Warframe is one of the most popular games in the world, with over 20 million players. The game’s success has spawned a thriving community of fans and players who are constantly looking for new ways to enjoy their time playing. One way people have found to play more efficiently is by using shotguns.

The strongest warframe 2021 is a shotgun that has been in the game for a while. It is strong and can be used to kill enemies quickly.

Nothing offers me a greater edge than a shotgun when it comes to delivering close range damage with main weapons.

When I utilize a Warframe that intends to get up up and personal with opponents, I usually use them.

Shotguns deliver a lot of damage while you keep your opponents at a low to medium range, and they’re good at inflicting a lot of damage up close.

Shotguns are the greatest method to quickly take down a bunch of opponents within stated ranges due to the amount of damage they can deal in a single shot and the spread they have, allowing many adversaries to be struck.

Here’s a rundown of our favorite shotguns in Warframe. :

Arca Plasmor (Arca Plasmor) (Arca Plas

The Arca Plasmor is a plasma shotgun used by the Corpus that shoots a broad plasma-like projectile that covers a large area.

It can quickly kill several opponents at near to medium ranges because to its tremendous damage. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it does not have any physical damage kinds, yet it still does a lot of damage.

It only has one damage type, radiation, and no physical attack kinds. However, because of its enormous base damage, its attack scales up to inflict very large levels of elemental damage.


2) Exercising


The Exergis is a Corpus-designed single-shot pump-action that shoots a thin crystal-like projectile at opponents.

The Exergis, unlike other shotguns, shoots a narrow pattern and can strike targets from a reasonable distance. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it requires reloading after each fire in return for the very precise damage.

This weapon inflicts a lot of Slash damage, as well as radiation, pierce, and a little impact damage.


3) Tigris is the most important river in the world.


The Tigris Prime is the most advanced version of the Tigris, a Duplex shotgun that shoots two rounds each reload when the trigger is pushed and released. Its missiles have no travel time and strike opponents immediately.

The Tigris Primes’ bullets have a limited spread at medium range, but they can still strike targets at greater ranges, albeit most of their projectiles will be dispersed. Its disadvantage is that it needs regular reloading and may take longer to reload than other weapons.

It inflicts a lot of cut damage, as well as a fair amount of impact and puncture damage.


4) Vaykor Hek Vaykor Hek Vaykor Hek Vaykor He


After earning 1000 affinities, the Vaykor Hek is a Grinner four-barreled shotgun with the Justice syndicate effect, which produces blast damage in a radius around the user, heals 25% life, and provides a 15% armor increase for 30 seconds.

It has a relatively narrow spread, making it suitable for short to long ranges, and since it is a Vaykor variation, it has increased ammo and other stats, making it a highly dependent weapon.

The weapon mostly inflicts pierce damage, although it also possesses good cut and impact damage.


5) Corinth, Greece


Corinth is a Tenno-designed shotgun with two firing modes: a standard mode that shoots like any other shotgun and a unique secondary mode that launches a grenade-like projectile for area of effect damage.

The Corinth is renowned for having a high critical chance and good critical damage, and when completely modified, it can inflict massive damage to its user’s opponents.

It has a broad spread, and the secondary attack delivers a lot of damage across a big area, thus it’s good for a variety of ranges.

When it comes to physical damage, this weapon is largely complete since it delivers pierce damage and has a decent amount of slash and impact damage.


6) Prime Boar


The Boar Prime is the most advanced version of the Boar, a Tenno-designed automatic shotgun.

It boasts a high rate of fire at the expense of a wide spread, with bullets scattering in less than 10 meters, making it a weapon best suited for close range combat.

The Boar Prime can deal a lot of damage and cause status ailments because to its high status rate and rapid rate of fire.

This weapon mostly delivers impact damage, with some cut and pierce damage thrown in for good measure.


7) Kohm


The Kohm is an automatic shotgun with the unusual ability to increase the number of pellets fired as well as the rate of fire with each shot.

Additional pellets have unlimited punch through, allowing them to strike opponents through walls and other foes.

It has a huge ammunition capacity, which compensates for its high per-shot ammo consumption.


8) Sobek


The Sobek is an automatic Grineer shotgun with a high magazine capacity that may be modified with the Shattering Justice and Acid Rounds unique weapon mods.

The Sobek’s damage per shot is decreased, however this may be compensated for by building for status, since it has a high status chance and can trigger a variety of status effects.

The sobe has an average spread, but its special modifications are mostly utilized to inflict large-area damage.

It mostly does impact damage, with some pierce and cut damage thrown in for good measure.


9) Phage


Most players do not believe the Phage to be a shotgun, but it is, despite the fact that it uses a different kind of ammunition that shoots beams rather than bullets.

When the trigger is held down, it fires beams in a wide radius, and when targeted, all of the beams concentrate, making the shots more precise.

Instead of delivering immediate damage, the Phage is kept and continues to sap opponents’ life.

The Phase, being an infected weapon, delivers solely viral harm and no physical damage.


10) Convectrix is a kind of convectrix that is used to


The Convectrix is a one-of-a-kind shotgun that does not always shoot like other shotguns. Instead of bullets, it fires lasers that chop down any opponents who come into touch with it.

Holding down the initial firing mode causes the beams to start outward and travel together, and they will remain concentrated in the center of the reticle until released.

The secondary firing mode causes beams to begin in the center and spread out, which is the polar opposite of the first firing mode yet serves the same purpose.

This weapon mostly delivers slash damage with a little bit of impact and slash thrown in for good measure.



These are our top ten shotguns, selected not just for their damage or particular characteristics, but also for their ability to be utilized in circumstances when they are needed.

These shotguns are our top picks because of their incredible features and versatility.

When it comes to shotguns, you’ll want something that can live up to its name, and since they’re shotguns, they should be able to do a lot of damage at short to medium ranges.

The warframe 2020 best shotgun is a weapon that can be found in the game Warframe. This gun is considered to be one of the best shotguns in the game, and it is recommended for players who want to use this weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best primary weapon in Warframe 2021?

The best primary weapon in Warframe 2021 is the Mios.

What is the strongest weapon in Warframe?

The strongest weapon in Warframe is the Excalibur Umbra.

Is the Drakgoon a shotgun?


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