This guide is designed to help you farm for the Warframe Control Module. The module can be obtained by completing a series of missions, which are unlocked after reaching Mastery Rank 6 in the game.

The warframe control module farm 2020 is a farming location that can be found in the planet Mars. It can be accessed by using the warframe control module and it has been reported to drop up to 50 control modules at a time.

“Robotics autonomy processor. “A Corpus Model”

Module of Control

This piece of technology can be utilized for more than simply Corpus technology, as it can also be used by the Tenno.

Many designs, particularly those that seem to have a better understanding of technology, utilize Control Modules.

Specifically designed for Warframe systems and high-tech weaponry.

What is the best place to farm Control Module? 

Control Module farming is presently possible on three distinct planets: Europa, Neptune, and the Void.

The Void seems to have the highest Control Module drop rate of the three locales, despite the fact that it contains no Dark Sector missions.

Due to their high Dark Sector possibilities, Europa and Neptune still offer a decent opportunity for Control Modules, although players prefer to gain more out of completing missions in the Void.

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Ani is a Japanese woman (Void)

Ani (Void)

Because the mission’s difficulty isn’t as high as the others in the Void, Ani is ideal for harvesting Control Modules.

Most people believe this to be the finest and simplest location to farm Control Modules since opponents and containers both drop them.

If you’re camping or farming with a group, bring a Hydroid and a Nekros; otherwise, a wandering Nekros will suffice.

Control Modules occur often in both Ani and MOT, but Ani is a superior option for those looking to kill a large number of opponents in a short period of time, enabling players to quickly farm Control Modules.

Kelashin is a character in the film Kelashin (Neptune)

Kelashin (Neptune)

On Neptune, Kelashin is a Dark Sector assignment with a 30% enhanced resource drop probability.

This is also a fantastic location to explore since Control Modules may be found in containers and storage lockers, and the terrain is compact, making it easy to gather opponents.

Roaming is recommended to improve your chances of obtaining Control Modules by killing as many opponents as possible.

There are certain areas on the map where the infected will spawn in huge numbers, allowing you to kill many of them at once, increasing your chances of obtaining Control Modules.

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Teshub is a character in the game Teshub (Void)


Those that do not want to remain for the whole length of an infinite mission may be snatching Control Modules to rapidly build something in their foundry, making Teshub an ideal location for Control Module rushes.

Teshub is a capture mission that enables the player to exit after they have captured the objective as well as killed all of the opponents and opened all of the containers.

Once you’ve gotten all of the Control Modules you’ll need, just exit the task since there’s a high possibility you’ll get a few more.

For Teshub, a fast Warframe is recommended so you can move about quickly and make the most of your time.

Teshub is also one of the Void’s lowest-level tasks, making it simple to complete with lower-level equipment.

Here’s where you can find all you need to know about resources.


  • Despite the fact that there are no Dark Sector missions in the Void, the probability of Control Modules falling during missions is still very significant.
  • Because there are so many places for players to camp in Ani, Nekros and Hydroid are ideal for farming.
  • Due to the high drop probability and the use of his Desecrate ability, a single Nekros may easily harvest Control Module in the Void.
  • Control Module may be purchased for 10 Platinum on the market, however this is considered a waste of time and it is preferable to farm it instead.


The Void is unquestionably the greatest place to farm Control Modules, but this may be arguable for those who can handle Kelashin.

Because enemies in Ani are considerably simpler to fight and spawn at a lower level, gamers choose to travel there rather than Kelashin.

If you want to acquire the decorating for your orbiter, make sure you don’t mix up the Control Module Decoration with the Control Modules (Control Module Decoration costs 5 Platinum.)

The warframe control module location is a farming method for the Warframe Control Module. It can be used to farm up to 20,000 credits per hour and has a 100% success rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm control modules in Warframe?

You can farm control modules on Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury.

Where is the best place to farm control modules?

The best place to farm control modules is in the first level of any song.

How do you control modules in Warframe?

You have to use your left hand to grab the module, and then you can either press a button on it or move your hand around.

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