Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The player controls and fights as one of the Tenno, an ancient race of warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryogenic stasis.

The warframe best corrupted mods is a guide that will help players find the best corrupted mods for their Warframe.

Corrupted Modifications are unique mods acquired by plundering the vaults buried inside the missions from the Deimos.

These modifications provide dual stats to Warframes or weapons, one of which is favorable and the other is negative.

Depending on the construct you’re working on, this may raise one stat to help the Warframe or weapon in one manner while having a negative impact or have two positive benefits.

Corrupted modifications may be used to modify both weapons and Warframes to a large degree, making them extremely unique for the vast majority of Warframe and weapon configurations available.

Warframes, main, secondary, and melee weapons all have corrupted modifications that are utilized particularly for each kind.

What Is The Best Way To Get Mods that have been tainted?GDCMS-2

Corrupted modifications may be acquired through completing Deimos missions in Derelict, which can be found in the star chart.

The Orokin Vaults are concealed throughout parts of the missions, and they must be unlocked with special Dragon Keys that may be created after buying them from the Dojo.

Players call hunting corrupted modifications “Vault Runs,” in which they look for other players to join them in order to speed up the process of finding the Orokin vaults and completing the objective.

You must have keys to the missions in order to enter Deimos missions, which you may buy from the market panel in your orbiter.

What Is The Best Way To Farm Corrupted Mods?

1) Getting Dragon Keys Ready and Equipping Them


Dragon Keys are unique keys that may be used to unlock Orokin vaults inside Deimos missions.

Each vault will need a unique key, which will be chosen at random, and you will be unable to enter the vault without it.

To make Dragon Keys, you’ll need to have bought them from the Orokin Lab, which is intended to be created in your dojo.


Simply select which Dragon Keys you wish to equip for the task you’re about to begin after you’ve created them.

This may be done by going to your equipment screen and choosing gear from the bottom to access the gear menu and equip a key.

Choose a location where you’ll store the key so you can equip it for the task.

The Dragon Key will show in your gear menu after you’ve chosen it, and it will take effect immediately, even if you’re in your orbiter.

If you are not going to use the key or if you are going to perform another task, be sure to remove it since it will keep you under its influence as long as you have it equipped.


You may equip several keys to carry all the keys you’ll need to unlock the vaults if you’re going alone or don’t have enough members for a complete squad.

If you’re in a team of two, you may each carry two keys, or if you don’t have any keys, you can voluntarily shoulder them by carrying more keys than one would usually carry.

Take aware, though, that having several keys means you’ll have many drawbacks, so proceed with caution.

The Dragon Keys and their effects are listed below:

Key to the Bleeding Dragon

Health is reduced by 75%.

Dragon Key Is Dying

Reduces the shield by 75%.

Dragon Key that has been extinguished

Damage is reduced by 75%.

Key to a Hobbled Dragon

Reduces the speed by 50%

2) Running a Vault


To start the vault run, choose the task you want to complete and start it. Make sure you have all of the Dragon Keys you’ll need.

If you’re going alone, it’s essential to bring all four keys, or divide them up between the squad and give each person a key so that the quad has all four keys.

Each task just requires one of each key, thus no one has to bring all four as long as the total keys include one of each.

Mods that have been tampered with It’s recommended to conduct Heart of Deimos sessions in a group so that each of you may carry one sort of key.


Once your mission starts, do it as quickly as possible. Once you’ve completed your goal, you may look for the Orokin vault.

If you come across the Orokin vault before completing the task, you may go ahead and open it regardless of whether the mission is completed, and then continue the quest afterwards.

Search the whole map for a door that looks like the one seen above, which leads to the Orokin vault.

This spawns randomly on the map and may be located at any door place, so you’ll have to explore everywhere to discover it.


When you get close to the vault, you’ll notice which key is required, and one of you will use their key, which should be the appropriate key for the vault’s door, to unlock it.

After you’ve unlocked the Orokin Vault, go up to the item within the chamber and interact with it to acquire it.

The corrupted mod is this artifact, however it will not appear in your inventory until the task is completed.

The artifact does not have to be collected by everyone; if only one person does, the whole squad will receive the corrupted mod when they exit the mission.


Once you’ve gathered the artifact, go to the extraction site to finish the task and learn whatever corrupted mod you’ve obtained.

