Warframe’s best whip is a weapon that has been in the game since its launch. It was originally called the “Whip of Agony,” and it was one of the first weapons to be released. The whip has gone through many changes over the years, but it still remains one of the most popular weapons for players who like to use ranged attacks.

The atterax is a new weapon that will be the best whip in Warframe.

Whips are one of the most distinctive weapons in today’s games, and although they didn’t always exist in video games, we’re happy they did.

These not only provide us with amazing lashing noises and effects, but they also let us to employ a weapon with a wide range and radius.

It doesn’t matter what weapon you have most of the time, as weapons are mainly influenced by the builds you use with your modifications. Now picture a whip with high damage and a broad range of attack modified nicely.

I’ve used a lot of whips in my early Warframe days, and I can tell you that they have a distinct edge.

Only a few whips are available in Warframe, and only a handful of them may be easily modified, while the rest may need careful planning.

A well-built whip, on the other hand, will undoubtedly serve its function and provide a whole new sensation after you choose the finest one for you.

Here is a list of the greatest Warframe whips. :

1) Atterax (Atterax)

Because of its great range and high critical chance and multiplier, the Atterax has been a favorite weapon for many gamers for a long time.

Because of its low basic damage and slower attack speed than other weapons, many people thought of the Atterax as a weapon that couldn’t do a lot of damage.

It only needed one build to bring the Atterax to its full potential, making it a highly savage weapon when it came to delivering critical damage and the incidence of critical hits.

Because of its strong base critical multiplier, the Atterax is capable of delivering critical strikes on a regular basis and dealing a large amount of critical damage.

With the right modifications, this whip becomes one of Warframe’s most powerful and useful weapons.

The Atterax is primarily a slasher, with 40.5 slash damage and modest levels of 2.25 for both pierce and impact damage.


2) Scoliosis


The Scoliac is another excellent whip; it has a good base damage and is often preferred over the Atterax owing to its base damage and attack speed.

Although the Scoliac has a greater basic damage, it lacks critical chance and critical multiplier, making it more reliant on modifications to do significant damage.

When properly modified, the Scoliac can do a significant amount of damage, and its smash strike deals toxin damage, which is a unique feature.

The Scoliac essentially trades a quicker attack speed and greater base damage for a higher critical chance and multiplier.

It deals 38.5 slash damage, as well as 8.25 pierce and impact damage.


Also see Soma Prime’s Build.

3) Lecta Secura


Due to its unique passive, the Secura Lecta was previously renowned for its capacity to assist with credit farming during missions.

Its primary use back then was to farm credits, since its passive granted an average of 11x or more extra credits, however it was nerfed and linked to mastery level.

It now scales with mastery level, providing 2x the number of credits at mastery rank 8 and 4x at mastery rank 16, the bonus credit limit.

One thing that most people didn’t realize about the Secura Lecta was that it had a high status chance and already had electrical damage as its primary damage type.

This enables players to create status and elemental damage builds for the weapon, which may be extremely helpful if they know what they’re doing.

When not modified, the Secura Lecta’s sole damage type is electricity, however once completely modded with additional elements, it becomes considerably more deadly.


Also see Kohm’s Build.

Galvacord (#4)


When Fortuna arrived, the Galvacord seemed to be nothing more than a random whip at first, but with closer inspection, you should be able to appreciate its potential despite some of its lesser numbers.

This whip, like the Secura Lecta, delivers solely elemental damage, but with a twist: it also causes physical damage, allowing it to scale across both damage types and be customized for various builds.

Sure, the attack speed is poor, but when you consider the status chance, you can see the potential with a build that focuses only on status effects, or a build that focuses on a few status effects followed by a build similar to the Atterax’s.

In summary, this weapon may be constructed in a variety of ways, and the only thing stopping the user from doing so is their creativity.

The Galvacord primarily delivers electrical damage, with 22 slash, 14 puncture, and 6 impact damage thrown in for good measure.


Also see Ignis Wraith’s Build.

5) Lecta


This whip is essentially a lesser version of its variation, the Secura Lecta, and does not have the passive to beat credits out of opponents.

This may not be one of the finest weapons for late-game play owing to the availability of a stronger and more powerful version, but it still performs well in the early stages of the game.

Due to its large quantity of status chance and relatively dependent on electrical damage, those who want to focus on a strategy that utilizes status effects for damage may use this whip early on in Warframe.

The Lecta only does 45 damage to electricity and has no physical damage.



There are just a handful whips in the game, so figuring out which one best fits your playstyle isn’t difficult.

All you have to do now is decide which build you want to go for and how you want to modify your weapon to fit it.

I confess that just a few whips would appeal to me, since the others may not always play the appropriate role while using such weapons.

The Atterax seems to be the greatest whip for critical damage among the best that people use, while the Secura Lecta and Galvacord tie for Status.

The rest is up to the users to decide which whips they want to use and, more crucially, how they want to modify them.

The warframe whip is a weapon in Warframe. It deals the most damage of any melee weapon and has a high critical chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atterax still good?

Yes, Atterax is still good.

Is the Scoliac good?


How do you get the Atterax Warframe?

The Atterax Warframe is available in the market for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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