Experts say gaming will be the first real use case for blockchain, revamping the industry and making games more immersive than ever. How gaming navigates the remaining hurdles will become a case study for other industries considering mass blockchain adoption. Topic: Warframe Dog Days Event Category: Gaming Warframe’s Dog Days event is coming up soon, with a host of new content and rewards. The game will be updated on July 4th to include the new content, but what are you looking forward to?

The warframe dog days 2021 is a free event that starts on September 3rd and ends on October 2nd. Players can participate in the event by completing missions, collecting new weapons, and earning rewards.

Have you ever imagined what summer might be like in Warframe? As a new event has arrived, everything have definitely transformed into a beach party on Earth!

Warframe Dog Days is a tactical alert that was released on August 2nd and includes a new kind of arena in which you may fight.

You should certainly check it out since there are prizes up for grabs, and the event only lasts 10 days, so hurry up and prepare to join the fight.

There is also a 2x credit increase that will run until August 6th and will stack with previous credit boosters for a total of 4x credit boost.

Merchandise on the Market

Check the market for two products that were launched in conjunction with the Dog Days event.

Noggle Pack for Dog Days


This includes 240 platinum noggle sculptures of the Grineer adversaries you encounter in the Dog Days arena.

Color Palette for Rollers


For 75 platinum, you can get another color palette with hues that match the Dog Days event’s theme.

Missions of Tactical Alert


You’ll see that you’ve got a message from Kela De Thaym, but the more she speaks, the stranger she gets, which looks to be the result of a gas leak.

Kela De Thaym seems to be high on fumes and begins speaking in an odd way while claiming that the Rathuum will begin, but afterwards can’t even pronounce it, and things take a turn for the worst.


If you look at the events, you’ll see a tactical alert called “Dog Days,” which consists of specific tasks with a score meter.

For each task, you must achieve a specific score in order to get the prize, which will be given to you later as a reward.



The tactical alert Dog Days is made up of four missions, each of which raises the opponent level and grants credits and rewards.

All missions will take place on a beach arena with various summer and beach d├ęcor, as well as a few Grineer pollution items.

To get the rewards for each mission, you must first obtain a specific number for your mission score, which is decided by your team’s kills or the score for each operation.


You will be armed with a Soakatron, a watergun, which will be all you have to combat the opponents with throughout the missions.


If you want the Soakatron to be functional, pump it often. This will extend its range, enabling you to utilize it effectively. If you don’t pump it, it won’t be very helpful.


Once the Soakatron is pumped to its maximum level, a bar underneath your reticle will begin to glow blue.


When playing alone, luring opponents to one side of the battlefield and having them pursue you is an effective method to quickly dispatch adversaries.

They’ll be in a straight line or something similar, making it simpler to strike them, and you can pump the Soakatron to gain a decent range with your bullets while you’re luring them.


Because the Soakatron projectile or water from the water cannon has a travel time, take careful to position your shots a little ahead of time while shooting while moving.

Mission 1


The first task has opponents beginning at level 15 and progressing up to level 20, with a payoff of 10 Pearls of Nakak.


You will get 50,000 credits and a Redeemer Abysso skin after completing the first mission with at least a 25 mission score.

Mission 2


The second mission has opponents beginning at level 20 and progressing to level 35, with a prize of 20 Nakak Pearls.


You will get 50,000 credits and a Hydroid’s Relay Scene after completing the first mission with at least a 50 mission score.

Mission 3


The third mission has opponents that start at level 25 and may reach level 40, as well as 30 Nakak Pearls as a prize.


You will get 50,000 credits and a Hydroid Reprise Noggle Statue after completing the third assignment with at least a 100 mission score.

Mission 4


The third mission will include opponents beginning at level 30 and progressing to level 50, as well as 50 Nakak Pearls as a prize.


You will earn 50,000 credits and an Orokin Reactor after completing the third mission with at least a 200 mission score.


In addition, the Stratos Emblem cosmetic item will be given to you.

Nakak Pearls


You will get Nakak Pearls as a consequence of completing the Dog Days tasks, which may be used to buy specific goods from Nakak in Cetus.

Nakak Pearl Farming


To harvest Nakak pearls, just complete Mission 4 and kill opponents while avoiding death.

Playing in a group may make things simpler, but keep in mind that the number of opponents will grow, and I’ve found that doing this alone is far easier.


When you visit Cetus and speak with Nakak, you’ll discover a new option named “Beach Toys,” which you may choose to view the goods available for purchase in return for Nakak Pearls.

Beach Toys Nakak


Nakak will be offering a few things for Nakak Pears, including several modifications that can be acquired on a regular basis as well as a few new items launched for the event.

Special Offers for Dog Days

Color Palette for the Beach


A basic color palette with colors chosen for a beach-themed theme.

Emblem of the Dog Days


A cosmetic symbol associated with the Dog Days festival.

Sigil of the Dog Days


This is a cosmetic sigil for the Dog Days event.

Scene of the Dog Days


The scene from Dog Days, which may be utilized in a captura.

Floofs on rollers

Roller Floofs, which are items that may be kicked or thrown about in the orbiter, are available for purchase.

Your pet partner will engage with it as if it were a regular pet, playing with it.


Roller Floof Sunrise


Roller Floof during a Carnival


Roller Floof in the Tropics



Because the event only lasts 10 days, it’s ideal to complete the tactical alert as quickly as possible, whether alone or in a group, because the freebies are quite sweet.

Don’t forget to look at Nakak’s goods since they may be of interest to you.

Tell your friends about the event so they may participate in the prizes, have fun, and get ready to go wet and crazy!

The warframe dog days pearls is a new event that was released on August 2nd, 2018. It lasts until September 5th, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get dog days in Warframe?

In Warframe, the dog days are a time of year where players can earn extra rewards from completing missions.

How does dog days work Warframe?

Dog Days is a Warframe mod that allows you to summon a companion dog.

How do you get Nakak pearls?

You can get them by killing the Nakak in the dungeon of the Nakak Queen.

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