The Warframe community is always on the lookout for new ways to improve their gameplay, and this year they found a new way to level up with the release of Kubrow. Kubrow are an adorable little robotic companion that can be leveled up in a variety of different ways.

The warframe best companion 2021 is a question that has been asked to Warframe players for quite some time. In the year 2021, what will be the best Kubrow in Warframe?

Kubrows are one of the first friends you’ll encounter in Warframe, and you’ll be given a mission to acquire an egg and instructions on how to hatch it.

When it comes to breeding, these animals come in a variety of colors and sizes, which has become something of a hallmark for them.

The main thing is to understand which Kubrow will benefit you the most and what you will need.

Because most Kubrows have various skills and primary characteristics, many of us may have diverse options when it comes to Kubrows.

These Kubrows have been grouped depending on how beneficial they are and how valuable they may become when put to good use when it comes to completing many of the tasks you will face in the game:

1) Huras

The Huras Kubrow is one of the finest in its class when it comes to using stealth not only for itself but also for its master.

This Kubrow can retain a connection with its master and use its ability to give invisibility to both its master and itself, making it a highly effective strategy.

The Huras Kubrow will emit a howl when it gets close to an opponent, forcing itself and its owner to become veiled.

When using any kind of weapon or making melee attacks, this invisibility is destroyed, however abilities performed by the possessor do not break it.

Mods that are only available in this game:

  • Hunt – The Kubrow rushes at an opponent and assaults it, inflicting damage on anybody who is in its way.
  • Stalk – When the Kubrow and its user are within range of opponents, they become cloaked, enabling them to stay unseen and slip by them without being noticed.

If Stalk is engaged, The Huras Kubrow will not attack opponents; however, if an attack is launched before Stalk is cast and the owner and Kubrow have become invisible, The Huras Kubrow will continue to attack while being unseen.

While invisible, the Kubrow’s owner may perform abilities without losing invisibility, even if an opponent dies as a result of the ability.

Helminth is a kind of insect.


You may create this odd diseased monster known as the Helminth Charger by mixing a sample from an afflicted cyst that has been infecting your Warframe with a Kubrow egg.

It’s essentially an infected Kubrow, and its powers are derived from various infested foes you may have met during the game.

Mods that are only available in this game:

  • The Helminth Charger throws out a proboscis that catches and pulls an opponent closer while also inflicting damage to them.
  • Trample – Allows the Helminth Charger to rush towards an opponent, knocking them back and injuring any additional foes in its path.
  • Strain Eruption – Causes larvae produced by the Helminth Charger to explode on death, inflicting corrosive damage to foes within a radius equal to 4% of the enemy’s current health.
  • Strain Fever – Increases the Helminth Charger’s damage by 30% for each cyst it possesses.

Strain modifications add 2 cysts for each mod worn, with the Strain Fever (Helminth Charger), Strain Eruption (Helminth Charger), Strain Consume (Warframe), and Strain Infection (Melee) mods allowing up to 8 cysts to erupt at once.

3) Sunika


The Sunika Kubrow specializes on eliminating opponents and VIPs, enabling it to take out specific enemies and perform finishers on them, as well as unique enemies.

This Kubrow is quite good at taking out opponents one by one and can do a lot of damage to its victim.

It has a habit of jumping at its opponents and performing finisher attacks that may either cripple them, enabling the Kubrow’s owner to kill them, or cause the targets to die as a result of the assault.

Mods that are only available in this game:

  • Savagery – The Kubrow acquires the power to finish off opponents, making them susceptible to assaults or killing them on its own.
  • Unleashed – Allows the Kubrow to assault and knock down VIP targets as well as harder opponents that are difficult to take down.

4) Sahasa


The Sahasa Kubrow is a scavenger and tactical Kubrow that provides additional equipment by hunting for concealed resources and killing opponents in its immediate vicinity.

It may dig for supplies in certain locations throughout missions by stopping and detecting them and attempting to dig them out, resulting in treasure for the player to utilize.

The Sahasa Kubrow may sometimes use finishers to attack and assault opponents, killing them or leaving them susceptible to assaults.

Mods that are only available in this game:

  • Dig – Allows the Kubrow to search the environment for hidden treasure and dig into the earth, causing the object to spring out, enabling the owner to grab and utilize it.
  • Ferocity — In addition to delivering standard Kubrow strikes, the Sahasa Kubrow will often attack opponents with finishers, killing or leaving them susceptible to death.

5) Chesa


The Chesa Kubrow is an assault or retriever with the capacity to seize an opponent, exposing them to attack or looking for more resources concealed in containers or enemy corpses.

It is capable of seizing an opponent, biting them, and immobilizing them, preventing them from attacking and making it easier for the Chesa Kubrow’s owner to engage.

When the Chesa Kubrow is around, it has a habit of occasionally scavenging the corpses or containers in a modest radius, which may provide extra treasure.

Mods that are only available in this game:

  • Neutralize – Bites an enemy’s hand, disarming them by forcing them to drop their weapon as a result of the assault.
  • Retrieve – Allows the Kubrow to get extra treasure from surrounding enemy corpses or containers.


Kubrows are excellent companions, and each one has unique characteristics and talents that we may use throughout missions.

When properly modified, a Kubrow becomes very strong, and when paired with the appropriate modifications, it becomes extremely effective fighting alongside you.

Each has its own special skills, which may be useful depending on whether the player just wants a friend or has a plan in mind.

Kubrows and other companions were formerly underutilized since they lacked the ability to bring things near like sentinels, however this problem has recently been resolved, and Kubrows are once again extremely helpful in missions.

Kubrows are fantastic friends and can be put to a lot of use, whether you desire a charming and cuddly pet or a strong ally to help you battle your foes.

Warframe’s Kubrow is a powerful companion that can be obtained through the game. The warframe kubrow is one of the best companions to have in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kubrow is the rarest?

The rarest Kubrow is the Kubrow that you can only get from completing a certain quest in the game.

Is the huras Kubrow good?

The Huras Kubrow is one of the best companions you can have. Its a long-lived, powerful, and loyal companion that will always be there for you.

Which companion is the best Warframe?

This is a difficult question to answer, as Warframe companions are all unique in their own way. However, if youre looking for something thats easy to use and has plenty of useful skills, the best companion would be Ivara.

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