In the Mission Success: Summary screen, the corrupted mod will be shown in the acquired mods area.

You may repeat this process as many times as you want as long as you create the required Derelict Mission and Dragon keys.

Take note that the Derelict key and Dragon key you used for the task will be spent every time you unlock a vault and successfully complete the mission.

Corrupted Mods

Corrupted mods provide dual stats, with one stat being raised while the other is lowered.

These may be used in conjunction with other modifications to offset bad stats, or the negative stats can be maintained to add manipulation to abilities or weapon outcomes.

Corrupted mods play an important part in many advanced builds, and they may significantly enhance your playstyle if you mod in the manner that are most comfortable for you.

When you open a vault, you have a 100% chance of getting a corrupted mod.

Check out Valkyr’s Build

The following is a list of the modifications that have been corrupted:

Corrupted Warframe Mods

1) Blind Fury

Blind Rage

Blind Rage raises ability strength by 95% while lowering ability efficiency by 55%.

This enhances the effectiveness of your skills, resulting in greater effects or more damage, but at the expense of using more energy while casting.

With this increase in ability strength, you may inflict more damage or utilize an effect to a greater degree.

This works nicely with abilities that don’t need you to perform them frequently.

Check out Wukong’s Build

2) Temporary Expertise

Fleeting Expertise

Ability effectiveness is increased by 60% but ability duration is reduced by 60% with Fleeting Expertise.

Because of the cheap energy requirements, increased efficiency allows you to cast more abilities, but the duration of certain skills will be decreased.

Due to the cheap energy cost, you will be able to perform more abilities, which will be especially useful for talents that do not need or have duration.

3) You’re a snob with a narrow outlook.

Narrow Minded

Narrow Minded boosts ability duration by 99 percent while lowering range by 66 percent.

Increased duration extends the duration of some abilities at the expense of the range of the ability.

This is ideal for skills that don’t need a lot of range, as well as buffs that may be utilized on oneself or others within a short distance.

4) Overburdened


Overextended lowers ability strength by 60% and increases ability range by 90%.

Your abilities will cover a wide radius or reach distant opponents with a significant boost in ability range.

As they cover a wide area, this works well with crowd control or abilities that do not depend on delivering damage or that just need a little amount of damage coupled with effects.

5) Resilience in the face of adversity

Transient Fortitude

Transient Fortitude boosts ability strength by 55% and halves ability duration by 27.5 percent.

This may enhance the damage or effects of abilities at a minor cost of duration by sacrificing a tiny quantity of ability duration for an increased level of ability power.

This works well with powers that last a long time and can withstand the shorter duration, and it’s also great for skills that aren’t time-dependent at all.

Modifications to the primary weapon

1) Time Delay Is Critical (Rifle)

Critical Delay Mods

Critical Delay boosts critical probability by 48 percent while lowering firing rate by 36%. (2x reduction for bows)

As a trade-off for the increased damage, you sacrifice some shooting speed with a greater critical probability.

This is especially true for weapons with a high rate of fire at first or weapons with a 100 percent critical probability.

2) Large Caliber (Rifle)

Warframe Heavy Caliber Weapon Mod

Damage is increased by 165 percent, while accuracy is reduced by 55 percent.

Because of the decreased accuracy, striking opponents at long range may be difficult; however, the increased damage compensates for this, allowing the weapon to do a lot of damage at close to medium range.

As long as you can deal with the poor accuracy, this works for virtually every weapon.

Many weapons, particularly close-range to medium-range guns with burst-fire or automatic firing modes, benefit from this.

3) Mag that has been tainted (Rifle)

Warframe Tainted Mag Weapon Mod

Tainted Mag increases magazine capacity by 66% while slowing down reloading by 33%.

For guns with moderate to high magazine capacities, increasing the magazine capacity allows for more ammunition to be used per clip at the expense of a slower reload time.

This enables most weapons to fire more rounds or bullets before reloading, giving you more time to fire at the expense of having to wait a little longer for reloads, which may be done safely behind cover or with basic evasive movements during combat.

4) Destructive Acceleration (Rifle)

Warframe Vile Acceleration Weapon Mod

At the expense of 15% damage, Vile Acceleration boosts firing rate by 90% (double for bows).

