Warframe is an action-packed third person shooter video game that features a futuristic cyberpunk universe with procedurally generated missions. The in-game currency, Argon Crystals, can be used to purchase items and upgrades for your equipment. This guide will show you how to farm the in-game currency in a fast and efficient manner.

The warframe argon crystal farm 2020 is a guide that will teach you how to get the rare and valuable Argon Crystal in Warframe.

“A radioactive resource based on the void that decays every day it is out of the void”

Crystallized Argon

These void crystals are a little harder to come by. And, if you know how to cultivate Argon Crystal, you should know that you should only do it when it’s really necessary.

For some players, Argon Crystal is a difficult resource to come by, since they never seem to obtain a decent drop chance on it.

These crystals are required for a variety of Weapons and Warframes, as well as being a crucial component in the creation of Greater Lenses.

Argon Crystals will decompose after 24 hours. As a result, you should only farm the quantity you need when you require it.

What is the best place to farm Argon Crystal?

Since the Void was formerly thought to be the sole location to acquire Argon Crystals, it is the greatest spot to cultivate them. Players now have additional options for obtaining Argon Crystals, such as completing Isolation Vaults in Deimos.

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Ani Void (No. 1)


Ani is the simplest of the Void’s survival missions, making it simpler for players to deal with the opponents and allowing them to remain longer to kill foes for Argon Crystal drops.

You will get not just Argon Crystals, but also other materials that may be helpful in the future.

This is one of the finest Argon Crystal farming spots since you may receive drops from both killing opponents and looting containers.

When you kill Argon Pegmatites, which you may find while roaming about the map, Argon Crystals will drop.

It’s essential to note that this is a Void map, and opponents may be very powerful for novice players. This makes it simpler to gang together, since more people will generate more enemies.

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Ukko (No. 2) (Void)


The Ukko capture mission, which is likewise situated in the Void and can be finished in a minute or two, provides an option for those who want a faster run.

Because Ukko is a capture mission, players may simply finish it and then explore the area, killing opponents and destroying treasure containers.

This is a simple method to acquire Argon Crystals, particularly if players employ Warframes that can rapidly clear an area and travel across the map to sweep the areas.

Ukko is not only one of the greatest places to farm Argon Crystals, but it’s also a fantastic place to farm relics that can be used to farm prime equipment.

Oxomoco is a three-letter word that means “oxomoco (Void)


Oxomoco, an exterminate quest in the Void, is a good option for those who prefer killing over looting.

A basic run pits you against numerous opponents that you must defeat, with the possibility of receiving an Argon Crystal or two from the enemies.

While completing the extermination task, players may search for loot containers to open in order to increase their chances of receiving Argon Crystals.

Here’s where you can find all you need to know about resources.


  • Although the Void is the primary source of Argon Crystals, they may also be obtained in Deimos through completing Isolation Vault Bounties and receiving treasure from opening the vaults.
  • Argon Crystals will expire after a certain amount of time (approximately 24 hours), therefore it’s best to farm them last and just when you’re ready to create anything, otherwise they’ll expire and your efforts will be for nothing.
  • Argon Crystal drop rates are modest, but players may strike it rich sometimes, particularly if they have Warframes like Nekros or Hydroid in their squad for additional treasure.
  • You may check the expiration time of your Argon Crystals in your inventory to see how much longer you have until they expire.


Argon Crystals are a rare resource that may be hard to come by, but they can be readily farmed when a group of people joins in a Void survival operation.

These are typically required for constructing certain equipment, so farming them last will ensure that they do not go to waste.

There is a 5 Platinum Argon Crystal Decoration and a 20 Platinum Argon Pegmatite Decoration available for purchase, however they are not useful materials and are purely for decoration.

The warframe argon crystal not dropping is a problem that has been present for a while. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on how to farm the Argon Crystal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm argon crystals in 2021?

You can find argon crystals in the caves of the moon.

What is the fastest way to farm argon crystals?

The fastest way to farm argon crystals is to use the Scavenger mod, which will allow you to collect them much quicker than normal.

Where can I farm argon crystals in Warframe?

You can find argon crystals in the Orokin Void, which is a location that you can access by completing the quest The Second Dream.

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