Warframe is an online third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The game revolves around players fighting against the Sentients, a race of technologically advanced beings that have invaded Earth and taken control of most of its resources.

Warframe is a popular online third-person shooter game. The best staff stance warframe 2020 is the best polearm stance.

The polearms come in useful a lot when it comes to delivering big damage and having a good range on strikes.

In Warframe, there are a variety of polearm weapons, each with its unique set of stats and look that cater to the player’s visual tastes and playstyle based on the weapon.

Polearms are excellent in general, but how about the stances? There are many distinct stances to select from, each with its own set of moves and techniques.

The following are the many polearm postures in Warframe:

1) The Glistening Blight

The Shimmering Blight Stance focuses on delivering rapid spinning strikes while also stun-inflicting a stronger impact following a spinning strike.

This enables you to repeat said combinations with less mobility loss and even attack while moving without delay, making it useful for Warframes that move quickly and allow you to perform the combo while moving.

Shimmering Blight offers a lot of rapid strikes and fits in well with a lot of builds since it allows you to perform quick combos with your polearms or utilize slower polearms with the fast combinations.


Shimmering Blight features two combinations that concentrate on hurting the opponent fast with whirling and staggered blows.

 Wind Slashing

Slashing Wind

Slashing Wind is a fast combination that starts with a quick strike, then a spinning attack, and finally a strong staggering strike.

Gale is howling.

Howling Gale

Howling Gale starts with a fast blow and spinning assault, which is followed by a lethal spinning jump and a strong lifting strike.

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2) Willow Bleeding

Bleeding Willow

The Bleeding Willow stance concentrates on quick strikes while delivering more forceful blows; it may not be as quick as the other stances, but the damage it does is more widespread and devastating.

When going up against enemy groups, having a number of attacks with a good radius while moving forward makes it an excellent posture, enabling you to strike a lot of them and inflict huge damage.

Bleeding Willow features strikes that assist you in moving forward and enabling you to easily catch up to opponents that are running at a distance, allowing you to perform jumping combos and powerful radial attacks.


Gusts of Death

Lethal Gust

Lethal Gust starts with a quick strike, then moves on to a spinning assault, a heavy attack, and another spinning attack before landing a staggering blow.

Steel Drifting

Drifting Steel

A quick strike is followed by a spinning assault, three strong jump strikes, and finally a powerful staggering blow.

3) Spire Twirling

Twirling Spire Polearm

Twirling Spire features the most combinations of the three stances, making it a little more difficult to learn but also rewarding because to the versatility of the combos.

The more combinations a stance offers, the more you may mix them up with different techniques, making melee combat not only more entertaining but also more versatile.

This posture combines strong sweeping blows with powerful impaling strikes, making it ideal for delivering huge quantities of damage to numerous or single opponents.


Peak Climbing

Cresting Peak

Cresting Peak starts with a fast forward assault, then a frontal stab, then a smash.

Pinnacle Spiraling

Spiraling Pinnacle

Spiraling Pinnacle starts with a forward stab, then a spinning swipe, a fast forward swipe, a spinning attack, then a strong strike, and finally a powerful spinning attack with a stab.

Plunge from the Summit

Summit Plunge

Summit Plunge starts with a frontal stab and a fast upper and lower hit, then two quick radial strikes, a stab attack, and a spinning area attack.

Apex Vaulting

Vaulting Apex

Apex creatures are vaulted with a fast stab and swipe, two additional stabs, a radial swing, and a tremendous jump strike. 


Stances are very essential for melee weapons since they not only boost the weapon’s mod capacity, enabling you to improve it with more mods, but they also enable you to utilize the weapon’s many combat stances.

This allows you to battle in a certain manner that you may modify or utilize based on how you use the weapon.

Argent Scourge, which is exclusively available in Conclave, is a fourth stance that has not been included.

Because many stances have the same other attacks, it’s the combinations that make them apart.

Combinations inflict more damage based on the stances you employ and which combos you perform, thus changing it up may make battling your opponents more enjoyable while also making it easier.

The twirling spire vs shimmering blight is a polearm stance in Warframe. It was released on February 21, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the best polearm stance Warframe?

The best polearm stance in Warframe is the one that you feel most comfortable with.

How do you get Polearm stances?

There are many ways to get polearm stances, but the most common way is to buy them with the in-game currency.

Is Shimmering Blight good?

Yes, Shimmering Blight is a good song.

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