The Sentinel is the most popular Warframe in 2021, with many players using it to farm resources and build up their power.

Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The warframe best companion is a guide used to help players find the best companions for their warframes. Read more in detail here: warframe best companion 2021.

Sentinels are a kind of companion that may accompany the Tenno on their missions, assisting and assisting them in a variety of ways.

I usually employ several sentinels depending on the objective or the opponents I’ll be fighting, since most of them have various functions and may become extremely situational.

Apart from the modifications that the user may equip them with, most Sentinels come with their own weapons and specialized mods for them to utilize.

Many of us use sentinels primarily to gather things using the Vacuum mod when other companions do not have a comparable mod, but selecting the appropriate Sentinel for the task based on its skills may make all the difference in ensuring a successful operation.

Here are some of Warframe’s finest and most helpful Sentinels:

Carrier Prime (#1)

Carrier Prime is without a doubt one of the most valuable Sentinels owing to its resilience alone, since it is difficult to destroy, and its ability to continuously refilling its user’s ammunition.

If you depend on weapons with limited ammunition reserves during boss battles or hunts, the Carrier Prime is a fantastic option.

The Sweeper Primer, which is the Prime Variant of the Sweeper, a close range shotgun for the Carrier, is used by the Carrier Prime.


  • Striker – Attacks the first opponent in range.
  • Ammo Case – Increases weapon ammo capacity and transforms ammo picked up into ammo for the current weapon.

Looter — Causes surrounding containers to be destroyed by the Carrier Prime.

2) Prime Wyrm


The Wyrm Prime is an aggressive Sentinel that attacks opponents first and utilizes crowd control to help its owner.

It is effective against groups of opponents since it may stun them in a wide radius while also protecting its user from status ailments.

The Wyrm Prime utilizes the Prime Laser Rifle, which is the upgraded version of the Wyrm Sentinel’s original Laser Rifle.


  • Warrior — Forces the Sentinel to attack the first opponent within range.
  • When there are many opponents nearby, Crowd Dispersion unleashes a radial stun.

Negate – Every few seconds, protects the owner from certain status effects.

Prisma Shade is a third option.


The Prisma Shade is a stealth Sentinel that can make its wearer invisible and will defend them if they are assaulted.

This is helpful for stealth missions or while attempting to gain affinity via covert techniques.

Its primary weapon is the Prisma Burst Laser, a burst-fire weapon that is a Prisma variant of its regular counterpart.


  • When opponents are close, Ghost cloaks the Warframe being used by the user, which is disrupted by striking.
  • Revenge – Rather than attacking opponents on sight, the Sentinel will only attack those that attack or are assaulting its owner. Prisma Shade will not engage opponents if Ghost is active.

When Ghost’s invisibility is disrupted, Ambush increases the harm done to its owner.

4) Transporter


The Carrier, like the Carrier Prime, is the first Sentinel to appear on the Sentinels without variations since it is still a highly valuable Sentinel and a must-have for many gamers.

The Carrier, like its Prime Variant, may boost its owner’s ammunition and convert others to the current weapon’s ammo.

The Carrier employs the Sweeper, which is identical to the Prime version but has lower stats.

The Carrier’s unique modifications are the same as those available to its Prime counterpart.

5) Wyrm


Wyrm, like its Prime version, has the same purposes and earns the top position as a highly useful Sentinel, outperforming other Sentinels in battle and serving as a final option for those who can’t farm for Wyrm Prime.

Wyrm, like its Prime version, is helpful for crowd control and damage during missions, and may be used in such a way that its user faces less obstacles while fighting groups of opponents.

The Wyrm employs the Laser Rifle, which is comparable to the Wyrm Prime’s weaponry but has lesser stats.

Wyrm has the same modifications and effects as its Prime counterpart.

6) Djinn


The Djinn is more of a Sentinel who loves to deceive its owners’ adversaries by getting them to go close them inadvertently, only to be assaulted by this sentinel.

If this Sentinel is killed, it may revive after a certain amount of time if it has the proper mod loaded.

Its primary weapon is the Stinger, which shoots toxic projectiles at opponents, inflicting toxin damage.


  • Thumper – Attacks the nearest opponent who enters its range.
  • Fatal Attraction — Attracts opponents to it, then does a lot of radial damage. Enemies aren’t dragged, but rather travel towards the user.

Reawaken – Allows the Djinn to revive once a certain amount of time has passed.

7) Diriga


The Diriga is a support and offensive Sentinel capable of removing dangers from afar or controlling adversaries who get too near.

This Sentinel’s primary source of damage is electricity, thus its main weapon and abilities both inflict electrical damage.

The Vulklok, a weapon akin to a sniper rifle that does electrical damage, is the Vulklok’s primary weapon.


  • Calculated Shot – Prepares a strong shot to be launched against a nearby opponent.
  • Electro Pulse — Electrocutes a nearby opponent, knocking them unconscious and leaving them open to assault.

Arc Coil — Shocks several opponents in close proximity.

Helios Prime (#8)


Helios Prime is the Prime Variant of Helios, a Sentinel tasked with scavenging important data from adversaries and identifying their flaws.

This Sentinel fights with a melee glaive-like weapon rather than a projectile-firing weapon, and it mostly serves as a Sentinel designed to detect opponents.

It employs the de-constructor Prime, a melee weapon with high status chance and impact damage.


  • Sentinel’s Targeting Receptor will engage any close adversary within range.
  • When the Sentinel is armed with codex scanners, he will utilize them to scan opponents.

Detect Vulnerability – Allows the user to detect opponent weak spots after doing research and scanning on them.

Also see: Boltor Prime’s Build

Dethcube (nine)


The Dethcube Sentinel may seem to be a harmless little box, but it really takes a lot of damage and provides energy to Warframes who need it.

This Sentinel will attack any opponents it sees, and those that come too close will take a lot of damage.

This sentinel is capable of firing a torrent of shots on its user’s opponent with its primary weapon, the Deth Machine Rifle.


  • Swift Deth — This ability causes the Dethcube to attack any visible opponents it finds.
  • Vaporize — Deals a lot of damage to foes that approach the user too closely.

After killing or helping in a kill, the Energy Generator drops energy orbs.

10) Taxon


The Taxon is one of the first Sentinels you encounter in the game, and it performs an excellent job of defending newcomers to the game.

The Taxon is an excellent support and damage Sentinel who can generate shields by doing damage to opponents. He may make a big impact in the early game.

The Artax is its primary weapon, which shoots a beam at opponents that does cold damage and slows them down.


  • Molecular Conversion – Fires a beam at opponents while simultaneously producing shields for the owner.
  • Retarget – The assault is redirected to the closest visible opponents.


We may employ a variety of Sentinels, but each one has its own set of unique powers that can be acquired by wearing the appropriate mod.

We must remember that each one serves a distinct function, and by selecting the right one, we may take advantage of this.

It may take some time to gather some of the Sentinels, but having them available whenever you want becomes extremely helpful later on. They may be utilized for a variety of scenarios, not only for picking up things, but also for utilizing their unique abilities.

The best support companion warframe is a Sentinel in Warframe. In 2021, it will be the best Sentinel in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sentinel is the best Warframe?

The Sentinel that is best for you to use depends on the playstyle you prefer. If you like a lot of survivability and defense, then the Ash Warframe would be a good choice. If you like a high damage output, then the Mag Prime Warframe would be a good choice.

What is the best companion in Warframe 2021?

The best companion in Warframe 2021 is the Infested.

How do I get Wyrm Prime 2021?

You cant get Wyrm Prime 2021.

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