You can do more damage in a shorter period of time with the higher firing rate, which compensates for the decreased damage since you’re essentially delivering a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

The main disadvantage is the speed with which you run out of ammunition, although this is mitigated by having methods to quickly refill your ammo, such as a mod that converts ammo or a Carrier/Carrier Prime with its own mod that does the same.

This is especially helpful for weapons with high damage or slower firing rates, as it allows them to fire more shots in a given period of time, allowing them to take use of their damage potential and boost damage per second.

5) Depraved Precision (Rifle)

Warframe Vile Precision Weapon Mod

The recoil of firearms is reduced by 60%, while the firing rate is reduced by 36%, thanks to Vile Precision.

You get greater accuracy while sacrificing firing rate, allowing your air to stay stable while unloading bullets at opponents.

This is helpful for all kinds of weapons that have a fast rate of fire and need more precision to keep their aim.

6) Overburdened Journal (Shotgun)

Warframe Burdened Magazine Weapon Mod

Burdened Magazine improves magazine capacity by 60% while slowing down reloading by 18%.

By raising the number of rounds per magazine, you can inflict a lot of damage before reloading or backing off during battles, enabling you to do more damage for a minor increase in reload time.

It’s ideal for shotguns that inflict a lot of damage and need a lot of rounds to be able to fire before retreating or reloading.

With a larger magazine capacity, you may inflict more damage each time you strike.

7) Deceleration Critical (Shotgun)

Warframe Critical Deceleration Weapon Mod

Critical Deceleration raises the critical probability by 48% while lowering the firing rate by 30%.

For a higher critical chance, you give up a tiny bit of firing rate, which may be compensated for using modes or left alone since the weapon does a lot of damage at first.

Most weapons may be capable of delivering one hit with this mod, thus the firing rate would not be an issue when utilized wisely.

8) Precarious Momentum (Shotgun)

Warframe Frail Momentum Weapon Mod

Frail Momentum boosts the rate of firing by 90% while reducing damage by 15%.

Because you can do more damage in a shorter period of time, increasing your damage per second, gaining a significant boost in firing rate compensates for the little reduction in damage.

This is especially useful when shooting shotguns with high ammunition capacity or shotguns that take too long to fire.

9) Shell with a Flavor Flavor Flavor Flavor Flavor Flavor Fla (Shotgun)

Warframe Tainted Shell (Shotgun) Weapon Mod

Tainted Shell decreases fire spread by 77% while also lowering the fire rate by 55%.

By reducing the spread, the bullets or projectiles you shoot will be less dispersed and will strike where you target more precisely, allowing the weapon to discharge the majority of its projectiles in a smaller area.

This enables you to strike opponents from a greater distance or concentrate all of the damage from a shot with your shotgun on targets without worrying about projectiles missing.

10) The Dangerous Spread (Shotgun)

Warframe Vicious Spread (Shotgun) Weapon Mod

Vicious Spread boosts damage by 90% while also boosting spread by 60%.

The increased damage compensates for the weapon’s enhanced spread, which causes the projectiles to spread out further.

This merely restricts your range since your bullets will be dispersed, but if you use the weapon closer to the enemy, all of your shots will likely hit, returning the shotgun to its original function of near to medium range with the added extra damage.

This is situational, and it mostly helps you if you like to use your shotgun at close ranges, since it will almost certainly strike opponents if fired from point blank to medium range.

Depleted Reload (No. 11) (Sniper)

Warframe Depleted Reload (Sniper) Weapon Mod

Depleted Reload lowers magazine capacity by 60% while speeding up reloading by 48%.

Unless you’re employing a sniper with a small magazine, reducing the magazine size of a sniper may not be the greatest idea.

Snipers with a single or few shots may be able to depend on this, since it is essentially the same thing with a different animation.

Corrupted Mods for Secondary Weapons

Anemic Agility is a term used to describe a person’s ability to

Warframe Anemic Agility Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Anemic Agility boosts the rate of firing by 90% while reducing damage by 15%.

Increasing the firing rate at the expense of damage may be useful in certain situations, as long as the weapon is compatible with the mod.

Weapons with slow firing rates but high damage may significantly benefit from this mod, since the damage alone is sufficient, and the damage per second can be considerably increased with the additional rate of fire.

