

Including Coal


After you’ve placed metal, you’ll need to fuel the Smelter, which you can accomplish by going to the right side of it and interacting with the right-hand hole.

Unless there is metal within the Smelter, coal will not cause it to start burning, and after all of the metal has been melted, the coal will cease being consumed.

You can only use coal to power the smelter for now; no other resource may be utilized to start the melting process.

Process of Smelting


Smelting takes 31 seconds for one metal and 15 seconds for each coal, thus 3 coal is needed for one metal ore and 5 for two.

It’s ideal if you loaded the Smelter with both metal ore and coal so you can leave it to melt while you go about your business.

Metals and Their Types (Smelting Ore)

In Valheim, you’ll advance through several metal levels, and you’ll ultimately need them for the numerous goods and buildings you’ll be creating or constructing.

The Smelter is used for a variety of purposes:

  • Copper should be smelted
  • Tin smelting
  • Iron Smelting
  • Silver smelting
  • Black Metal Smell
  • Flametal smelt

Smelting Techniques

There does not seem to be any Smelter smoke that might cause you to suffocate inside, therefore you can safely put them on Stone Floors.

Having two or more Smelters may significantly enhance the pace at which metal bars can be produced for later usage.

To have a space dedicated to smelting the metal you need, you may build a Smelting house or Smelting chamber in your base.

There is currently no alternative way to smelt quicker, although you may boost output by building several Smelters.

What is the best way to get coal in Valheim?

To smelt, you’ll need a lot of coal, which you may get via the game’s many ways of coal farming.

Burning wood in a Charcoal Kiln, killing Surtlings, looting chests, and overcooking meals are all ways to acquire coal.

Check out our Valheim Coal Farming Guide for a more in-depth look at coal farming.


You’ll come across Surtling Cores throughout your early travels in Valheim, and you’ll have to choose between constructing a Smelter or a Kiln.

You may utilize the Surtling Core (also known as the Smelter Core) to build a Charcoal Kiln for coal production initially, then farm Surtling Cores for a Smelter afterwards.

You may destroy the Charcoal Kiln after generating Coal and construct a Smelter if you wish to melt metal straight away, but be aware that not all resources are recovered.

When the server or your client is sluggish, there is a Smelter issue that enables you to put more than the allowed maximum amount of resources.

Valheim is a city in the Kingdom of Asgarnia. It is located on the eastern shore of the River Lum, south-east of Port Sarim. The city has been home to many different types of industries over time, including mining, smelting and even shipbuilding. Reference: valheim ore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you smelt metal Valheim?

You can smelt metal in a furnace.

Can you break the smelter in Valheim?

No, the smelter is not breakable.

How do you smelt silver Valheim?

Silver is a metal that is often used in jewelry, silverware, and coins. It can be melted down to create a liquid called electrolytic which will then solidify into pure silver.

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