Vectis Prime is a highly anticipated game that will be released in 2021. It has been designed to help players build and explore planets, complete missions, and fight with friends in a multiplayer experience. The game is currently in development, but the developers have created a guide for those who are interested in learning more about the upcoming title.

The vectis prime eidolon build 2021 is a guide that will help you get started with the game. It includes beginner’s tips, guides for different classes, and more.

The Vectis Prime is a main weapon, a sniper rifle that shoots high-caliber bullets capable of inflicting massive quantities of damage each shot.


The Vectis Prime is the Vectis’ Prime version, which retains most of the Vectis’ stats while changing a handful.


The Vectis Prime’s basic stats are as follows:


  • Has a 13.3 accuracy rating, allowing it to strike opponents accurately from short to long ranges.
  • Critical Chance: Each shot has a 30% chance of dealing critical hits. (Vectis receives a 25% discount)
  • Critical Multiplier: Critical strikes result in a 2x increase in damage.
  • Fires at a rate of about 2.67 rounds per second. (Vectis is 1.50)
  • Each magazine has a capacity of two shots. Vectis gets one.
  • Shots make a lot of noise and will warn opponents when they are fired.
  • Reload: A fresh magazine takes 0.9 seconds to reload. Vectis gets one.
  • Status: Each shot has a 30% chance of causing status problems.
  • Trigger: SEMI — each time the trigger is pushed, a bullet is fired.
  • 140 Impact, 157.5 Puncture, and 52.5 Slash damage types are dealt (90 Impact, 78.8 Puncture and 56.3 Slash for Vectis)

Before players can utilize the Vectis Prime and build it with its blueprints and Prime components, they must have a Mastery Rank of 14.


  • High-impact injury
  • Puncture injury that is severe
  • Slash damage is moderate.
  • High probability of a catastrophic event
  • Possibility of a high status
  • a high rate of firing
  • 2 Contrasts
  • Quick reloading
  • High precision
  • Exceptional selection
  • When reloading, it does not zoom out.
  • Zooming in increases headshot damage.


  • Magazine capacity is limited.
  • Ammunition supply is limited.
  • A mastery rank of 14 is required.
  • There is no elemental harm.


The Vectis Prime may be constructed with its blueprint and components, which can be found in relics or traded with other players.


These are the blueprints and components needed to build the Vector Prime:

  • Lith A1, Neo A1 are the blueprints.
  • Neo N1, Axi C1, Axi H1, Axi T1 (barrel)
  • Meso V1 is the receiver.
  • Neo B1, Axi V2, Axi V3, Axi V4 (stock)

Although all of the relics have been vaulted, those that players already have may still be accessed.

Examples of Structures

The Vectis Prime has excellent damage numbers and, because to its passive zoom feature, can deliver lethal headshots.

Due to its rapid rate of fire and reload speed, this weapon can swiftly discharge bullets at opponents despite its tiny magazine capacity.

When properly hacked, the user may take full advantage of the game’s numbers and scale the damage to a ridiculously high level, making defeating opponents a breeze.

Here are some examples of builds:

Build an Elemental Critical


Serration and Heavy Caliber are used in this build to improve overall weapon damage while adding Point Strike for critical chance and Vital Sense for a greater critical multiplier.

We use Vigilante Armaments and Split Chamber for multishot, which causes an additional round to be fired as well as a possibility for a third.

To supplement the basic damage, we’ve included two elemental modifications that scale with the base damage numbers and provide a significant boost versus certain opponent kinds.

This build is good at delivering critical damage to opponents from mid to long range, and since it can fire at a high rate, it can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Certain opponents will be weaker against its bullets owing to its elemental damage, and may be affected with status ailments due to the weapon’s high base status probability.


Build a Headshot


The only difference between this version and the previous one is that Argon Scope replaces Heavy Caliber.

With the Argon Scope boost, which increases the weapon’s critical chance for a few seconds after a headshot, this build deals a lot of critical damage.

To aid with this, we eliminated Heavy Caliber due to the lack of precision, allowing us to deliver more precise headshots.

If you don’t intend on dealing extremely long shots, you may replace Vigilante Armaments with another mod while keeping Heavy Caliber.

This build takes use of the Argon Scope boost to deliver a lot of damage to opponents struck by a head shot, not just because of the critical damage, but also because of the regular additional damage a head shot gives.

When zoomed in, the Vectis Prime’s passive zoom ability boosts headshot damage.

This build excels at taking out opponents from afar and is very helpful in large missions or wide environments.


Elemental Status and Damage


With the addition of two elemental damage modifications, this design uses the majority of the previous mods.

These may be set up to merge into a single element or two distinct elements, and they can be helpful for delivering extra elemental damage to specific opponents.

With each shot, the objective of this build is to deliver large quantities of elemental damage to opponents.

Because of the two elemental damage and status modifications, there’s a good possibility you’ll still deal critical hits and trigger status effects.

This delivers a lot of elemental damage, and depending on which elements are present, it may easily kill certain kinds of opponents as well as induce status ailments.

The elemental damage modifications, as well as the elemental damage and status mods, may be rearranged and chosen according to the user’s preferences.


These aren’t the only Vectis Prime builds available, but they’re quite helpful in a lot of circumstances.

There are a plethora of methods to modify this weapon, and it all depends on the user and their mod preferences.


The Vectis Prime looks like a bolt action rifle, which is an ancient classic that can do a lot of damage.

This weapon is one of the finest for sharpshooters, particularly with its passive that increases the damage of headshots.

The Vectis Prime may be customized to kill nearly any opponent with a single shot with the appropriate modifications and construction.

The Vectis Prime puts the one shot, one kill line to good use when set for headshots.

This is a beast in the hands of a skilled user, and it’s a lot of fun to use after you’ve got all those headshots and a solid combination down.

The Vectis Prime is unquestionably a marksman’s weapon.


The warframe eidolon build 2021 is a guide for players of the game Warframe. It includes information on how to obtain and use the Eidolon Prime Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Vectis Prime 2021?

Vectis Prime 2021 was released with the update on November 14th, 2018.

How good is the Vectis Prime?

The Vectis Prime is a highly-rated and powerful gaming mouse. It has a DPI range of 400 to 12000, and its capable of tracking up to 3200 inches per second.

Is rubico prime better than Vectis Prime?

Rubico Prime is a cheaper option, but Vectis Prime has more features.

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