The Vaykor Hek 2020 Guide will help you build the best PvP PvP experience in Star Citizen.

The vaykor hek build 2021 is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the vaykor hek.

The Vaykor Hek is a main weapon that is a Vaykor version of the Grineer’s Heka shotgun, which looks like a four-barreled shotgun.



The Vaykor Hek’s stats are as follows:


  • Has a 9.1 accuracy rating, allowing it to strike opponents from low to medium ranges with pinpoint precision.
  • Critical Chance: Each shot has a 25% chance of dealing critical hits. Hek gets 10% of the vote.
  • Critical Multiplier: Critical strikes result in a 2x increase in damage.
  • Fires about 3 missiles per second. (2.17 in Hek’s case)
  • Each magazine has an 8-shot capacity. Hek (4 points)
  • Shots make a lot of noise and will warn opponents when they are fired.
  • Reload: A fresh magazine takes 2.3 seconds to reload. Hek has two.
  • Status: Each shot has a 25% chance of causing status problems.
  • When the trigger is pushed, the bullet is fired.
  • Damage Types: Inflicts 76.8 Impact, 341.3 Puncture, and 105 Slash. 

Before players may utilize the Vaykor Hek, they must have a Mastery Rank of 12.


  • Base damage is high.
  • Puncture injury that is severe
  • High probability of a catastrophic event
  • Possibility of a high status
  • For single targets, a narrow spread is used.
  • Magazine capacity is moderate.
  • Effect of innate justice
  • It has two polarities.


  • There is no elemental harm.
  • A mastery rank of 12 is required.
  • Multiple opponents with a little spread
  • Recoil is very high.
  • Between 10 and 25 meters, there is a drop-off.
  • Reload speed is a little sluggish.
  • Reloading is necessary on a regular basis.
  • Impact damage that isn’t too bad.
  • Slash damage isn’t that bad.


The Vaykor Hek may be obtained by purchasing it with Steel Meridian syndicate points or by trading it with other players.


Examples of Structures

The Vaykor Hek has a lot of basic damage, which other elemental damage scales quite well from.

It has a smaller spread than a shotgun and is capable of striking an opponent with several pellets in a single shot, which may work well with punch through.

Its high critical chance and status chance allow it to be tailored to the kind of build desired by the user.

Here are some examples of builds:

Build a Physically Critical Structure


We utilize Primed Point Blank/Point Blank to increase our overall damage, Primed Ravage/Ravage to increase our critical multiplier, and Blunderbuss to increase our critical chance in this build.

We add Hell’s Chamber to acquire multishot, which allows the Vaykor Hek to fire an extra shot with a tiny chance of firing another one.

We include Seeking Fury to compensate for the limited spread by allowing its pellets to penetrate and strike numerous opponents, as well as a small boost in reload time.

We enhance each physical damage type by adding Breach Loader, Sweeping Serration, and Full Contact to its basic damage.

Due to the large quantities of damage that the weapon possesses, this build seeks to deal significant levels of physical damage that may be utilized against a variety of opponents.

Along with the weapon’s strong base damage, critical strikes significantly enhance the weapon’s damage per second, which fits well with its rapid rate of fire.


Build an Elemental Critical


We want to deal critical damage and keep the bulk of the modifications, much as the prior version.

Equipping two elemental damage mods, which scale depending on the Vaykor Hek’s basic damage, adds elemental damage to the build.

This build intends to deal a lot of critical damage, but instead of doing it with physical damage, we’re going to do it with elemental damage.

We utilize elemental damage, which may be useful for dealing extra damage to opponents that are weak to the selected element.

The combined element is determined by the user’s set of elemental damage modifications, and it may be changed to different elements based on the user’s preferences.

Due to the weapon’s high status probability, status effects are possible.


Build a Shrapnel Shot


The only difference between this build and the Elemental Critical Build is that the Vigilante Armaments mod has been swapped with Shrapnel Shot.

After eliminating opponents, the user receives a boost that grants them a 99 percent increased critical chance for 9 seconds.

This build attempts to deal many critical strikes by killing enemies one after another, causing the user’s critical chance to increase over time.


Build status


We retain Primed Point Blank/Point Blank, Hell’s Chamber, Vigilante Armaments, and Seeking Force in this build because of their status.

The other modifications are swapped out for the four elemental damage and status modifiers.

This build does a lot of elemental damage and has a strong probability of causing status ailments that weaken them by delivering area of effect damage or damage over time.

Depending on how the player mixes the elemental damage and status modifications to form two combined elements, the elemental damage will offer additional damage against specific kinds of opponents.


These aren’t the only Vaykor Hek builds available, but they’re fairly helpful in a lot of scenarios.

There are a plethora of methods to modify this weapon, and it all depends on the user and their mod preferences.


The Vaykor Hek, in addition to having a high critical and status chance, also delivers a significant amount of damage, especially when combined with elemental or physical damage modifications.

It may climb much higher, delivering devastatingly precise damage to a single or many opponents.

Its narrow spread enables you to strike opponents with more precision and kill them from a safe distance.

The Vaykor Hek may be modified for various circumstances depending on the construction, and despite its small magazine capacity, it performs a good job.

When all it takes is one shot, why needs a big magazine?


The vaykor hek scattered justice is a build for the vaykor hek that has been released by the developer. This guide will show you how to assemble this build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hek still good Warframe?

The Hek is not good Warframe anymore.

Is Vaykor Hek better than Hek?

Vaykor Hek is a more recent game that was released after Hek.

Is Vaykor Hek good?

Vaykor Hek is an excellent deck for beginners, but it can be difficult to use with more advanced decks.

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