2) The Penetrating Bullseye

Warframe Creeping Bullseye Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Creeping Bullseye raises the critical probability by 48% while lowering the firing rate by 36%.

By sacrificing firing rate for a greater critical chance, you may inflict more critical damage, which is useful for weapons that always score a critical hit.

This works well with weapons that have a lot of critical chance or weapons that have a lot of initial fire rates since the critical chance gained compensates for the loss.

3) Point of No Return

Warframe Hollow Point Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Hollow Point boosts critical damage by 60% while lowering basic damage by 15%.

When critical damage increases dramatically, a little reduction in damage becomes meaningless as long as critical strikes keep coming.

This is especially useful with secondary weapons that may provide several critical hits each shot, since the minor damage decrease can be compensated for by greater damage, a faster rate of fire, or a larger critical damage multiplier.

Magnum Force (#4)

Warframe Magnum Force Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Magnum Force boosts damage by 165 percent while lowering accuracy by 55 percent.

Having a significant boost in damage at the expense of a modest degree of accuracy may cause shots to miss from afar, but when fired at close to medium range, you may be confident of doing a lot of damage.

This works well with weapons that are very precise or have burst or automated firing settings, since they may fire several rounds at once, always hitting opponents at close ranges.

Using such a mod may boost damage per second, but it will force you to go closer to your opponents.

5) Corrupted Clip

Warframe Tainted Clip Weapon Mod

Tainted Clip increases magazine capacity by 60% while slowing down reloading by 30%.

Increasing the magazine capacity for secondary weapons is critical since some are capable of doing a lot of damage but have a limited quantity of ammunition per magazine.

This compensates for the limited ammunition capacity by making reloading take longer, which is essential since one may easily seek cover while reloading or just wait the time out because taking a little longer to reload has a little effect.

Corrupted Melee Weapon Mods

1) A Flawed Strike

Warframe Spoiled Strike Melee Weapon Corrupted Mod

Spoiled Strike boosts damage by 100% while slowing down attack speed by 20%.

Dealing twice as much damage for a tiny proportion of your attack speed seems like a good bargain, especially considering you have additional attack speed modifications, as well as arcanes and buffs.

This is especially useful for weapons with a high starting melee attack speed, since the negative amount of attack speed won’t make a difference until completely modified.

2) Felony Charge

Warframe Corrupt Charge Melee Weapon Corrupted Mod

Corrupted Charge boosts channeling damage by 100% but reduces channeling efficiency by 40%.

Channeling efficiency alone does a lot of damage, and by increasing it for a little amount of extra energy, you may deal a lot more damage in a shorter period of time.

This is useful for delivering fast combos or finishing off opponents since the attack won’t need as much energy because you won’t be completing combinations as often and instead will be finishing off enemies or causing huge amounts of damage in a single hit.

Using Corrupted Mods in a Mix


Corrupted modifications are utilized to boost the stats of one Warframe or weapon at the expense of another.

This does not imply that you should concentrate only on that stat since that is what your corrupted mod provides.

You may mix and combine corrupted mods with other corrupted mods, as well as various corrupted mods, to create a custom build.

Multiple modifications, including corrupted mods, may be used to create potentially strong and strategic designs.

A corrupted mod may result in a negative stat in one area, but you may leave it alone or combine it with another corrupted mod to compensate or balance it.



Corrupted mods are regarded difficult to get at times due to the fact that the prizes for unlocking Orokin vaults are selected at random, and it may take some time before you receive the mod you want.

Although not everyone uses the same corrupted modifications, this does not imply a build is incorrect since you are meant to utilize the corrupted mods for a particular build that fits you, which is exactly what corrupted mods enable you to accomplish.

Focusing on certain stats may result in decreased stats in other areas, which can be mitigated using regular or corrupted modifications.

If you intend on selling, https://warframe.market/ is an excellent place to start for a pricing list of corrupted modifications.

Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. In the game, players control a space ninja known as a warframe. The player can use their warframe to jump, sprint, and slide across the terrain. Reference: warframe mod farming 2021.

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Where do you get corrupted Mods in 2021?

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How do you get transient fortitude 2021?

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How many corrupted mods are there Warframe?

There are currently 3 corrupted mods in Warframe.

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